Indoor Cannabis Gardening: Tips to Get Super Dense Buds

marijuana seeds indoor

If you are dreaming of larger, denser buds, it does not start and end during the flowering stage. When you grow your marijuana seeds indoor you need to consider a lot of factors to be able to grow plants with the best buds. Remember, large and dense buds mean good yields.

The Strain you Want to Grow

If you are growing cannabis with very small buds, it’s natural to expect small yields. You can get high yields from plants that will only give small amounts. So to start, choose strains with the natural ability to grow good yields.

Your grow tent

The grow tent is where you will place your plants. The tent will keep light in so that your plants will have intense light. Updated grow tents are equipped with reflective interiors so that light can be reflected back. New tents also keep the strong smell of cannabis inside. These have efficient openings and fans that take fresh air inside and remove stale air out. All these qualities help cannabis plants grow better and denser buds.

Grow lights

Light = weight (of your harvest) therefore, the better your lights, the better your harvest will be as well. You can choose from these three kinds of lamps: HID, CMH, and LED lamps. Of the three, LED lamps are more preferred.

LED lamps are preferred by more growers because it is energy efficient and uses very little electricity. These lamps will last for years and years. And despite being bright, LED lamps will never make your growing area warm.

HID or high-intensity discharge bulbs gives you huge harvests but this use so much power and will make the growing are very hot. These lamps are very cheap however, you may only end up with a huge electric bill.

The position of your lamp counts a lot too when you want larger and denser buds. Place more light/lamps inside your growing area. Allow the light to cover all the buds and leave around two to three inches space between the light and buds for best results.


Cannabis plants require fresh air to grow healthy and strong. Grow tents and cabinets which lack proper ventilation can develop molds, pests, and mildew and these may affect your harvest. One common condition is the white powdery mildew which is a type of mold with a terrible appetite.
WPM can eat your buds right away rendering your crops worthless. If you don’t deal with air circulation inside your grow space, you will end up with destructive mold and mildew.

Aside from mold growth problems, you need well-functioning ventilation systems to get rid of the smell of cannabis. Install a carbon filter will remove strong cannabis smell. Carbon filters are easy to install and may be purchased in most cannabis growing shops.

Pots and soil

Another way to improve bud density and size is to plant your seeds or plants in good soil and placed inside a good growing pot. One kind of pot is a pot made of fabric. Growers agree that these are better than solid plastic pots because aside from allowing excess water and nutrients to drain away from the roots, this will allow oxygen to reach the roots more efficiently.

Meanwhile, growing healthy plants also start with the ideal soil. The ideal soil for cannabis growing large and dense buds is sandy clayey soil. This can absorb more water and nutrients better plus will drain the excess. The ideal soil medium will have nutrients for your plants’ first 3 weeks of its life, therefore, you don’t have to worry about giving your plants the right nutrients early in their lives.

Use Only Top Quality Marijuana Seeds

Now that all your basic equipment is ready and you have the right strain in mind, you are now ready to grow your seeds. You can find good seeds from online seed banks or from local seed shop.
If marijuana cultivation is not allowed in your state or country, order seeds from an online seed bank and use stealth delivery method. Stealth delivery is shipping seeds in unmarked packages and inside things that are completely unrelated to cannabis. Using stealth delivery has been proven to increase the chance of orders getting delivered.

Where to Place your Grow Box Area

Next, decide where you will set up your grow box or grow tent. You can hide your set up inside your house and grow your seeds all year long. Nobody should access the area where you will keep your grow box. You must be very discreet and make sure that no one should know about it because someone might access the box and ruin your hard work.

Training your plants

Training your cannabis plants is a huge part of growing larger and denser buds. There are many ways to train your plants.

The sea of green or screen of green method is growing your plants under a large screen. As your plants grow and develop buds, only the buds are allowed to move through the screen and thus the buds, even the premature buds, will receive more light and grow larger and denser.

Another way to improve bud size and density is to trim your plants. Pruning is cutting the large fan leaves at the bottom to allow the small, underdeveloped buds to get more light. Pruning is done during the growing phase and through the flowering phase to get better yields from the main bud and the underdeveloped buds.

Growing your Plants

You must support your plants from the vegetative to the flowering phase to be able to grow denser and larger buds. Everything starts during the growing phase.
Use the ideal lighting schedule to help your seedlings grow healthier leaves, stems, and roots. The light schedule should be on for 18 hrs. and off for the remaining 6 hrs. of the day. A timer will help you monitor your lighting.

When roots are growing out of the pellets transplant these to your growing medium. Place the seedlings inside a peat pellet to a pot with good soil and place your plants under strong lights.
Water your cannabis plants daily. Young plants need 1 x per week while mature plants need watering 1 x per day. Water only when the soil is dry and not when the soil is wet or moist. Excess water should drain out of the pots through the container.

During the vegetative stage

The lighting schedule at this stage is at 18 hours on and 6 hours darkness for 3.5 weeks. Some growers may recommend using 24 hours of light but you can also get healthy plants with an 18/6 schedule.

The flowering stage

After 3.5 weeks, switch to a 12/ 12 schedule. The plants will now move from the vegetative to the flowering phase because these will think that it’s late summer and therefore it is time to grow seeds. The first buds will sprout after 4 weeks of providing 12/12 hour light. Because you want to grow weed, remove male plants.

How to spot a male plant

Both males and females will grow buds but females develop buds with whitish hairs while males have hanging balls or sacs. Remove males at once before these can pollinate female plants. Your females will produce unfertilized buds which will grow larger and denser as long as you follow these techniques.

Feeding your cannabis plants

Cannabis plants grow fast and need a set of nutrients specific to their growth stage. There are special marijuana fertilizers available. Fertilizer is usually mixed with water and this is watered to your plants. Choose a fertilizer that’s made for cannabis plants’ stage.
During the vegetative stage, use a fertilizer with more nitrogen which is important in growing healthy leaves, stems and roots. During the flowering phase, your plants will need phosphorous and potassium more than nitrogen. These nutrients are needed to make larger buds with denser structures.

Harvesting for larger buds

To preserve the size and density of your buds, cut the plants as a whole. You will dry the entire plant not just the buds. You may also use leaves and stems as a bulk material to make different cannabis products such as joints, edibles, teas and more.

Avoid touching the sticky buds because this can destroy the structure of the buds. Also, anything that is stuck to your fingers will be lost.

Drying your Big and Dense Buds

To dry large buds, spread these on wrapping paper and leave these inside a dark and dry room. Dry these slowly, don’t rush. Slow drying can place your plants at risk for mold but so be careful. Make sure to maintain a dry and moisture-free area to avoid molds.

This is the time to improve the pleasant smell and taste of your buds. Buds should be dry after around 7 days. You can tell that these are dry when you slightly touch the buds and the plant. Finally, place these into a large plastic bag or in a mason jar to cure the buds. Curing reduces the newly-cut grass smell and flavor of weed.


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