Soil vs. Hydroponics Setting in Growing Marijuana

Growing Marijuana Using The Traditional Soil Based Methods

In growing marijuana, you generally have the option of whether you would choose the traditional soil-based growing environment, or choose the recently introduced hydroponics setting. There are pros and cons in these two types, and the ultimate decision which method to use entirely depends on you.

However, before you eventually reach that point wherein you can freely make that needed choice, knowledge is very important. At least you know the basics of the two methods. What is soil growing, you may ask? Well, generally speaking, the soil is the mineral, as well as the organic materials naturally used in growing plants.

When growing marijuana using the traditional soil-based methods, choose high-quality soil that has the capability to drain well. This is why a lot of growers supplement the soil they sell with perlite. These provide additional drainage.

Nutrients are also added, such as earthworm castings, manure, and others in order to make sure that the cannabis plant gets everything needed in order to survive, and most of all, grow healthily. In line with this, organic potting soils may be used to grow marijuana. When combined with perlite, you can have a soil that will work best with your marijuana growing project. Regardless of the type of soil you use to start with, you still need to supplement them with the right nutrients in order to expect that good result and high yield.

Growing Cannabis In a Hydroponic Setting

On the other hand, hydroponics refers to the method of growing cannabis in anything aside from soil. Growing mediums often include sand, coco coin, pure liquid/water, as well as misted air. In growing cannabis in a hydroponic setting, there is a lot that you need to do. Make sure that your plant is provided with all the necessary nutrients during the entire growing period. This is typically done by combining nutrients to the water supply so that you can expect high quality output.

One good advantage of this type of setup is that you are able to provide the exact amount of nutrients for your plant in order to maximize the potential of the yields. You are in total control with the adding of nutrient levels to your plant. Thus, you can also personalize and customize the processes depending on your growing style and needs. You may also expect a faster harvesting time with this type of growing environment.


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