There are several things that one should consider when starting a cannabis growing space, nonetheless of the space and resources you have. These top 5 indoor cannabis strains enumerated below will be your best options when growing cannabis indoors.

What is Indoor Growing?

Indoor growing is the shorthand for cultivating cannabis indoors. In this setup, you’re growing cannabis under special lighting and other special pieces of equipment like timers and fans. Other specialized tools like a watering system are also ideal for growing marijuana indoors. 

The Benefits of Growing Marijuana Indoors

Growing marijuana indoors means you have the ability to control everything to ensure your plants’ optimum growth and safety. This means you can easily control those elements that you cannot control if you grow weed outdoors. These elements are very necessary for producing high-quality buds. You can get started anytime instead of just sitting down to wait for the happy spring. 

Your yields are protected from unexpected weather like very heavy rain, frosts, and high winds. These are safe as well from predators like deer, rabbits, and teenagers. With ample preparation and the best seeds to grow indoors, your attempt will benefit you in many ways, regardless of your gardening skills. 

What to Consider When Selecting an Indoor Marijuana Strain?

There are some basic contents which you need to consider when picking cannabis seeds suitable for indoor development. Your budget and your gardening experience, and the shape and size of your grow space must have an influence on which cannabis strain to buy. Also, you have to decide on the type of strain to cultivate. According to, cannabis sativa strains produce a creative and uplifting high while indica strains are high in CBD  and low in THC. 

Top 5 Indoor Cannabis Strains

Excited about growing cannabis indoors? Before you go, you may want to look at these top 5 indoor cannabis strains that are truly worth considering:

#1. Train Wreck

Train Wreck is one of the best indica strains to grow indoors. It has a good combination of genetics from a Mexican and Thai sativa and an Afghani indica strain. Train Wreck is a sativa-dominant hybrid that offers a calm and soothing body buzz and a quick gush of adrenaline on your first toke. 

The Afghani genetics of Train Wreck has made it look more like an indica strain, though its effects are more on the sativa side. This strain is highly suitable for people suffering from different conditions, including anxiety, ADHD, stress, PTSD, migraine, chronic pain, and stiff joints. 

Train Wreck is simple to grow, making it an excellent choice for novice growers. Also, it is easy to manage because it doesn’t grow too tall, which is a plus for someone who wants to cultivate cannabis indoors. The flowering time for Train Wreck takes 7 weeks. 

#2. Auto NYC Diesel

Auto NYC Diesel is a variant of the famous NYC Diesel. This one has strong Diesel genetics, meaning Auto NYC Diesel comes with a sweet and citrusy taste and a pleasant aroma. Also, it gives higher than the average yield with an average THC content of roughly 14%. 

Likewise, this cannabis strain is a good option for both indoor and outdoor cultivation due to its genetics. If you plan to grow it indoors, make sure you have a good amount of space to let this plant grow and stretch a bit to yield more. 

Auto NYC Diesel will surprise you with citrus and fuel notes providing a relaxing full-body stone. Most of the time, this strain grows compact while yielding dense dark green buds in only 7 weeks. 

#3. LowFlyer

LowFlyer is a good choice whether your indoor grow room has limited space or an outdoor growing space which requires your plants to stay small and compact for security. This cannabis strain is very durable and resistant to diseases and mold.

This plant comes with some sets of leaves before the flowering time begins. It can begin to flower in three weeks from the seeding time. LowFlyer is the cross between a female indica and a Mexican ruderalis. This combination resulted in a male offspring crossbred with a female cutting. This strain is ideal for beginners and for people who want to get hold of the cannabis buds quickly. 

#4. Jack Herer

The genetics of this cannabis strain has been kept as a secret. However, some people believe Jack Herer is a cross between Shiva Skunk, Haze, and Northern Lights. It’s world-famous cannabis strain for a clearheaded buzz with the boost of focused mental energy. With just a few tokes, Jack Herer will make you feel good. It’s a good daytime cannabis strain. 

#5. CBDream

CBDream is a Canadian indica-dominant strain that offers a relaxing and uplifting result. It packs a strong punch of low THC and high CBD contents, making this a perfect strain to use for therapeutic purposes. 

CBDream will not make you high. Instead, it provides the advantageous medicinal benefits which most people are searching for. 

The notes of citrus and sweet pine are a good combination for a focused and clearheaded stone. The seeds of CBDream will develop as bushy and compact crops that measure 3 to 4 feet tall. The flowers will mature in just 8 weeks. CBDream is a high-yielding cannabis crop that can be the best addition to your home. Whether you choose to grow indoors or outdoors, this strain will never disappoint you.  


The market is always full of nearly unlimited choices when it comes to cannabis strains. These 5 cannabis strains are the best ones that the market can provide if you are planning to grow cannabis indoors. 

However, there could be other strains that you may consider when it comes to indoor cannabis cultivation. This may seem overwhelming if you’re trying to choose a strain to cultivate. To avoid making a bad choice, don’t forget to consider the condition of your grow area.

Also, do not forget to consider your needs for using weed when choosing a cannabis strain to cultivate. Look into the medicinal benefits of these strains to make an excellent option for your first grow.

Happy gardening!

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