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The More Lights the Better the Yield – Is It True in Marijuana Hydroponics

The More Lights the Better the Yield – Is It True in Marijuana Hydroponics

The Advantage of Marijuana Hydroponics Lighting For Indoor Set Up

In growing marijuana, there surely are certain factors that you need to particularly keep in mind in order to have a successful journey as a marijuana grower. Perhaps one of the most important factors is lighting.

Of course, the main purpose of doing whatever you can in producing healthy marijuana plants is to have a good yield. Mastering all the basics in lighting, and making sure that the basics are consistent are some of the ways to make sure that you are growing impressive plants.

However, with regard to lighting, the question remains the same for many growers: is it true that the more lights you use, the better the yield in hydroponics setting?

The Influence of Lighting for Growing Marijuana

When growing marijuana in a hydroponics setup inside your home, the recommendation is to do the best that you can to maximize the efficiency of marijuana hydroponics lighting. The more light your marijuana plants receive, you can expect that the healthier and faster they will grow. This will increase your yield eventually.

In a more detailed way, it is even best to hang your HID (High-Intensity Discharge) bulbs. This is so the light will hit your marijuana plant compared to placing it somewhere else. Another method to intensify your goal in maximizing yield is to add white reflective plastic. It can help in bouncing light off the area walls back to the plant. In line with this, it is very important to focus on areas where you extremely need light.

A Higher Yield – A Possibility

Keep in mind that your marijuana plants are just like any other plants that need sunlight. However, because of certain restrictions in growing marijuana outdoors, you may have to grow them in a limited space inside your home. Being in an indoor environment used to pose a challenge among growers. The light is one of the most crucial factors needed in growing marijuana.

However, thanks to technology, there is a development of newer systems. A sample is hydroponics that will allow you to grow your marijuana plants discreetly. Still, as a grower, you also need to know when is enough. Take note that too much of anything is dangerous. This holds true with your marijuana plants. Therefore, make sure to know how much time your plants need to be exposed to sunlight. Make sure that you are not overdoing it.

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