If you are in Ontario and you’re searching for the best place to buy cannabis seeds especially indica seeds Ontario then there’s only one location to buying seeds.

Ontario Cannabis Store OCS is the only legal cannabis retailer and wholesaler of recreational cannabis products in the province. This is where you’ll find safe, easy access to cannabis products for adults as well as for older customers.

Ontario Cannabis Store is the best location to buy various cannabis products with seeds.  This is because the store works closely with licensed breeders and growers which are authorized by none other than Health Canada.

Ontario Cannabis Store has online companies and these stores offer customer education to provide chances for new and seasoned consumers and developers to find out more about the different cannabis varieties.

Another good thing about Ontario Cannabis Store is that they have staff that is knowledgeable and specializes in helping customers make the right choice. Ontario Cannabis Store prides itself on social responsibility. They take every purchase seriously and makes sure that every customer is a top priority.

Products that they sell

Ontario Cannabis Store serves buyers in Ontario and makes sure that they sell only perfect products. You can buy dried flowers (indica, Sativa, and hybrid strains), pre-rolled products (also in indica, Sativa, and hybrid), capsules, and oils.

You might be looking for edibles like candies, baked goodies, pastries, and chocolates however, these are not available yet at Ontario Cannabis Store. Aside from cannabis products, you can also buy accessories like vaporizers, bongs and water pipes, paper and filters, handheld pipes, grinders cleaning accessories, storage equipment, and rolling trays.

If this is your first time to purchase cannabis products and accessories, you may find it easier to buy from Ontario Cannabis Store. You’ll get expert advice and help from customer service representatives who are ready to help you with all your buying needs.

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A few essential things you should obtain about ordering indica seeds Ontario

About purchasing products online from the store

You can purchase different products online and enjoy Ontario Cannabis Store’s 14-day policy on all orders. The products that will be returned should be surrendered within 14 days of delivery and should be in their original condition. Retailers that sell their products at the store should create their own policies.  Also, you cannot purchase products online and return them to an authorized marijuana store.

Ontario Cannabis Store’s special delivery policies

You can use Canada Post’s Flex Delivery to ship your orders straight to the Post Office of your choice. When you pick up your package, at a Canada Post office, you should be ready with an original or valid government-issued ID to show that you are at least 19 years old.

Your delivery address should be similar to the one you have on your ID and on the package itself. Once you have received your package at home or from your delivery address, you need to sign the delivery form. If you wish to learn more about the Flex Delivery service from Canada Post, check their official website.

How long will it take for your order to arrive?

Ontario Cannabis Store is just like other legal cannabis seed bank and dispensary because it uses only Canada Post to ship orders to customers. Canada Post deliveries are standard delivery service. Local orders or orders coming from Canada customers will arrive 1 to 3 business days.

Get a tracking number for your orders

You will get an email message to notify you of your orders. Included in this notification is a tracking number from Canada Post. With the tracking number, you will be able to easily determine where your package or orders are anywhere around the country. But lately, due to a large number of orders, tracking results may be delayed.

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If you have made multiple orders, these will arrive together in one box. However, there may be exceptions depending on the size of the products that you have ordered.

How orders are shipped by the OCS

The Ontario Cannabis Store ships orders consume Canada Post via standard delivery options. Canada Post has a $5 flat rate shipping fee for indica seeds Ontario orders delivered within the Ontario area. It is not possible to deliver cannabis seeds and other products consuming another courier. Canada Post delivers orders to customers door to door but will never leave your orders outside the door if you are not at home to receive your packages.

In case you missed your order, Canada Post will leave a card or notification letter to inform you that they were there to deliver your order but you were not around to receive it. The courier will also inform you where you can claim your missed order. It will be in a nearby post office or Canada Post service.

If you are unable to receive your package you must leave someone at home to receive your orders. Only an adult that’s 19 years and older should be home to sign for your order.  The said adult should have an identification card or ID as proof of his age.

Buying medical cannabis at OCS

Medical cannabis is often prescribed for patients with certain health and mental conditions. The most common reason why patients use medical cannabis includes headaches, migraines, muscle pains, muscle strains, insomnia, lack of appetite, glaucoma, stress, anxiety, and depression.

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But despite the large demand for medical cannabis, you are not allowed to use your medical document for the use of medical cannabis to purchase products at the OCS. This online cannabis store does not give any medical advice or does not honor a medical prescription.

OCS strict policies regarding age qualifications

The Ontario Cannabis Store has strict policies regarding the age of visitors on their online website.  Verification happens when the visitor enters the site, purchases indica seeds Ontario, and upon receipt of the deliveries or orders.

Signature is needed upon delivery of orders. The person who will sign the delivery receipt and who will receive your order should be at least 19 years of age and should present a valid ID with a photo to claim the package,

Safety when ordering online at OCS

Usually, first-time consumers have doubts about ordering indica seeds Ontario online. They are unsure if the site where they wish to order is safe or not. But luckily for residents of Ontario, they have the Ontario Cannabis Store to take care of their needs.

OCS uses a secure online ordering and shopping system that aims to provide the best security for all customers anytime they shop. All information needed from the customer for their orders to be delivered is encrypted. Included in the list of possibly sensitive information are your full name, address, and any credit information or banking information.  To process your orders, you may also be asked other information as well.