We are not fortunate enough to have access to wide spaces for our Marijuana cultivation. Unlike the planters decades ago, we can’t afford to use such vast farms for the sake of Cannabis farming due to the restrictive laws that deter our rights and freedoms to the Marijuana plants that we should take regularly. With this, the users were forced to hide their plants and small indoor grow room.

But the problem is, how can you accommodate the needed space for the Marijuana plants if your space is smaller than the minimum required space? Can you still push this activity through?

The Indoor Growing

Indoor Gardening has been a long practice for many communities around the world. It is a long culture of propagating different root crops, plants, and flowers in your house, especially to the people living in the regions where the four seasons dominate their annual cycle. This useful method of planting can be taken back to the practice of the Ancient Empires in Egypt and Mesopotamia, where their temples, halls, and royal offices are often filled with indoor gardens to give the sense of regal, wealthy, and relaxing ambiance for its visitors.

Nowadays, one of the top groups to apply this method are the Marijuana Users of the countries where Cannabis Seeds are legal for retailing and public use, just like in the Netherlands and Uruguay. The seeds they plant are controversial and needs additional protection against the overwhelming public. Also, there are legal concerns being faced by the rest of the industry, due to their current laws that allow total ban and prohibition of illegal substances and recreational drugs.

These countries have been role models to the rest of the world in developing a sustainable Marijuana Industry due to the seeds that they sell and offer with different and diverse users from their countries and to the rest of the world.
From these countries emerged users with green thumbs that produced great Cannabis seeds and strains by planting indoors.

Points to consider for Your Indoor Planting

Unfortunately, you have to adjust to the given area of space where you can plant and harvest your Marijuana plants. While some have renovated their house just to give enough space for the Marijuana strains to grow, some simply cannot afford it due to the rigidness of their spaces.

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Here are some points to consider for Small Indoor Growing:

1. Check the laws of your land

Before doing anything else, be mindful with the laws of your state, just like in Uruguay.

The Uruguayan Cannabis Seed growers have campaigned their advocacy of legalizing Marijuana use in the entirety of Uruguay to avoid bloodbath between the resisting dealers or users and the policemen or military personnel way back in 2000 to 2010. Apart from it, these people insist on the idea of allowing medical patients to use Cannabis for their treatment, just like what Canada has done for the past few decades.

As soon as you consider planting or even at least buying your Cannabis Seeds out of curiosity, read comprehensively the existing law of your state and consider the regulations that your local government has imposed for a long time.
In case you can’t understand the parameters and provisions of this law, never hesitate to ask for a friend who has better experiences than you.

2. Choose the least important room

Whenever you are going to start the practice of small indoor grow room, always choose the room which is least used with the least things being kept or stored inside.

It is also advisable to use the room which is the most hidden from your visitors, as well as your family members and the other servants if any. It is like putting your money inside a metal vault which is being kept away from the other eyes and attention of the people living with you inside your home. It is also important for Marijuana strains to remain untouched, undisturbed, and peacefully growing with time.

3. Adapt to the room’s dimensions

You have nothing to do about it, let’s face this bittersweet reality of you living in a limited space in an urban community. As soon as you have picked the room which will store the future Marijuana plants of yours, you can now measure its dimensions- the length, width, and height of your room, to check on the possible strains that you can plant inside your space.

Remember, you can’t simply plant your favored strain, if the space that you can provide, will not meet the minimum standards of your favored plant, especially if that is a Sativa-dominant plant.

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What’s Next?

If you have already chosen your desired room with these simple rules to follow, then you are ready to do the next steps:

Give them light!

As the chicks needed light for growth, the calves and lambs, human babies and other mammals, so is your Marijuana plant. Choosing the proper lighting for your Marijuana cultivation is somewhat critical because it will decide the pacing of your seed’s germination and growth.

Too much light may burn the seeds and lack of light may lead to the seeds unexpected sleep and dormancy. Considering your space, this light has to compliment everything.

The light’s size and luminosity must be in ratio with the space of your room. To further make a great decision in choosing the suitable lights, seek for growers who have more experience than the usual. They are the ones who can give you a concrete suggestion on which light to use.

Give them air to breathe

We all know that plants need a tremendous volume of air for them to live in a long time. When setting your small garden, make sure that the ventilation is properly set, the air will flow steadily and the exhaust will work properly.

Consider that you are making a big aquarium without water and the pets here are not fishes but the plants themselves. If these creatures lack of Carbon Dioxide, they will surely die. That’s why, each garden should have adequate sources of air, equipped with effective ventilation.

Remember that the air will dictate the room temperature which will affect the plants’ growth. Again, this element must adapt to your room’s size. This is a good thing with the smaller rooms because of the requirement of ventilation per space. The smaller your room is, the more affordable it is for you to buy sets of equipment to make your place breathable for your growing plants.

The Monitoring

When a plane is properly inspected, it will gain a clearance to fly, so is your process in growing the seeds. When space is enough, the light is adequate, the air is enough and the temperature is right, you are now ready to go!

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Allot at least two days or more to check the condition of your garden before putting the seeds in their launching pads. Check your electrical wiring for some improvements and other connections if they malfunction from time to time.
Remember, this is a matter of growing or wasting your money, time and effort. If you hate to see everything crumbling down, then commit yourself and strive for the excellence that these seeds require to all of its owners!

Feed and Water Your Plants

Let’s make an employed man be the example here. Every day, before, during and after working hours, this guy has to eat regularly so that he may have the fuel to use for completing all the tasks needed to submit before the deadlines.

He has been progressively working and produces quality outputs with the help of his food intake, which is done regularly and efficiently.

The same situation applies to your plant. Your Cannabis Seeds need regular food intake through the nutrients you will mix with the medium where you will put those for germination. You cannot simply leave your baby alone, without having something to drink and eat.

They need nutrients for germination and development. They cannot simply rely on the air, light, and space that you have already provided. In the end, these things will be useless if they cannot generate the energy of their own without the environment providing their food and water for hydration!

Now go and Start Moving!

Now that you are sufficiently informed on how to choose for a small room for your Marijuana garden, this is your right time to do it on your own. Your baby steps with gardening make a big difference in terms of money, nature and your well-being.

As you practice planting, you also do sustainability and love for nature. You even save money because you choose to create your new seeds out of planting their first seeds. Apart from these, it gives you relaxation to de-stress from the external pressures you experience due to simply keeping in contact with your environment.
Seize the chance of planting. Go and buy your Cannabis Seeds and start growing!