When you come to think about it, access to marijuana cultivation isn’t the easiest thing to gain in the world. For one, there are dozens of strict laws and regulations prohibiting certain areas from obtaining marijuana and other cannabis-related products. Another thing is that local weed dispensaries aren’t exactly abundant all around the world. If you do happen to live in a country that legalizes weed, it is very possible to be hundreds of miles away from the nearest weed dispensary. Of course, people can always resort to ordering their weed seeds online from marijuana seed banks but it may be quite intimidating and even risky for some people. So what is the best way to acquire your weed seeds without having to go through so much trouble?

The answer to that question is through marijuana cultivation. It is basically the technique of nurturing your own cannabis plants for personal use or commercial purposes. Many people develop it as a hobby of making sure they do not run out of stock of marijuana during the seasons of the year. Additionally, it also lessens the number of times that you would have to purchase weed seeds from different sources which can be quite a hassle. If you ever worry about getting caught, remember that it is an activity that you can do in secret. Keeping it hidden from the outside world is one of the best things about planting your own cannabis plants!

As a grower, you must understand the different needs of the cannabis plant during the cultivation process. Also, you will need to familiarize yourself with the three (3) most common methods of planting your cannabis plants. We will discuss all those in this article so read on if you plan on growing your own cannabis seeds!


The most important factors that affect a cannabis plant’s growth (or any plant for that matter) are warmth, water, and air. The warmth of cannabis seed is usually provided through sunlight or other forms of illumination such as lamps and LED lights. The amount of water given will usually depend on the temperature and climate of the location you are growing the cannabis seeds. Water deficiency can lead to all sorts of problems such as infestations and wilted leaves. Air circulation, more or less, has to do with the temperature and humidity of the growing environment. Problems with this can lead to a less potent cannabis plant and lower THC levels when being harvested.

Aside from all these, other things to look out for are the climate, growing medium, and nutrients given to the plants. Cannabis plants are known to be quite choosy so growing them in their preferred climates is ideal. There are lots of growing mediums to choose from so be sure to pick the one that suits you best. Also, nutrients are always a great way of making sure your plants are healthy. However, be careful with the amount given as this could cause overdosing of cannabis plants.


  • Ideal for experienced marijuana growers.
  • It makes use of LED lights, lamps, and light bulbs for light and warmth.
  • Uses vents, air tubes, and fans for air circulation.
  • Includes the use of a grow tent.
  • Great for protecting the plants from outside elements.
  • More costly.
  • Manually provide nutrients through the growing mediums.


  • Great for beginner marijuana growers.
  • Makes use of natural soils and other outside nutrients.
  • Exposes plants to insects and calamities.
  • Uses sunlight for warmth and illumination.
  • Rain is great during the rainy seasons to keep them moist.
  • Less costly.
  • Great for making use of garden space.
  • Natural soils contain natural nutrients.


  • Also known as “Deep Water Culture”
  • Seeds are planted directly into the water.
  • Most expensive method of growing.
  • Leads to faster growth and flowering.
  • Nutrients are given directly to the roots via water.
  • Constantly provides oxygen to the plants through the water.
  • More control over air and heat with the use of specialized equipment.

There is so much more to learn about marijuana cultivation. If you want an endless supply of marijuana in your household, then growing marijuana seeds is definitely one of the most viable options. There are many methods geared towards beginners as well. Go ahead and try things out!