While indoor growing is relatively possible, it’s essentially different from cultivating in a small-sized box. As room growing has limitations, marijuana grow boxes have more constraints on cannabis cultivation. That is why it’s important to choose the ‘right’ cannabis strain to grow with this small space.

As there are a lot of existing cannabis strains, luckily there are a few strains that you could choose on cultivation. Let us present our list of the marijuana strains that are quite suitable for cultivating at grow boxes.

Guidelines on Choosing a Strain for Micro-scale Growing

When you’re cultivating with limited space, you’ll have to certainly consider a lot of things. This includes the height and stature of the plant, the period of cultivation, and its tolerance or resistance towards multiple conditions.
That is why you could not just directly choose any random cannabis strain when growing inboxes. You have to think carefully about what to cultivate during these instances.

First of all, it’s important to understand that you could not grow a Sativa plant. They tend to grow taller and not reliably suitable for cultivation inboxes. The best option would be indica strains since they are usually bushy with short stature.

However, most indica strains don’t have high THC content. Certain cannabis growers want to smoke for recreational use. That is why THC is an important parameter when cultivating cannabis.

Perhaps, the best option for this type of person is ‘auto-flowering strains’. These strains have a small stature and have considerably high THC content (if mix with a Sativa strain). However, the primary downside of this strain is its yield. It’s not as favorable as Sativa and indica. It’s only the best use for personal consumption.

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Advantages of marijuana grow boxes

The main reason why most cannabis growers tend to choose to cultivate inboxes is because of PRIVACY and DISCREETNESS.

Unlike growing outdoors or through a room, growing boxes are unnoticeable and easily hidden as compared to a room full of cannabis. Moreover, it’s highly mobile, easy to transfer from one place to another without any hassle or inconvenience.

Aside from that, growing inboxes are also AFFORDABLE. This means that you could exactly save a lot of money when opting to grow inboxes. Since it’s small, you don’t have to waste more money on buying excessive things for cultivation. Also, you could choose to recycle some materials as needed.

Furthermore, growing inboxes are the best way to AVOID PESTS AND EXTERNAL FACTORS. Since it’s enclosed, pests and diseases are prevented when using this box for cultivation. Moreover, you’ll be able to fully control the growth of your plants as there are no external factors that could influence it thoroughly.

Best Marijuana Strains for Cultivation on Boxes

Just to give you an idea, here are a few of the existing cannabis strains that you could conveniently grow in grow boxes. Respectively, this includes the following;

1. Northern Lights

Formerly known as CI #5, this award-winning Indica dominant strain is the lovechild of the cross with presumably the landrace strains including the Afghani and Thai Sativa. It has incredible THC content that could go up to 33 %.
Its strong indica lineage signifies its physical features. Typically, this strain is short in stature often three to five feet in height. It has a flowering period of 7 to 9 weeks with yields at an average of 100 grams per plant respectively.

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The strain fits for cultivation with beginners or expert growers. It has a high resistance to several pests and diseases. It also emits non-odorous fumes or smell that could be efficient for the low key to discreet cannabis cultivation.

2. Easy Bud

This small-statured hybrid mysteriously has unknown genetics, developed by the Dutch Company called Royal Queen Seeds. However, its speculated to be a certain indica strain and a ruderalis variety as indica effects are felt when smoking this strain. It has moderate THC content ranging from 10% to 17%.

Often compared to a miniature Christmas tree, this strain grows from 50 to 60 centimeters. It offers indoor yields at 325 grams per square meter with an 8 to 9-week bud harvesting period.

It’s an easily grown strain denoting its name. It has a good aroma with hints of pepper and spice. Upon smoking, it’s a bit similar to the Cheese strain with the sourness of lemon on its background.

3. Quick One

A cross between the Lowryder and Old School Indica, this fast-flowering strain has a THC content of at least 13%. It’s a favorite for several cannabis growers because of its quick-flowering operation. Moreover, it possesses a relaxing aroma filled with sweet flavors of citrus and lemon.

The strain grows ranging from 50 to 60 cm. Indoor cultivation offers maximum yields measuring from 275 to 400 grams per square meter.

4. Amnesia Haze Auto

This autoflowering strain is a crossbreed between a certain ruderalis variety to an Amnesia Haze strain. It possesses well-distributed genetics having 50% Sativa, 20% indica, and 30% ruderalis. It relatively has a high THC content with moderate amounts of CBD.

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It typically grows with a height from 50 to 100 cm. It has a bit longer harvest as reflected in its Sativa genetics with 10 to 12 weeks from planting. Average bud yields of this strain often go from 350 to 400 grams per square meter.

It induces euphoria with classic Amnesia Haze taste. It consequently manifests musky undertones with spiciness and sweetness that uplifts and energizes one’s mood.

5. White Widow

A cross between the Brazilian indica and South Indian landraces, this legendary and versatile strain has won multiple cannabis awards in the 1990s. It possesses an average THC content of 20% respectively.

This mold-resistant strain could potentially cultivate in a box through proper stress training and trimming. It usually takes 10 weeks for this strain to flower with bud yields expected from 37 to 55 grams per plant.

For this strain, you really need a bigger box. However, this all-rounding strain is an excellent beginner strain with good attributes including no marijuana odor, conveniently cultivated in poor soil conditions, and interacts well with artificial lamps.

The Final Word

While it’s relatively easy to choose a strain to grow, the challenge on cultivation into marijuana grow boxes lie along its process including maintenance, nutrients, and lighting are just among a few to mention.

However, nothing is impossible if we’re just prepared. Intense research and careful planning should be done from the start of cultivation to ensure success along with it. There’s nothing to lose if you’d prepare enough.