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Outdoor Cannabis: What Seeds are Best for Your First Grow?

Outdoor Cannabis: What Seeds are Best for Your First Grow?

There’s nothing to be ashamed with being a novice. We always have our own first time. The moments when we had to learn things easily and carefully. 

In cannabis planting, as a tip, you could never go directly and choose any strain. If you’re a beginner grower, then it’s important to have adequate research as to what strains to use. It’s a risk to waste effort, time, and money on a hard to grow strain most especially if you’re still an amateur. 

Even if it hurts, you had to settle definitely for the easy grown one first. If you’re looking for one, then we’ll deliver it out for you. Here are seven of our most recommended strains for your first grow. 

#1. Blue Dream

A cross between the popular Blueberry and Haze, this sativa-dominant strain induces a highly relaxed and euphoric effect. Originating in the state of California, this strain is a masterpiece by the legendary breeder named DJ Short. It has a relatively high THC content ranging as low as 17% to about 24%. CBD and CBN levels are respectively about 2% and 1%. 

It’s a cool ooze excellent for any novice grower. It could be grown indoors or outdoors with a ten-week flowering time. For an outdoor setting, the harvest will be usually at months from late September to early October. It has a high yield with an average of 21 ounces per square meter of the plant. 

Growing at a height of at least five feet, its buds are all-blue with milky white trichomes and green spread leaves around it. Scents of this strain are somehow similar to a blueberry with hints of sugary sweetness on it. 

#2. Northern Lights

This award-winning strain has a mysterious lineage presumably come from landraces Thai and Afghani. It has a THC content that could go up to 33%. This 95% indica dominant strain is an excellent sedative treatment most especially for first-time cannabis users. 

This Washington native is incorporated with purple hues and crystal coated buds. It has a pungent aroma with hints of sweetness and spiciness upon smoking. Specifically, the taste is somehow resembling lemon with earthy or pine-like after taste. 

This strain flowers for eight to ten weeks with high satisfying yields at 125 grams per square meter of the plant. It’s conveniently one of the world’s most renowned pain reliever with extremely potent effect. 

#3. Easy Bud

This ruderalis strain has a mysterious lineage resembling the Royal Dwarf variety with moderate indica effects yet a favorable euphoric vibe. It has a THC content ranging from 10% to about 17%. 

Remarkably, this strain is relatively short measuring about 50 cm to 60 cm. It’s ready for harvest just about 8 to 9 weeks of planting. It has moderate yields at 80 grams per plant. It’s easy to flower as its name denotes it to be. 

Its buds are shaped like a very small Christmas tree. Its flowers are quite large adorned with white corals and hairy yellow pistils. Its leaves are pale green with sticky and glass-like white trichomes. 

It has a lemony scent with a subtle odor similar to the Skunk varieties. When smoking it, you’ll be able to note a few hints of spiciness and sweetness into the strain. 

#4. White Widow

A reputable strain repeatedly won in multiple cannabis cups, it’s a cross between two landraces including the Brazilian indica and South Indian sativa. It’s a legendary strain known for its flexibility and incredibly relaxing and highly potent effect upon utilization. The strain has an average of 20% THC content as well. 

Its buds are somehow largely covered with white fluffy color. Nonetheless, its leaves are green shaded incorporated with visible pistils on it. Encrypted with an ammonia-like scent, this strain has hints of earthy pine and a few fruity flavors. 

Rarely exceeding six feet in height, this strain has an incredible mold tolerance suitable for outdoor or indoor cultivation. It grows for nine to ten weeks, harvested desirably at early October if cultivated outdoors. It’s expected to have a 37 to 55 grams per square foot of plant yield. 

#5. Dutch Treat

Awarded as third best sativa in the 2012 Cannabis Cup, this is originally bred and grown in Amsterdam. It has no definite lineage though most speculate that it’s a result from cross-breeding Northern Lights and Haze. Moreover, it has a THC content of about 15% to 30% with a minimal CBD content of less than 1%.

Its mostly known for its potent effect. The strain is distinctly incorporated with a surprisingly wood-like scent similar to cedar and pine. Hints of sweet citrus and pungent taste of herbs are integrated on its taste as well. 

This strain is relatively very bushy measuring vertically at least about five feet. This could be cultivated outdoors or indoors for six to eight weeks. Harvesting is usually done during late September. Yields are often between four to eight ounces of buds. 

#6. Jack Herer

A cross between sativa Haze, Northern Lights, and Shiva Skunk, this sativa dominant hybrid is a popular strain passing along its genetics to reputable cannabis varieties such as Jack the Ripper and Jack Skellington. It has a THC content lying from between 15% to 24% used for recreational and medicinal purposes. 

Its scent is mainly flowery with touches of citrus and lemony on its background. Upon smoking, you’ll still smell its citrus scent with spiciness and a bit of sweetness on its taste. This strain is a suitable daytime treat excellent as a good medication to keep awake or relax. 

Predominantly sativa, this strain is relatively high reaching at least eight feet. It’s easy to grow with a long 10 to 11 week of planting. For outdoor cultivation, harvest usually is taken during mid to late October. 

#7. Green Crack

Referred also as Cush, this indica dominant strain is descended from the Skunk#1 and an unknown African based landrace indica. Originally bred in Athens, it has an average THC content of at least 16%. It’s a perfect daytime use delivering a suitable euphoric effect. 

Purple patches are exposed to its buds with green to yellow colored spreading leaves. Moreover, it stands with red-colored pistils on its flowers. Its colorful appearance matches well to its citrus desirable scent with hints of wood and earthy aroma. During smoking, you’ll experience a combination of spiciness with a reminiscence of mango-delight to it. 

This strain reaches a height ranging from three to four feet. It’s quickly mature at seven to eight weeks flowering period with average yields from 41 to 46 grams per square footage of the plant. Its mostly grown outdoors ready for harvest by late October. 

The Final Word:

After your first grow, its important to not be contented with what you have learned. There are still things that you have to explore with. Don’t rely on a single judgment. It’s best to repeatedly cultivate easily to grow strains until you’d master before proceeding to a hard to grow strain. As they say, practice makes perfect, it really takes a lot of trying before you’ll get to success. Good luck with that!

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