The world of cannabis is still becoming more competitive even as we speak. This due in large part to the increase in marijuana use in many different parts around the world because of how it is now more widely accepted by countries and the general public. This has led to the rise of independent marijuana growers, who cultivate their own plants from seed to plant until they are ready for harvest. And, most of the time, new growers use both male vs female marijuana seeds due to their inexperience.

Because of how competitive the market has become, you do not want to waste time on anything that will not bring you profit. Your cannabis operation should be as efficient as possible and should ensure that nothing goes to waste. In that regard, you should only cultivate plants that end up being profitable.

That said, there are two different genders of marijuana plants. Like most organisms on the planet, cannabis can either be male or female. There is about a 50-50 chance that your seeds will end up growing to be either male or female. However, only one of those two sexes ends up with harvestable and consumable buds. The other one tends to be useless if you are looking to sell the marijuana flowers. But, which one is it?

The two different genders: male vs female marijuana

To know which of the two genders of marijuana is the more profitable one, we first need to know more about each of them.

  1. Male

In terms of the overall structure, male and female plants look almost the same. However, the biggest difference here is that males have balls that are the size of grapes. These balls are called pollen sacs. As the male plant grows older, the pollen sacs will eventually burst open to release the pollen inside.

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What is the purpose of this pollen? Like all plants and flowers, the pollen serves the purpose of impregnating nearby female cannabis. It actually is similar to most organisms in the sense that the purpose of the male is to make sure the species continues on. The female plants that were pollinated will produce seeds that have the male plants’ genetics. That is basically how cannabis breeding works.

The bad part about having a male cannabis plant is that they do not have buds. That is right. Males do not develop flowers that will end up getting harvested and consumed. So, if you are simply looking to make a profit out of the buds, males are virtually useless. However, they are useful if you are simply a breeder looking to produce cannabis seeds or create new strains. Other than that, males serve no purpose for your cannabis garden.

  1. Female

As you might have already guessed, the female marijuana plants are the ones that produce the buds. Instead of pollen sacs, they develop flowers that can be harvested and consumed. That means that the females are the only profitable plants if you are simply looking to sell the buds for a quick bud.

Females should be kept as far away from the males as much as possible if you want them to focus on producing high-quality buds. That is because when males pollinate the females, they become pregnant and will focus all their energy on producing seeds. In that sense, their bud production tends to slow down as they won’t have enough energy and nutrients to spare. In other words, your females will not be able to juggle two tasks at once.

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How to differentiate between male and female?

Because males tend to be useless for your cannabis garden if you are focusing on bud production, you may not want them around. And what is even more dangerous about having them near your females is that they will end up impregnating them. Of course, you wouldn’t want your females to produce subpar buds when they are focusing all of their attention on their seeds. Because of that, you have to make sure that your cannabis garden only has female plants. The best way of doing so is to, of course, remove the males as early as possible.

Truth be told, if you have regular seeds in your hands, there is no way of telling whether they will end up becoming either male or female. What you have to do is to actually plant the seeds so that you can tell whether they will end up becoming male vs female marijuana.

However, you do not have to wait until the seeds grow up until maturity. That can be dangerous because the males might actually release their pollen before you could even remove them from the garden. Instead, you can already tell them apart after they exit the vegetative state and enter the flowering period. This is called the pre-flower period.

During the pre-flower period, male plants will develop tiny balls in between branches. Eventually, these will grow into bigger balls that look like grapes and will become mature pollen sacs. Meanwhile, females develop tiny white hairs between branches. These hairs are called pistils and will grow into buds. This is the most tried and tested way of determining plant gender as early as possible.

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There are also kits that can help tell you whether the cannabis plant is either male or female as early as the germination period by testing the leaf for certain chromosomes. However, it might become too expensive on your part to do so. Instead, the best way of making sure that your garden stays female is to use feminized seeds.

What are feminized seeds?

Advancements in science have led to the development of feminized seeds. As the name suggests, these seeds will more than likely produce female plants to make sure that there are no males in your garden. This is done so through processes of cloning and shocking that force plants to produce only female seeds.

While feminized seeds are created to produce only female plants, this isn’t a 100% success. Some breeders and seedbanks guarantee at least 80% chances of producing all females. The reason why the seeds will not always end up female is because of hermaphroditism, wherein female plants will end up developing pollens due to environmental stresses and demands.

However, going for feminized seeds is still better than the risk of having half of your garden turning out to be male. After all, the focus is on making a profit. Males are only useful for breeding more seeds. Other than that, you should only focus on producing females. And the best way of doing so is to make sure you use feminized seeds.