As a marijuana lighting grower, you may have already asked this question many times. Indeed, plants are plants. The way we know it, they also have necessities in order to survive. They include the type of soil that you need to use, the nutrients, as well as the number of nutrients needed by the plants to grow, as well as the lighting.

Basics in Marijuana Lighting

For producing purposes alone, there is a specific light that is required by cannabis for healthy growth.  MH (Metal Halide) lamps generally produce a high percentage of light under the blue wavelength, and so they are best for use during the earlier stages of the growth cycle in order to promote the growth of compact and bushy plants.

At the same time, HPS (High-Pressure Sodium) lamps produce a high percentage of light under the red and orange wavelengths as well as a small amount under the blue range. Because of these capabilities, the HPS lamp can be used in order to trigger the formation of buds and enhance fruiting and flowering. At the same time, plants may also be grown under the use of HPS lamps during the full cycle, but they might end up growing taller and in between the leaves, the joints are longer.

Problem Solution

In order to solve this issue, some experienced growers have decided to use CFLs (Compact Fluorescent Lamps). This partnered with HPS supports the blue light throughout the vegetative growth stage. The CFL lights are quite cooler than HPS or MH, and so they should be nearer to the crops.  These days, different manufacturers have already started producing CFL lamps more in order to answer the growing need of growers who use such lighting during the early vegetative growth stages of their plants.

The overall purpose of marijuana lighting strategies is to emulate the presence of daylight. Since growing marijuana outdoors may be quite risky, hydroponics is the alternative method being used by many growers. However, since it is impossible to bring the daylight inside a room, lighting is very important. We are thankful today that we live in a generation wherein all the studies about lighting is ready for use. With the information made available for you, there is no need to do further investigation. Unless of course, you have extra time for it.

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