How to Grow Marijuana

Indoor VS Outdoor: Marijuana Quality Compared

Indoor VS Outdoor: Marijuana Quality Compared

Generally, there are two ways to grow cannabis. You could cultivate cannabis plants through indoors or
outdoors. These terms are coined based on what they literally mean. Indoor growing means cultivation
inside a particular space while the opposite goes to outdoors.
As different as these two are, they are intended for the same purpose. Otherwise, that is to grow
cannabis plants. But nonetheless, for some, the place of cultivation deeply matters. It means a different
environment for cultivation and thus, could affect its growing process.
In this article, we’ll look into two different cases of cannabis growing. One that’s being cultivated
indoors and the other through outdoors. If you’re ready, then scan below to find out for more.

The Origins of Cannabis Growing
Primitively, cannabis is grown naturally outdoors. They have first discovered cannabis domesticated in
the wild. In fact, this plant is cultivated into acres of land before as a source of food, medicine, and fiber
in various regions in East Central Asia before it was popularly noted.
As time passes by, different varieties were found in various places across the world. There are strains in
the jungles and mountainous regions of Thailand, Africa, Columbia, and even on the deserts of Siberia
and Afghanistan. Cannabis does thrive and easily adapts to different conditions. It doesn’t even human
intervention to live. Nature does its ways for it to exist and grow as needed.
However, with its banning in the 1970s due to its psychoactive property, the growers are forced to find
some ways to still cultivate cannabis despite its bad image through the world. They need to grow it in a
certain place that it will stay hidden and not readily seen, or else they’ll get caught.
And that’s is the main reason why indoor growing was first conceived. It was a necessity to stay hidden
to the light of other people. It was an underground business that has grown so much over the past few
years unknowingly for two main reasons. There are those who seek for medicinal or recreation use.
With the years passes by, new techniques on agriculture and growing are developed. And thus, the
indoor growing of cannabis has also innovated.
Brought by technology, grow lights or lamps are prominent to substitute for sunlight. Not just that, but
carbon filters, a ventilation system, and other forms of technology are incorporated into indoor growing
facilities. There are even those who cultivate acres of cannabis indoors through growing rooms and

Indoor Growing vs. Outdoor Growing
While a lot of growers saying that one is better from the other or one is bad from the other, its best to
take this comparison based on not a single or three opinions. We’ll take our evaluation based on the
most important parameters to consider when growing cannabis plants.
Let’s get this battle to begin.
#1. Discreetness
This point goes for indoor growing. You could keep your cannabis safe and hidden while cultivating
through the interior spaces. It’s the best way to do if you want to get away from the authorities. It would
be less noticeable and more private if you prefer growing indoors.
In contrast, it’s quite hard to keep stealth upon cultivating outdoors. You’ll not just deal with its
appearance but also with its smell. Unless you’ll be planting in the forest or into a secluded property,
then it would go naturally well.
#2. Finances
If money is only our own judge, then outdoor cultivation will be most efficient. You’ll spend less with no
grow lamps, filters, or pumps. You don’t have to build or install grow rooms. Everything in outdoor
cultivation goes naturally.
#3. Flexibility
This goes to indoor growing. It’s a well-controlled cultivation situation. You could readily adjust its
temperature, humidity, and light conditions by just adjusting your ventilation units. Unlike outdoor
cultivation, you could never control the work of nature.
#4. Maintenance
Let’s get to choose outdoor growing. You don’t have to deal with utility bills or regular day to day check-
up. You don’t have to adjust from time to time the temperature or its lighting. All you have to do is
plant, look at it a couple of times a week, and then harvest when the time is right.
#5. Bud Yield
It’s definitely a tie for both of these. You could not judge it entirely because of the location. Your efforts
matter a lot on this part. To get maximum yield, you just have to ensure that everything is properly
placed. In either way, you could get excellent bud yields.

The Cannabis Greenhouses
If you want a blend of indoor and outdoor growing, then cannabis greenhouses are your excellent
choice. It has both an indoor and outdoor vibe.
It gets the sun’s light source and at the same time, it has a good source of nutrients upon growing
directly into the soil that outdoor cultivation gets.
Contrary, they have controlled conditions with heat, temperature, and humidity since it’s located in an
enclosed space similarly to indoor growing.

Nevertheless, this method is somehow expensive and demands a huge amount of effort. It will be
healthy for those who want to do business with cannabis as it won’t be profitable if you’ll do it for
personal consumption.
Which Cultivation Method Gets the Best Cannabis Quality?
The answer to this depends accordingly. If one receives the best nutrient input, then it would be our
choice. However, both method works to its own advantages.
The outdoor cultivation promotes natural lighting and expanded nutrient absorption through the soil.
This method would be ideal since it will maximize mineral and nutrient capability.
Meanwhile, indoor growing will provide you control during cultivation. This means that you could readily
adjust parameters as such as temperature and lighting. In contrast, it’s a drawback in outdoor growing
for which could not be manifested.
Overall, the decision is all yours. If what method will be convenient and most comfortable for you, then
it will be the choice. Nevertheless, not just the location, there are multiple factors that interplay to most
optimized cannabis quality. Respectively, genetics and personal attitude during cultivation matter a lot
during cultivation.

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