Indoor Marijuana Growing Systems – What You Need to Know

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So you’re wondering how to grow indoor marijuana seeds Canada strains? Or you’re planning to grow your own supply indoors? You’ve made the right choice! Growers recommend indoor cultivation especially for first-time growers because it’s easier to take care of your plants and you can secretly grow cannabis even when growing is prohibited in your location.
Before starting, you need to understand a few things when it comes to indoor cannabis cultivation and one of these are the different growing systems available. There are three popular growing systems that you can use in an indoor growing area: soil growing, hydroponics growing and aeroponics growing.

Soil growing

This is the most traditional way to grow cannabis plants and it’s simply cultivating cannabis in soil growing medium. Anyone can grow plants in soil because it is easy and cost-effective. You simply take seeds and plant these in containers of soil. Use proper lighting, the right nutrients and water and you have healthy, well-developed plants.

There are different kinds of soil to choose from. In fact, visiting a garden shop for cannabis can be an overwhelming experience since there are so many products to choose from. You may also get soil you have in your yard. If you are able to grow flowers, fruits, veggies, and herbs then there’s a good chance that you can grow cannabis too.

The best way to find out if the soil you are using or the soil in your yard is perfect for marijuana growing is to have it tested. You may ask a local agricultural office to test your soil or use soil testing kits which you can purchase from a garden supplies shop.

Basically, the soil needs to have a neutral pH for your precious plants to get the best nutrients. It must also have nutrients that plants need such as nitrogen, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, calcium and other micronutrients.

Your potting soil must be able to hold nutrients and water well and drain any excess to prevent root rot and nutrient lock in the roots. The ideal soil has to be well-aerated to ensure the proper delivery of oxygen to the roots.

Advantages of growing in soil

You can grow cannabis indoors without spending too much
You can grow almost all kinds of cannabis strains
You can grow cannabis even with very little experience
You can supplement your plants slowly
Disadvantages of growing in soil
Your plants are susceptible to mold and pests
Your plants are prone to root rot and nutrient lock

Hydroponic Growing

As the name suggests, hydroponic growing is growing your plants in hydro or water. Instead of planting the seeds or seedlings in soil, plants are cultivated in a nutrient-rich medium.
A hydroponic setup is constructed in an indoor growing area. The setup includes a large vat or water reservoir where the nutrient-rich water is kept. The plants will be suspended in some kind of growing tray or net with their roots jutting out of the net. Cannabis plants can grow very long roots. They do so even when grown in soil.

The roots will drink the nutrient-rich water, therefore, will reach the plants leaves better. In a hydroponic setup, the nutrient-rich water is aerated with oxygen using an air pump. Your plants will eventually take in all the nutrients in the water, therefore, you need to replenish this time and again.

To make nutrient-rich water, nutrients are added to water using a special formula. This is replenished as needed. Testing water and root pH is important to that you’ll know if you are giving too many nutrients or not.

Once in a while, a hydroponic system is cleaned so that mold and other diseases are prevented. The vats are cleaned and sterilized before water is added and nutrients replenished. The roots of your plants should also be inspected for mold growth. Usually, this can happen quickly in hydroponic setups. Once you see any gooey stuff on the roots and stinky smell, this is mold which can destroy your plants. You must discard your plants once this happens.

A complete hydroponic setup includes cannabis plants’ growing medium, lights, air filters, fans, and reflective panels. You need to ensure that these are working well to ensure that your hydroponic plants grow healthy and strong.

The hydroponic setup described is the simplest kind. Do you know that even a vase with water is a hydroponic setup? Some complicated and fully-automated setups consist of large water reservoirs, water pumps to move water around the system, hoses and tubes, an air pump and plant growing trays.

Some hydroponic setups are very simple and very affordable to build. Some are complete, more complicated and may cost a small fortune to set up.

Advantages of Growing in Hydroponics

Your plants will be receiving nutrients fast
You can easily monitor root health
You can easily supply your roots with water
You won’t have to worry about watering your plants
You can set this up and this will grow your plants automatically
You can choose from a simple, affordable setup to a complicated one
You need room for a hydroponic setup even for a simple setup

Disadvantages of Growing in Hydroponics

It is costly than soil growing
You need to maintain ideal water and root pH
You need to replenish nutrients time and again
Some systems require electricity
Not all strains can grow in hydroponics

Aeroponic Growing

Just by the name, you can tell that you are growing plants in air. Aeroponic growing is cultivating plants in air. These are suspended in a planter with the roots exposed to the air.

You will use a spray bottle to deliver nutrient-rich water to the roots. You need to spray the roots as often as possible especially during dry times of the day. When you grow your plants using aeroponics, the best place set these up is on a porch or patio. Your plants should not be directly under the sun and should be easily accessed so you can spray these with water ASAP.

The nutrients used for aero growing is similar to hydroponic growing except this is placed inside a spray can. Not all strains can grow in aeroponics. Only hardy, easy to cultivate plants is good for aero.

To set up an aeroponic system, place your seedlings in a growing basket. Place the basket on a high beam with a vat placed directly underneath to catch water drippings.

Many growers are starting to grow plants using aeroponics systems. This is very simple to make and takes very little time to maintain. However, not all plants will grow using this system and it takes the experience to monitor and sustain this kind of system.

Your plants are exposed to pests and molds so you must also be wary about this. It’s also important to learn how to prune roots so that your plants will get nutrients easily.

Advantages of Aeroponics

You can easily monitor the health of your roots
You can check for root diseases and treat these fast
You can grow using aeroponics anywhere
Very cheap to setup
No need for large setups and a large space

Disadvantages of Aeroponics

Your plants are susceptible to pests and molds
Your plants need to be sprayed frequently especially during hot days
Your plant roots need to be trimmed
It takes time to perfect an aeroponic setup
Not all strains will grow well in an aeroponic setup
Things to consider in choosing the right growing system
Deciding on the right system is based on the following factors. Do you have room for an extravagant setup? You might be planning on a large, automated hydroponic set up so you can grow more plants but do you have enough room to place all your equipment?

You may opt to build a new room or space where you can grow so a large hydroponic system will suit you. You can build around your system including the ideal lighting, ventilation, and temperature regulating system.

Aside from your growing space, identify your strengths and weaknesses as a grower. Do you consider yourself an expert with soil growing? Do you need the training to grow plants in hydro? So before you start buying supplies and constructing your growing area, read, research and train for your growing system.

Identify strains that can grow well in your chosen growing system. As mentioned, some strains will grow well in hydro but won’t do well in aero. Almost all strains are perfect for soil growing while some will develop better yields and the best flavor when you grow in hydro. If you want the best strain, talk to your budtender.

Is growing legal or allowed in your area? In some states or countries, cannabis growing is allowed but are regulated in different areas. If you live in an apartment or condominium building, it is likely your building manager will not allow indoor growing. You may only be able to explore growing weed and using different systems if you cultivate these in your private property.

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