Whether you believe or not, ingesting and inhaling cannabis can give two different experiences. The hybrid edibles’ effects tend to be much stronger than the effects of smoked flowers. While these two forms of marijuana can produce the precious psychoactive high, weed edibles produce a more pungent body-centered feeling with similar changes in movement, memory, time perception, and cognition.

The strength and effects of edibles are somewhat surprising for novice users. While their effects are not debilitating like alcohol, you should still begin with a small dose and slowly increase it until your body can effectively tolerate cannabis.

What are the Differences Between Cannabis Flowers and Edibles?

Cannabis users often consume their favorite strains by smoking, but there are more ways to use weed, such as ingesting them. Leafly.com cited these five major differences between cannabis flowers and edibles:

THC Enters Your System in a Different Way

Wondering why edibles are stronger compared to vaporized or smoked cannabis? When you eat cannabis, your liver will metabolize its THC content and converts it into 11-hydroxy-THC. It is an active metabolite that is powerful in crossing the blood-brain wall, leading to a more powerful high.

Instead of passing through the digestive tract and liver, inhaled THC undergoes another metabolic process. The THC will travel straight to your brain. It is why the effects of vaporized or smoked marijuana come on quicker and will diminish faster.

Duration and Effects

If you choose to eat weed-infused edibles, you must begin small and remain patient. The duration and effects of the edibles can take 30 minutes to 2 hours to appear. When the expected effects kick in, they will last for hours.

The effects differ between edibles, but users report better body effects combined with a nearly psychedelic cerebral buzz when taken in larger doses. Smaller amounts of edibles can provide milder effects.

Edibles are strong, but unlike inhaled marijuana, they contain fewer cannabinoids. Ingesting cannabis edibles will introduce 10-20% of THC with other cannabinoids to the blood plasma while smoking cannabis can give 50-60% of THC. The effects of inhaling cannabis may peak in the first ten minutes and will quickly dissipate through the next 30-60 minutes.

Cannabis Edibles are Harder to Dose

Detecting how much THC is present in your homemade weed-infused cookies is difficult. Professional distributors face the same problem as well. They find it hard to catch the right dose in their products.

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Due to the interruption between ingestion and the start of effects, users can sometimes overestimate the dosage. Inhaled marijuana, with its instantaneous effects, let users reduce the doses when needed.

In most markets, THC in 10 milligrams is a standard dose that delivers gentle effects. A weed edible weighing 100mg is much more pungent, so you should divide it into small dosages over time.

Colossal volumes of THC will never kill you, but you will feel good and comfortable in the next several hours if you take cannabis at the right dose.

Disparities in the Presented Potency

In the unregulated markets with no meticulous tests, the potency of a weed edible may fail to match the label. Your distributor can give you a batch that is different from the previous one you tried. Thus, never expect every new batch to be the same as the last.

Cannabis Edibles as a Better Substitute for Smoking

Many people love in edibles because they do not enjoy the bad effects of smoking cannabis. Also, some users worry about the possible negative effects of long-term use of cannabis.

Vaporization is also a health-conscious alternative that is highly recommended. But edibles often give long-lasting relief for chronic symptoms, such as pain.

Edible recipes do not always need to be the usual pot brownie or a sweet treat. Today, you can transform your favorite strain into delicious dishes. You can have something like the marijuana-infused granola and quinoa salad. Also, you can make cannabis butter.

Whatever form of weed edibles you choose, always keep in mind that you need to remain cautious. Keep in mind these pieces advice to avoid having regrets in the end.

The Benefits of Weed Edibles

Most consumers can be hesitant to smoke weed but inclined to try something to eat, especially when they are new to marijuana. A few of the advantages of edibles include:

  • Measured dose
  • Longer-lasting effects than vaping or smoking
  • Full-bodied body high
  • No extra requirement required

For some users, vaping or smoking marijuana is not a choice because their condition prevents them from inhaling weed. Likewise, most users hate the flavor of burnt marijuana and what they feel when on their lungs or throat. Edible weed is a good alternative and a worthwhile delivery technique.

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Hybrid Edibles Effects – Why are Edibles Stronger than Smoked Flowers?

Edibles tend to be stronger than smoked flowers due to the way your body metabolizes them. When you smoke marijuana, the active compounds present in the weed will quickly enter your lungs going to the bloodstream.

From the bloodstream, they will try to enter the fatty tissues such as the brain in which they connect with the receptor sites on the cell surface. With inhaled weed, you will experience the effects at their peak at around 30 minutes after eating the edibles. The effects of smoked marijuana will last from 2 to 3 hours.

Consuming activated marijuana is different. After you eat, your stomach and intestines will digest the weed-infused food. Then, the enzymes in your stomach will metabolize the edibles before you can start experiencing the expected hybrid edibles effects.

These enzymes come from your liver. Their main role is to break down THC, the main psychoactive element of cannabis. To sum it up, edibles tend to be more potent than smoked flowers because of how the human body metabolizes THC.

Five Tips for Making More Delicious, Better Weed Edibles

Marijuana edibles are nutritious. Infusing your favorite strain to your cookies or pies can be the best way to use and enjoy your strain. But the preparation and cooking process seems a bit intimidating. Civilized Life gave these five helpful tips to help you make potent and delicious edibles:

#1. Use High-Quality Buds

When ingesting marijuana, it is important to know what makes high-quality buds different from low-quality ones. There are some factors to consider:

  • The aroma. Don’t buy buds with an unpleasant or faded smell.
  • Green buds. Use green buds, not the tan or yellow ones.
  • The bud’s structure. Indica buds must have a float and tight look while Sativa flowers have a fluffy and light image.
  • Their growth conditions. Find out if the breeder used chemicals or pesticides in raising his products. These substances are extremely harmful that they can even affect the flavor of your food.

#2. Make Sure Your Edibles are Fully Baked

To activate the effects of marijuana, you should decarboxylate or heat them which will activate the cannabinoids. Raw marijuana buds have THC-A or tetrahydrocannabinolic acid that cannot offer a high feeling.

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The cannabinoids in your buds have excess carboxyl groups at the ends of their chain. Decarboxylation will remove this, allowing the cannabinoids to attach to the receptors in your body. Baking your edibles using the oven for 30-40 minutes under 240 degrees Fahrenheit must do it. Stir every ten minutes or more to activate the innermost surface.

#3. Use the Ingredients at the Right Amount

Fats or lipids can bind with several cannabinoids. Avoid using more than one cup of cannabis to a cup of oil. Coconut oil comes with a higher saturated fat percentage, which means they can attach to more cannabinoids. Thus, coconut oil is a great base for cannabutter.

Another concern of the CBD culinary society is if a user can get high from non-fat weed-infused honey. Some cannabis experts say that is possible.

#4. Keep This Low and Slow

When everything is ready for infusing, you should consider a long cook time at a low temperature. By setting the temperature to 320 degrees Fahrenheit, weed will start to degrade. But when you leave the weed there for a few more hours, the more pungent it becomes. When infusing weed to food, the ideal temperature sits between 160 to 200 degrees Fahrenheit.

When looking for weed edible recipes, choose the one with longer cooking time. The longer time you spend in that recipe, your weed-infused food will gain more pleasant effects.

Shorter cook periods activate CBD and THC while longer cook times will activate terpenes like CBN that can activate the sedating effects of your cannabis edibles.

#5. Add Water

Adding water to fat is a good way of keeping cannabis from degrading and overheating. Since fat separates from the water when cool, you can quickly pull the cannabutter from the water when the mixture is already cool.


Now that you know the basics and benefits of making delightful weed-infused edibles, start looking for cool recipes on the web. You can mix your favorite buds with cookies and brownies. You can also make a homemade ice cream infused with either a Sativa or Indica strain. Or, make cannabutter, which is more delicious and healthier than regular oil.