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Indica VS Sativa: Which One Grows Faster?

Indica VS Sativa: Which One Grows Faster?

If you have been living in a bubble, you probably haven’t heard about the rapid rise of marijuana these days. There are now a lot of users in North America because of how it has been legalized in several states and countries such as California, Colorado, and Canada. This rise has led to an increase of indica seeds for sale in the market. Along with that, sativa seeds sales have also incr3eased as well.

Though some research suggests that all marijuana strains are basically the same, there are several differences between indica and sativa when it comes to a lot of aspects because of how they differ in terms of where they are grown and how they have been cultivated over the years. And of course, one grows faster than the other.

But before we get to that point, it is best that we first learn more about indica and sativa.



  • Origins


Indica strains are those that originated in the cold high-altitude regions of the Hindu Kush mountain range. History shows that marijuana was first used in China several thousands of years ago. Since then, this plant has made its way to the south of China to the mountains that separate it from India, Pakistan, and Nepal.

The plant that grew in those regions came to be known as the first indica strains. Because of how indicas are known to historically grow in those regions, you can find many of these types of strains growing naturally in places that are cold and northern-like in terms of overall climate conditions. That is why indica landraces (pure and untouched strains of marijuana growing in the wild) are common in colder regions.


  • Appearance


In terms of appearance, indica strains are small to moderate in terms of height. They usually grow taller than three feet and can reach heights of about six to seven feet. Their lack of height can be tied directly to how indica landraces did not have the best access to sunlight in places where the climate can be cold and harsh.

Indica strains are also bushier in terms of their leaves’ appearance. The leaves tend to be dark green as well and are much more compact in terms of placement. Also, the leaves are wider and look flat compared to other strains of cannabis.


  • ¬†Effects


Indica strains are known to hit the body more when it comes to their effects. These strains have a type of high that relaxes the entire body and calms the senses to make you feel sedated and maybe even fall asleep. As such, indicas are also known to numb the mind as you only feel yourself drifting into a tranquil type of relaxation that locks you in your place.

Because of those effects, indica strains are said to be ideal for nighttime use as it is a type of marijuana that can rob you of your productivity. If you use it early during the day, you might find yourself useless. Also, indica strains are great for evening use precisely because they help you relax after a hard time at work or after a stressful day.

Medically, indica strains are known to be used for treating physical ailments such as chronic pain because of how effective they are at relaxing the body. On top of that, its sedating effects tend to make you feel sleepy and is effective at battling sleep-related illnesses such as insomnia. And, in some cases, indicas are known to induce a heavy appetite and can be used to treat eating disorders.



  • Origins


Sativa strains are known to be the opposite of indicas in terms of places where they originate. Unlike indicas, sativas are the marijuana strains that were brought to humid and temperate places and were able to adjust to those climates. That is why you can often see sativa landraces growing in hot climates such as Thailand, Africa, and South America.


  • Appearance


In terms of appearance, sativas are also generally regarded as the opposite of indicas. While indicas are shorter and rarely reach seven feet in terms of height, it is common for sativas to be over six feet tall. There are even strains that are so monstrous that they push heights of over 12 feet tall. This can be attributed to the fact that sativa landraces grow in places where sunlight is more than abundant for their needs.

Sativas are like basketball players in the sense that they are not only tall but are also slender. Unlike indicas, their leaves tend to be thin and are usually spaced far apart from one another. Also, sativa strains have leaves that are lighter in terms of color.


  • Effects


Sativa strains are your “mental” type of cannabis in the sense that they affect the mind more than your body. These strains usually begin by hitting your head with a euphoric kind of high that tends to not only put your mind in a peaceful state but to also provide a buzz that improves overall mood.

In some cases, sativa strains have an energizing effect that hits both mind and body. In that sense, it improves your creative thinking and helps speed up the flow of novel ideas inside your head. And if you are physically active, you might even find yourself having more energy to do your workouts.

Because of those effects, sativas are known as daytime strains. They improve overall productivity while improving your mood and outlook on life. They are great for exercising because of their energizing effects and are also good for just socializing because of how they make you chattier and much more talkative.

Sativas are generally useful in the medical field because of how they improve a person’s mood. They are great for treating mood-related conditions such as stress, depression, PTSD, or even ADHD. And, in some cases, sativas are effective against muscle spasms and fatigue as well.

Which one grows faster?

By now, you probably have an idea of which between indica and sativa grows faster. And you might be right in guessing that indica strain seeds are the type of marijuana that tends to be ready for harvest quicker than their sativa counterparts. Indica strains only need at least eight weeks to grow while some need at most 12 weeks. Meanwhile, sativas are slower to grow in comparison and need about 10 to 12 weeks to be ready for harvesting.

But why are indica strains faster to grow compared to sativas?

Indica strains are shorter. That means that they do not need a lot of time to grow tall before they are ready to flower and produce high-quality marijuana buds. And second, indica strains are known to grow in cold climates. Having adjusted to those kinds of weather conditions have allowed indicas to develop the ability to anticipate the winter seasons.

What that means is that these seasons have adjusted well enough to flower before the winter starts because, by that time, the weather tends to become too cold for any kind of indica marijuana to thrive well or even survive. As such, indica strains are generally the faster types of marijuana in terms of growth.

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