By the visuals of it, growing marijuana wick grow systems is generally the basic among all hydroponics systems. At the same time, it is highly efficient with water. It also does not use any moving parts during the operation, making it a passive system. One of the major advantages of this system is its low-level maintenance involved.

It is quite a versatile structure in growing marijuana as well. This means it is adaptable to many different types of gardens, from a closet setup to growing in the bush. It may also be implemented together with other organic propagation strategies.

Wick Grow Systems Tools

Wick Grow System Construction

In its very basic form, the wick system is two containers placed one on top of another. The one on the top is the one that holds the developing medium, or soil, while the one down beneath holds the nutrient solution or the water. One or more of the wicks pass coming from the upper container going down to the beneath one, and growers suspend them there in solution. Growers then give it to the growing medium by means of the capillary process.

Different types of growing media are usable with this system. However, it calls for care in choosing the media type which may be conducive to its capillary action. As a recommended material, hydroton expanded clay balls to work well with the hydroponic one in this system. Rich compost combined with better-quality potting soil, worm castings, as well as 30% perlite is a perfect hybrid for your organic setup.

Keep in mind that the wicks have to be made out of either felt, nylon rope or strips of capillary matting. The prescription is to select an uncolored medium for the wick since the coloring might turn out toxic to the crops. In this technique, you may use a ball float or a reservoir. People sometimes use a specific vacuum system.

Overall, the marijuana wick grow systems does not really create growth data that are comparable to that of the other hydroponic systems like the DWC, or Deep Water Culture. However, it boasts of its versatility and simplicity, making it perfect even for non-skilled growers.

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