In this day and age when cannabis is as lucrative as it has ever been because of how fast it is growing as an industry, it is vital for you to know how to start growing cannabis seeds especially if you are looking to take advantage of the profits you can get from this rapidly rising market.

Research suggests that this industry can grow to become worth almost $150 billion by 2025. In that regard, it is high time for you to begin educating yourself about how to grow cannabis seeds as early as now so that you can get ahead of your potential competitors.

But growing cannabis seeds is not the easiest endeavor. In that same vein, it also is not the most difficult chore to do so long as you religiously follow the proper steps until you master them. Once you obtain and digest the things you need to do to begin growing cannabis seeds, then you can begin profiting out of it.

Here are the steps you need to follow to start growing your own cannabis seeds:

  1. Picking high-quality cannabis seeds

Truth be told, choosing the best cannabis seeds is not as easy as going to your local store or dealer and paying for a bag. There are actually a lot of things you need to consider first before picking out what cannabis seeds you want to buy.

The first thing you have to decide is what kind of strain you want. There are thousands of choice s for you but you can suddenly narrow down your choices by deciding whether you want a Sativa or an indica. From then on, you can choose if you want an autoflowering, feminized, or regular seeds.

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You also need to consider you grow space. You have to know whether the seeds you want can fit in indoors or if they are better suited outdoors. Take into consideration the climate you are in and the resources you have. Once you figure those things out, you can go to the next step of picking out cannabis seeds.

After that, you need to inspect the seeds. Not all cannabis seeds end up germinating but choosing the right ones will improve your chances of getting seeds that will eventually germinate. Go for the ones that have a brown or dark green color instead of the white or the pale green ones. Also, harder seeds are the most viable ones. Once you got that covered, the chances of getting seeds that will germinate will increase substantially.

  1. Know the basics

How to Start Growing Cannabis Seeds? For cannabis seeds to grow, there are several fundamental aspects they need: light, nutrients, air, water, and heat/cold.

Marijuana plants need a certain amount of light, especially during their vegetative period. Plants need at least half a day of sunlight for healthy vegetation. This is controlled easier if you have an indoor system that has time-controlled lights.

When it comes to nutrients, you need to grow your cannabis seeds in the right medium where their roots can stretch out and receive as many nutrients as they need. When you put them in the soil, go for the augmented types of soil because of how rich in nutrients these are. Or you can use hydroponics so that you can directly feed your plants with the nutrients they need to thrive.

Cannabis plants need a certain amount of air because they constantly exchange gases. In that sense, the air needs to be flowing consistently. When growing your plants outside, this does not tend to become a problem because of how they are freely exposed to air. But, when growing indoors, make sure you have exhaust fans that circulate air in and out of the grow space.

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Of course, almost every organism needs water to survive. In your cannabis plants’ case, make sure that they do not dry up by regularly putting water to their medium. However, do not overfeed them with water by flooding the soil with too much water.

Finally, your plants need a little bit of heat or cold to survive. This largely depends on the type of strain you are growing. Some plants tend to thrive better in temperate climates while other strains prefer the colder environments. The same goes for humidity as certain strains perform better in humid areas while others prefer a more dry environment.

  1. Germinating your seeds

Germination is the primary step to a cannabis plant’s life. This is when your plant’s taproot begins to sprout out of the seed to eventually become a seedling. There are plenty of ways to germinate your seed but the most popular way is the paper towel method.

To start, place a damp paper towel on a plate. Put your seeds on the wet paper towel and cover them with another plate. Leave the plate with the seeds in a dry and dark place and wait for about one to three days for them to germinate. Make sure that the paper towel stays moist but not too wet.

You can also germinate the seeds by planting them directly in their medium but it is not as successful as the paper towel method. It is, however, safer because you no longer need to transfer the seedlings and risk damaging the taproot.

  1. Know which grow light to use for your indoor grow space

Grow lights are essential for any grow space because they provide the necessary heat and light that your plants need to survive. However, there are a lot of choices out there and it really depends on your budget and goals.

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HPS grow lights are the most powerful ones in terms of overall temperature and lighting capabilities but they are not as energy-efficient as the others. Meanwhile, CFL bulbs are also a good choice because of how efficient they are but these grow lights tend to too basic. Then there are LED lights that are so cost-efficient but not as powerful as the other light sources.

Do your research about the types of grow lights and weigh your options depending on how much you are willing to pay and on what your goals are for your indoor cannabis grow space.

  1. The vegetative stage

During the vegetative stage of the cannabis plant, this is when your plant needs a lot of light. Keep your grow lights on your plant as close as possible and try to leave them on for about 18 hours a day because this is when they will need a lot of nutrients to keep on growing. Meanwhile, for outdoor plants, they will vegetate so long as the daylight lasts for more than 12 hours.

  1. Flowering

This is when your cannabis plants begin to bloom and develop their own flowers and aromas. Once their buds start to mature during the flowering stage, that is when you know that your marijuana plants are ready for harvesting.