Sea of Green as Hydroponic System in Growing Cannabis

Sea of Green as Hydroponic System in Growing Cannabis

There are different ways to grow cannabis. These methods came into the picture because of the need to be discreet in growing marijuana either hydroponics systems. After all, you might be placed in an utterly compromising situation if you are found out that you are growing marijuana in your house.

Aside from simply thinking of the reason which can help protect the grower, choosing a good system in growing marijuana can also make sure that you are getting the return of your investments. One of them is the Sea of Green.

Sea of Green, otherwise known as SOG, is a method of growing marijuana that forces the marijuana plants to enter into the flowering stage while they are small and young. By doing so, you can expect to do harvest at an earlier time.

Why Prefer Sea of Green?

This method speaks a lot about using your space as efficiently as possible. This will particularly work for individuals who only have a limited space for growing at home. It is also usable in larger growing, as well as in a greenhouse setup. This is done by switching the lighting of the marijuana plants to 12/12 earlier. This action will force the plant to flower. Thought you may have to expect a smaller yield, if you think of the accumulated yield in every square meter is much higher.

Another important factor that you need to consider when using this technique is time. There are certain strains that can use up to 10 weeks of vegetating. By simply shortening the early stage, and pushing the plant to flower earlier, you can expect to get more harvests in a year. This is perfect for bigger operations where a steady supply of marijuana plants is very important.

Things to Ponder

Overall, there are no special techniques and strategies needed in order to be able to use the Sea of Green method. After understanding the concept perfectly, you may see that implementing the Sea of Green system is simple, yet very effective. As a matter of fact, even without any training at all, you may be able to grow marijuana using this method.

Keep in mind, however, that not all marijuana plants are suitable for this method. Those of the indica family are the most suited for this Sea of Green method. There might be other sativa dominant strains that will work, but they might end up too leggy.

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