How to Grow Cannabis in Ebb and Flow Grow Systems

ebb and flow grow systems

Ebb and Flow Grow Systems in Growing Marijuana

Because of the different experiments conducted by many marijuana growers, we now see different systems in growing marijuana. Because activities related to marijuana are highly regulated, different growing systems are being introduced to new growers. Among the many different systems implemented these days, Ebb and Flow are some of the most interesting ones. Read further to understand this system even more.

Ebb and Flow Grow Systems

This technique is also called Flow and Drain method. This is no doubt one of the most popular methods used under the hydroponic settings in growing marijuana. It is definitely easy to use and requires lower maintenance with high productivity expectancy. 

Where You Can Find Materials in Setting up Ebb and Flow Grow Systems

The materials that will be used in this setup are very easy to find. They are generally available at any hydroponics shop, especially the ones available online. You may purchase these materials as a kit, which includes everything in one, while you can also purchase the materials especially if you have personal preferences on each item. Purchasing the kit may save you time and effort.

Materials Used in Ebb and Flow Grow Systems

v  Growing Tray – This is where you can place the marijuana plants as well as the growing medium. The tray should be made of heavy, durable plastic. Check to make sure that there are pools of water or puddles when drained. Failure to do so may lead to root rotting.

v  Modules or Buckets – If you do not have a growing tray, you can use modules or buckets as an alternative. The difference is that you can grow the plants separately from one another. With buckets, you may increase the number of your plants.

v  Table frame or support structure – The table frame is where you can place the growing tray. It should have the ability to carry the weight of the plants, the growing tray, the nutrient solution, as well as a growing medium.

v  Reservoir tray – This tray is where you can place the nutrient solution. This stray should always be clean and disinfected. Select a black tray in order to block light, thus inhibiting algae growth.

v  Pipe and Fittings – The pipe serves as the passageway of the nutrient solution from the reservoir to the growing tray.

Overflow drain – This material prevents flooding of nutrient solution to the marijuana plants. 


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