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How to Identify Premium Marijuana Seeds

How to Identify Premium Marijuana Seeds

We all want good value when it comes to things that we purchase. Every consumer wants the best and the best value that their money can buy. When it comes to purchasing cannabis seeds, growers and breeders choose nothing but premium marijuana seeds. How do you look for premium marijuana seeds and how can you tell that you are buying the best quality?

Premium marijuana seeds, just like any crop

Like any crop, a successful cannabis crop starts with using high-quality seeds. As they say, good begets good and good plants will grow good seeds. Same goes for the quality of the plants that will sprout from top quality seeds. But sadly, it is quite tricky when it comes to identifying the best seeds and this is not just for people new to growing cannabis. This is true even for growers with years upon years of experience. To give you an idea of what to look for when planning for your cannabis garden, here are some qualities that you should check out when buying premium quality cannabis seeds.

Appearance and color of the cannabis seeds

Your task of identifying premium cannabis seeds begin with checking for the appearance of the seeds. There is a distinct cannabis seeds appearance that you will clearly see in viable, premium seeds. High-quality seeds have aesthetic qualities that usually set them apart from unhealthy or nonviable seeds. Generally speaking, the most viable seeds are colored brown, tan or black. You will find cannabis seeds that seem to look like shiny black gemstones. Immature seeds, on the other hand, are lighter like white, yellow and pale green.

Now you might find growers claiming to have grown cannabis seeds with green, yellow and white colors but you don’t need to waste your time and effort in doing these. Sadly, the seeds may sprout but the plant that will grow will be very weak and will even be sickly. So when you see white, green or yellow seeds, just discard them.

There are some growers that say that the best seeds are those that have dark spots or stripe patterns. This is because seeds that have these markings are known to be mature and very viable.  The seeds should have stripes, spots or different patterns on them to tell that these are mature. You will also notice that these seeds have a uniquely clear and shiny sheen on the surface of the seeds. This will look like a coat of wax has been applied on the surface of the seeds. All these wonderful characteristics simply mean that the seeds are very viable and that these seeds will germinate in just a few days.

Size and shape of seeds

Another way to tell if you have premium cannabis seeds is through its size. You will be able to tell if a seed will germinate by closely examining the seed’s shape and size. If you have other seeds, compare these side by side to get a good idea of how viable your seeds are. The largest seeds are the ones with the most symmetrical round or teardrop-shape. These seeds are known to have the quality. On the other hand, seeds that are immature will have an irregular shape.

Sometimes it is very hard to do this just by eye. You need to hold the seed with your forefinger and thumb to check and feel the seed. So hold one cannabis seed and feel for any irregular groove or dents. Feel the seeds for any holes, gouges, and irregular shape which would indicate the viability of the seeds.

Never germinate irregularly-shaped seeds because these will not sprout and let alone germinate. You will find these seeds a waste of your resources and a waste of your time when you to try to grow these.

Check seed hardness and strength

Another way to find out if your seeds are premium marijuana seeds is by checking for seed hardness and strength. Usually, the best seeds have a hard outer shell and also have a smooth surface with an uncracked surface. Meanwhile, a cannabis seed that is not viable has soft surfaces which can crinkle, crack, or crumble when these are pressed or compressed even with just the use of your hands.

Determine the age of the seeds

If you have an idea how old fully mature seeds are then you will be able to have an idea of how viable these seeds are. Like all kinds of genetic material, seeds will degrade over time. Seeds that have been freshly harvested are often more viable compared to those that are months or years old.

Do you know that cannabis seeds can remain viable for a decade? This is provided you can keep the seeds in a correct environment. You must store seeds in a cool, dark place so these don’t rot or don’t develop mold.

You must store your seeds in correct containers too. If your seeds are still in their breeder’s packaging then you can keep these there until you are able to use this. But if the packaging has been opened, take the seeds out and place these inside a container that has a colored wall. The container should also have a secure cover so you can’t let mold and dirt in. You can store these containers in a dark and cool environment just like your freezer or cabinet.

How to use seeds that have been stored inside a freezer? Take the seed container out of the freezer and place these inside the cooling compartment. After the seeds have been acclimated, remove these from the refrigerator and place these on the counter. Let these acclimate some more. You may now use these seeds to grow more cannabis crops. Never microwave your seeds because these will only destroy the viable insides.

The float test

The “float test” is another way to check if a seed is viable or not. This is a test that most cannabis breeders and growers do to find out if the seeds that they have purchased are premium quality seeds or seeds that will germinate. All you need to do is to drop your seeds in a glass full of water.

Seeds that will float should be discarded because these are seeds that do not contain any viable insides. These seeds will never germinate no matter how long it is placed in water or in a germinating medium. On the other hand, seeds that will sink are seeds that have good quality and will germinate. This is because these seeds have heavy, viable insides that will surely sprout and grow into a seedling given the right time. Seeds that have shrunk will soon soften and open when left longer in water. But do not leave the seeds in water for more than 24 hours.

Some ways to help germinate seeds

Some cannabis seeds are just plain hard and will germinate but will need a bit of help. The most that breeders and growers do to help germinate seeds is to scratch the surface of the seed with a file or a small, sharp knife. Simply hold the seed on one hand and the knife on another to scrape a small section of the skin away to reveal the taproot or plant material. When you can see just a little bit of the root then the seed is all set to sprout, with your help of course.

Another way is to use a sharp knife to open the seed just a little bit. Place the knife inside the ridge of the seed and just gently reach the knife in and twist the seed open. Don’t do it too much that you have opened the seed completely.

Once the seed has sprouted, the next thing that you need to do is to take the seed from its germination environment and transfer it to your growing medium. If you are using soil, place the soil in a small pot or container or in a large final pot. Orient the seed so that the sprouted tap root can burrow into the ground. It can take up to 5 days or more for the seeds to completely sprout and into a young plant or seedling.

Place the seeds inside the pot at least two inches deep. This will give the seed plenty of space to grow out of the soil and will also allow the taproot to burrow and expand. The taproot is a very sensitive part of a plant. You cannot touch the taproot no matter what happens and this is especially when you are planting it in the soil for the first time.

To plant cannabis seedling in soil make sure to hold the seed well to avoid touching the taproot. If you will plant this in a small cup or pot be prepared to plant it in a larger pot come its flowering phase. Use a pot with enough holes at the bottom to let extra water and nutrients drain well.

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