There are many ways to develop cannabis which may depend on the growing skills. Cannabis plants can grow outdoors and even indoors. While these crops can thrive indoors, still many cannabis growers choose to grow marijuana outdoor for some good reasons. 

Cannabis cultivation is among the fast-growing agricultural sectors all over the world now. According to the Foundation of Cannabis Unified Standards, it entails a mix of science and farming.

According to people who grow cannabis outdoors, this option is much more economical and easier to do compared to growing pot in the indoor garden in which you need to install extra grow equipment. 

If you choose to grow cannabis outdoors, you should be aware of the external factors which may delay the development cycle and potentially decrease the quality of your buds and their potency. 

Growing Marijuana Outdoor

Cannabis plants thrive outdoors within the woods. Therefore, an outdoor setup will yield a more organic and natural item. The aroma and flavor of cannabis grown outdoors are more natural. That’s because they’ll grow fuller and bigger. In fact, cannabis plants of any strains are more likely to be more productive. With better care, outdoor cultivated cannabis will develop massive yields. 

The Benefits of Growing Marijuana Outdoors

Plants need huge quantities of carbon dioxide to grow. In the outdoor space, carbon dioxide is widely accessible without the expensive ventilation system. Your cannabis plants can feed on the natural nutrients that exist in the soil. Also, they may require fewer nutrient solutions and fertilizers to flourish. 

The main advantage of planting pot outdoors it the cheaper costs. Outdoor crops do not need a start-up investment of grow lamps or indoor crop beds. Also, you don’t have to spend more on your monthly water bill because you don’t need to water your plants from time to time especially when the rainy season kicks in. Likewise, you will be able to avoid the ongoing electricity costs and ongoing ventilation. 

Environmentalists will also note that the outdoor grow setup comes with a much smaller carbon footprint compared to indoor facilities. This will also benefit the environment. 

To sum it up, here are the pros of growing cannabis outdoors:

  • Outdoor cannabis cultivation saves you from unnecessary expenses. If you grow cannabis outdoors, the plants will depend on the sun for its lighting needs and occasionally to the weather for hydration. You don’t need to invest in grow lights, exhaust fans, and other things necessary in growing cannabis indoors. 
  • The weed plants will enjoy free sunlight that is beneficial for the photosynthesis. Sunlight is a great benefit of cultivating pot outdoors. 
  • You can expect a larger yield from the cannabis strain you have been cultivating because your plants are growing within a natural setting. 

Cons of Growing Pot Outdoors

While it seems cheap and a very convenient option, the downside of cultivating pot outdoors is that you’re depending on the plants’ life cycle. Bear in mind that bigger crops need an extended gestation period and due to the growing period, you can cultivate most cannabis strains once every year. 

Cultivating cannabis outdoors comes along with several challenges. There are actually rules that the state governments implement when it comes to outdoor weed cultivation. Examples of these states are Washington, Oregon, Michigan, and Colorado. However, the regulations and limitations differ from state to state or city to city. 

Perhaps, some nations do not allow developing cannabis outdoors. Check about it with your municipal or local government regarding any license you require before you get started.

Cultivating cannabis outdoors can also lead you to different natural task. Weed is susceptible to inclement weather and natural calamities like drought. Excessive rainfall can also damage your plants. If you leave them exposed to water for several hours to days, it can lead to mold invasion that can harm your plants’ yield. 

In planting marijuana outdoor, the climate should stay favorable to these plants. They like warm, sunny weather, so they may not be able to yield great if you plant them under cool climates. Every outdoor cannabis cultivator should adjust the watering cycle to the weather. Storms, fires, and tornados can quickly wipe out the whole grow field. 

Tips for Growing Cannabis Outdoors

If you still want to grow weed outdoors, then you should keep in mind some reminders. First, think about the site where you will be cultivating these plants. Site selection is very important to succeed. You must keep the grow spot discreet. You don’t know your friendly neighbors to know about your cannabis plants, right?

When growing cannabis outdoors, plant them in the pots and in between other quick-growing shrubs. Always find out the rules implemented by city and state governments about growing cannabis outdoors. This way, you will enjoy more the experience. 

Also, you have to know those things you can expect from your preferred cannabis strain. Keep in mind that cannabis strains do have varying qualities. 

Moreover, cannabis plants will have a separate list of necessities when cultivated outdoors. They will need light, nutrients, water, and the ideal amount of temperature and humidity to stay healthy. 


Growing cannabis outdoors should be a fun and rewarding experience for anyone who wants to pursue this idea. To succeed, you need to be ready for the possible challenges in growing your favorite cannabis strains outdoors. 

It’s better to choose those cannabis strains that are genetically intended for outdoor cultivation. The market has so much more to offer. Do research to find out those strains.

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