How to Grow Marijuana

How to Grow Marijuana in a Hydroponics Setting?

How to Grow Marijuana in a Hydroponics Setting?

Gets Better Result in Hydroponics Setting

If you are considering which type of marijuana growing system you can use permanently, you might come across systems such as hydroponics and other hydro systems. Well, if we look at the etymology of the word, hydroponics literally mean water work, referring to a particular type of procedure where the plant is expected to absorb all the nutrients through a medium without soil. However, in contrast to what others may actually believe, hydroponic plants do not simply grow in a glass of water. There are many environments in which these marijuana plants can grow, such as rockwool insulation blocks and plastic baskets. 

Some basic needs of marijuana plant in hydroponic systems

In order for your marijuana plant to thrive, there are some basic things that it needs: light, water, nutrients, oxygen and carbon dioxide. While it is easy to plant the seed on a dirt plot, it does not really mean that that it is the most effective method that you can use. The main idea behind the concept of hydroponics setting is that the plant which may not use its energy for nutrient searching will use it instead in allocating the resources to the production of leaf and fruits. Instead of depending on fertilizers to make sure that the plants will have the nutrients that they need to survive, many farmers often end up creating nutrient solutions that are applied directly to the roots.

Since the plants may use the nutrients right after absorption, they most likely grow faster in soil-less environments. Because of that, it is expected that these hydroponic systems may need a higher level of maintenance, research, investment, and overall knowledge. At the same time, they can be very intolerant to mistakes as you go into learning system management. If you are really interested in trying this method, then you need to get your hands dirty and start from the basics.

Generally speaking, hydroponic systems use lesser amount of water compared to soil based systems. If you are planning to set up a hydro system, you might have to expect an upfront investment for the equipment that you may need. Fortunately, there are many online suppliers these days who offer very competitive prices when it comes to hydroponics related growing. Still, before spending any cash from your wallet, you want to make sure that you have at least the basic understanding on how to shop quite intelligently to save some more cash.


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