Hydroponics System

Throughout the years, technology has had a major influence on the cannabis industry. With so many different concepts and ideas being introduced to our everyday activities, it would seem as though marijuana cultivation would be taking a major step in the coming years. And true enough that is exactly what just happened. In recent memory, cannabis growers were brought into a world that uses a marijuana hydroponic system.

What is a marijuana hydroponic system? Well, it is basically the cultivation of cannabis seeds directly into an oxygen-filled water system that is then mixed with various nutrients and other minerals that help the cannabis plants grow and produce potent and fruitful buds. This deviates from the traditional method of using soil as a growing medium. Since this method deals with various technologies and equipment, it is mostly undertaken indoors. Additionally, this system of cannabis cultivation can be fairly complicating and risky. As such, we do not recommend it to beginner marijuana growers.


While many of you presume that this method of growing was just recently discovered, it has actually been around for many years now. Some reports even state that the earliest recorded uses of hydroponic systems trace back to the 6th Century B.C. Despite this, it was never the traditionally accepted way of growing agricultural products. Cannabis plants, in particular, were just recently introduced to such a growing system.

A marijuana hydroponics is generally involves the cultivation of cannabis seeds without the use of soil as a growing medium. While water is the main growing medium used in this system, a certain type of hydroponics called Aeroponics makes use of air. Basically, this means that it does not use any growing medium at all. Other types of hydroponic systems include Deep Water Culture, Drip Irrigation, Nutrient Film Technique, and Ebb and Flow method.


It is actually quite unheard of that beginner marijuana growers will opt to use a marijuana hydroponic system for their cannabis garden. This is because it is widely known as an expensive and rather complicating cultivation method. However, many growers suggest that it is possible to start a marijuana hydroponic system with just a few plant containers and water tubs.

It all depends on personal preference as to how you want to operate your marijuana hydroponic system. Of course, a good quality system will make use of various tools and equipment but it isn’t exactly a requirement.


  • A marijuana hydroponic system relieves growers of many concerns that they would otherwise have if they used soil as a growing medium. For one, the pH levels found in soil are a crucial aspect that must be monitored regularly. With a marijuana hydroponic system, this task is much easier. The pH levels in water are much more convenient to measure.
  • Providing your cannabis plants with various nutrients and minerals is so much easier when using a marijuana hydroponic system. Simply placing the solution into the water is all it takes.
  • Because it is an indoor system, the risk of mold and infestations contaminating your plants is significantly reduced.
  • The most obvious advantage of a hydroponic system is that it helps the cannabis plants grow much faster than growing them in soil. The amount of cultivation time is reduced by around 25%.
  • A marijuana hydroponic system also generates larger yields for some indoor marijuana strains.
  • Cannabis plant roots will spend less time searching for nutrients since it is already introduced into the water. Instead, the energy that it has is put into focusing on the growth and development of resinous buds.


  1. Always keep your marijuana hydroponic system clean. Regularly sterilizing and disinfecting the equipment that you are using is a great way of making sure that your cannabis plants grow in a healthy environment. Keep in mind that you are dealing with water. There is a tendency that algae will begin to form on the water’s surface. Placing a filter into the water system is a good idea to maintain a safe and healthy space.
  2. As stated earlier, the pH level of water is a lot easier to measure. Still, it holds the same concept as the pH level in soil. Try to keep this at a balanced 7.0. This will mean that the water isn’t too high in alkaline (greater than 7.0) and it isn’t too acidic (lower than 7.0).
  3. The same concepts apply to a hydroponic marijuana system when it comes to the moisture, warmth, light, and air circulation of the marijuana plants. Keep the water’s temperature at around 18 degrees Celsius. The marijuana grow room also has an ideal temperature of 23 to 25 degrees Celsius. As for the light and air, having LED lights and air fans/vents are a great way of making sure your plants grow sturdy and tough branches and stems.
  4.  Do not overfeed the plants with nutrients! We know that giving them these is now a lot easier thanks to the marijuana hydroponic system. However, doing so may still cause nutrient burn in the plants. This may be evident by the discoloration of the leaves into a yellowish shade.
  5. Lastly, enjoy the experience. Using a marijuana hydroponics may seem complicated and intimidating at first. But once you get used to it, it is a great way of making sure you get potent marijuana buds all the time.

There is so much more to learn about the ways of cultivating marijuana plants. With the constant introduction of new methods coming in, we at the cannabis community will surely have a great time cultivating our weed seeds. Happy growing!