LED growing light is not really well-known with the cannabis growers. Though, the technology had an upgrade,  and so is the LED growing system. Though 5 or 10 years ago, growers don’t really the best choice for the growers, these past years the LED grow light for cannabis has become well-known to the growers. Now we can see LED light not only on the growing room of marijuana but also in cars, houses, and offices.

The LED grow light for cannabis is relatively new to the marijuana growing area, but they have become well-known over the last few years with their ability to produce great yields while chilling and using a reasonable amount of electricity.

The last yield depends a lot on growing skills and strain, and the quality of the lights. A 200W LED light would result in 100 to 200 grams or 3.5 or 7 ounces.

Recent LED light models are much better for cultivating marijuana than the other old LED a few years ago. A lot of modern light has a full spectrum or wideband spectrum, which can create blue-ish purple light and sometimes called “blurples”. 

Full-spectrum light is much smoother on the eyes increasing at least a little amount of green lights to the blurples usually produces in much healthier growth. Other spectrum hues like far-red, infrared, and red are the important color for the flowering stage. The LED producers have created specialized lenses were that directly point to the plant and add penetration, creating a better yield with the same light mouth compared to the older models.  

3 Types of LED Grow Light for Cannabis

Here are the 3 main LED grow light for cannabis that is usually used. Each of these LED types has its own pros and cons. 

1.) The Spread Style

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A lot of tiny LED lights are widespread over a vast area. Some of this style includes Rack, Quantum Board, and the Spider Style LED grow lights. 

Quantum Board Light

The Quantum Board LED grow light was originated from the Horticulture Lighting Group, and the term is now used for just any LED in these styles. These are now well-known, and they give particular great results for the quantity of wattage used.

Spider LED Light 

This Spider LED is just like Quantum Boards and each of the diodes is spread out and are tend to be on the tiny side, although they aren’t set on a board with arms, just like a spider that is against to a hardboard. One of the examples is the SPYNDRx line of LED grow lights. These usually have a very high price, but the breeders who usually used them said that they have great results than the model of LED grow light.

2.) Traditional Panel Light

The quality panel LED Lights to has a small to medium wattage diodes and the lights opt to be denser. Normally LED grow lights are accessible nowaday are this kind of model. They’re kind of COB style light and the Quantum Board.

3.) COB Style

This kind of grow light uses a large Chip on Board LED. Every COD is amazingly intense and bright because the have a lot of LED chips in a tiny area. COBs create more bright light than the other types of LED lights, and every COD used an important amount of electricity. 

Rather than having dozens of tiny diodes, COB model LED grow light usually only have huge COB, each of it has extreme lenses that direct the light down into the plants. These are quickly having in favor and are well-known for having huge penetration to the plant’s canopy.