How to Grow Marijuana

Other Uses of Male Marijuana Plants

Other Uses of Male Marijuana Plants

When cannabis growers buy marijuana seeds, they germinate the regular seeds and grow marijuana plants. As the plants become mature and start to show their gender, it’s time when growers determine the sex of their plants.

It is easy to spot females marijuana plants because female plants grow pistils, small white and wispy flowers that grow into buds. Males, on the other hand, will grow structures that look like balls or sacs. In just a few days, these balls will crack and rupture to release pollen.

Pollen from the male plants will fall on the female pistils to pollinate them. Soon, the pistils will grow seeds and the cycle of the marijuana plant continues.

But growers don’t like male plants!

Unless the grower wants to grow seeds, he does not need male plants at all. Most of the time, male plants are discarded while some growers destroy the male plants completely. Growers don’t want any accidental pollination which can destroy all their hard work!

This is why growers use feminized seeds than regular seeds. With feminized seeds, they don’t need to deal with any accidental pollination. They don’t waste resources like lighting, water, and soil to grow plants that they will discard later.

Some growers actually use male plants instead of just discarding them. Here are some good ideas

Make cannabis tea

Male cannabis plants also contain psychoactive and therapeutic compounds. Thus, consuming it will give you recreational as well as therapeutic benefits.

In making tea, you will use fresh leaves and stems. Just like making fresh mint or spiced tea, prepare milk or water in a small saucepan. Cut the leaves and stems into small pieces and add to the liquid.

Heat this slowly and once the tea has boiled, remove it from heat and let it cool.  Use a strainer to remove the plant parts. You may add sugar, cinnamon or other spices to improve the taste.

Some find the tea bitter but this can be improved by adding sugar or cream. Cannabis tea is rich in vitamins and minerals, therefore, is healthy to drink.

Make cannabutter

Cannabis butter is a staple for making cannabis edibles. Cannabutter is usually made by using decarboxylated cannabis flowers and plant parts.

Decarboxylation is the process by which the plant parts are “baked” in low temperatures for a certain amount of time. Cannabutter makers bake their cannabis in 110 degrees Centigrade in 60 minutes on large, spacious baking sheets.


Once the weed has been decarboxylized, it is now ready to be added to regular, non-flavored butter.

Melt the butter in a small saucepan. Once the butter has melted, add the decarboxylated weed and then slowly mix this with a spatula. Let the cannabutter cook for 30 minutes in low heat.

Remove the cannabutter mixture from heat and let this cool. Prepare a cheesecloth over a large bowl. Drain the cannabutter mixture on the cheesecloth. The cloth will catch the plant parts and let the fine butter drain through.

After the cannabutter has drained, gather the edges of the cloth and squeeze the butter from the remaining plant parts. Discard the plant parts and place the butter in small containers. Small microwavable containers are perfect.

Refrigerate the butter. Inspect the cannabutter the day after by placing it on a plate. Take a knife and remove water that may have accumulated on the surface. Now you have your cannabutter ready.

You can use cannabutter to cook different kinds of food. Cannabutter may be used to replace oil in different recipes. In making brownies, replace regular butter with cannabutter.

You can add cannabutter on toast, pancakes, and muffins. You may also saute vegetables, grill meats and other food that needs oil or butter with cannabutter.

Make cannabis concentrates

Because male plant parts also contain compounds like THC and CBD, you can use this to make concentrates. Although these products have lower quality than concentrates made from cannabis flower, these can still have a potent effect when used extensively.

It is very dangerous to make concentrates and it is not recommended for untrained individuals. This is because you need to use highly flammable solvents like benzene, propane, and butane. If you are not trained to handle these chemicals and you don’t have correct materials to make concentrates, then you must never attempt to do it.

But for the purpose of learning about concentrates, we will discuss this in simple terms.

Concentrate-making uses solvents that will remove the THC from the plant material. The plant material which consists of flowers and plant parts (stems and leaves) are placed in a glass column. The glass column is designed to have a narrower part on one end where the tip of the solvent canister (propane, butane or other organic solvents) will fit.

The weed is loosely packed inside the canister so that the solvent can easily move through the container. The open end of the canister will be aimed towards a dish lined with parchment paper to collect the concentrate.

The solvent is slowly pushed into the canister one can after another. It may take you a dozen cans for a large batch of flower and plant matter. The concentrate will squeeze out of the canister on the other end looking like cloudy, thick honey.

The concentrate will be placed in low heat to evaporate the solvent. Usually, concentrate makers place the dish on top of a hot water pack or a hot plate placed on a very low setting.

The concentrate will bubble, a sign that the THC is being released in the air. You can tell that all the solvent has been removed from the concentrate when it stops bubbling.

The final product will look darker but this only means that it is pure THC. Remove the concentrate from the paper using a small wooden tool like a Popsicle stick and into a small concentrate container. This concentrate is now ready to be consumed.

Make marijuana fiber

Marijuana fiber is very strong and in fact, you can use this to make all kinds of things like ropes, bags, hats, baskets, and accessories. To prepare the stems and the branches, take these and remove the outer cover with a sharp knife.

You can use one long stem or branch to weave or combine three or more and use thicker fiber to weave strong items. Like weaving ordinary baskets and accessories, marijuana fiber can take on different shapes and forms.

You may also subject the fiber to heat to shape these in a more efficient manner. Once your project is done, you may paint it or spray it with varnish to create a lovely finish and to protect your work from the elements.

Make marijuana paper

Marijuana paper is slightly darker and rougher but to make smooth paper, use a blender. Cut the stems and flowers into smaller pieces and cut small pieces of newspaper and office paper as well.

Place the cut paper and water in a blender and mix. As this is mixing, create an outstretched sieve using a pantyhose and a wooden frame. Pour the mixture in and shake this to create a smooth and even surface.

Let this dry and soon, you will have marijuana paper. You can use thick marijuana paper to make boxes, fillers, cards and so on.

Garden helper

Male plants can also be helpful in the garden. The terpenes that are found naturally in weed can be used as an insect or pest repellant. When terpenes are released in the air, the smell can be so strong that it can drive away potential pests which can ruin your garden plants.

Male plants also add nutrients to the soil and can also help make the soil firm and avoid erosion. Marijuana plants grow complex root systems that can hold the soil well and prevent erosion when it rains.

Use male plants for breeding

The most obvious use of male cannabis plants is for breeding. But for this, you need male plants from a good stable strain.  The plant should be in good health and must be growing new leaves and stems each day.

Male cannabis plants used for breeding should be regarded as a precious plant. This should be carefully taken care of together with female plants for breeding.

The plant should be placed under good lighting and should be fed good organic nutrients to remain healthy. Male plants should also be kept in close watch for nutrient problems as evidenced by discoloration for the leaves or stems as well as any sign of pests or molds.

When the breeding time comes, take pollen from the male plant and just brush this on the pistils of the female plants. There’s no need to place the male plants in the growing room with the female plants.

You can actually breed new plants any time because you’ll have a steady supply of potent pollen with you. Harvest the pollen from the male plants once the balls or sacs rupture. Place the pollen in a small container and keep this in a dry and dark environment. In fact, grow male plants to harvest different pollen coming from different strains.

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