Indica marijuana seeds for sale are regular in today’s world right now because of the fame of cannabis in the world today. As such, there are numerous online sellers or seed banks making cannabis available to anyone around the world. You can pretty much attribute this to cannabis legalization in North American countries and states. Marijuana is pretty much a normal commodity in California, Colorado, and Canada.

However, because there are plenty of seed sellers today, can you really determine whether the seeds are either indica or sativa? That is a legitimate question that is in the minds of many marijuana enthusiasts and growers. After all, if you are a breeder, you do not want to mistake an indica seed from a marijuana seed.

But before we get there, let us first discuss what indicas are sativas are.


  1. Appearance

Indica marijuana strains are cannabis species that seem short and stout. Indica plants rarely exceed five or six feet in terms of height and are relatively short. Most indicas are about three feet tall only.

The reason why indica marijuana plants are short is that these plants originate in regions where the climate tends to be harsh and cold. Indicas can trace their roots to the plants that escaped China and found their way to the Hindu Kush mountain range just south of the country. But because of how cold it can get in those mountains, indicas adapted differently.

Since their place of origin is cold and have little to no access to sunlight, indica marijuana plants grow short. Meanwhile, to make sure they maximize the sunlight in a region where such is limited, their seeds tend to be thick and broad. There is almost little to no spacing between one leaf and another. Finally, indicas have leaves that come in darker shades of green.

  1. Effects

When it comes to their effects, indica marijuana strains are the ones you consider to be more physical in terms of the high they induce. In simple terms, they affect the body more than the mind.

What that means is that you will experience a type of high that you will feel more in your body. This high is a physically-relaxing type of buzz that will make your entire body feel lazy, lethargic, and relaxed to the point that you might not be able to do anything productive.

Most indica strains will stop you at your tracks and will induce a couch-locking type of high that will keep you glued to your place. You have to have intense willpower to be able to fight off this kind of high. Also, the high you get from indicas is what is most commonly associated with marijuana. As such, the “stoner” type of buzz that cannabis is known for is the relaxed type of high that indicas tend to induce.

Because of those effects, indica marijuana strains tend to be best used at night or during an entire day of relaxation. That is because you will be less productive when using indica strains. At times, you might even eventually end up sleeping because of the effects of an indica cannabis strain.


  1. Appearance

Sativa marijuana strains are entirely the opposites of indicas in the sense that they are the larger and gigantic versions of cannabis plants. Sativas tend to grow very tall and almost usually exceed seven feet. There are even those that grow taller than 12 feet.

Their origins and backgrounds are the reasons why sativa strains are tall plants. Sativas are the marijuana strains that found their way to temperate and humid regions all over the world. These areas have more access to sunlight and are usually grown in places that have more available nutrients. As such, sativas were able to take in as much sunlight as possible and were able to eventually grow in to really tall plants.

Sativa leaves are also different compared to indicas. They have slender and thin leaves that are spaced far apart from one another because they have no need to be broad enough to maximize sunlight absorption. Their leaves also tend to have a lighter shade of green when compared to indicas.

  1. Effects

When it comes to their effects, sativas are very different compared to indicas. Instead of hitting the body, they will affect your mind more. In a sense, sativas are what you call the mental type of cannabis plants.

At the onset, most sativa marijuana strains immediately affect the mind to bring about a euphoric buzz that will drastically improve your mood to make you happier. What that means is that sativas have a tendency of making you feel happy by improving the flow of positive thoughts in your head while clearing your mind of any negative or cloudy thought.

Sativas are also known to have a mental and physical energizing effect that improves overall productivity. Some sativas even improve the flow of creative juices in your head to provide you with novel ideas that can help you with your productivity. All those effects make sativas ideal for working and for exercising because they help you become a more productive person. That is why sativas are sometimes used as alternatives to morning coffee.

That said, sativa strains are best used during the day because of how they have a tendency of keeping your energy levels high. They can also be used for social gatherings because of how they tend to bring out the talkative side in you.

Can you tell indica seeds from sativa seeds?

Physically and just by looking at the seeds, you probably cannot tell the difference between an indica and a sativa. That is because most marijuana seeds simply look alike to the point that you cannot even determine one strain from another just by looking at the seeds.

That said, you can still easily determine an indica from a sativa without using artificial and high-technology means that require you to look into the genetic makeup of the seeds. All you need to do is to plant the seeds and wait a few weeks for you to be able to tell them apart from one another.

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