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Passive Hydroponics Wick System in Growing Cannabis

Passive Hydroponics Wick System in Growing Cannabis

Passive Hydroponics Wick System

Hydroponics is no doubt one of the most employed methods in growing cannabis. The reason why this method has become popular is because of the fact that growing cannabis has been highly regulated by law these days, after a series of reports involving individuals who have abused the substance. There are different types of hydroponics being used these days. One of the easiest types of hydroponics system used by many growers is the wick system. It is described as passive because there are no moving parts involved as the nutrient solution stays in one place in a static mode.

How is it implemented? The nutrient solution is removed from the container and given to the plant roots by means of the growing medium. Wicks are used as in this system. Generally, a combination of different media is being put into place so as to increase the capillary capacity of the plants. This type of hydroponics system also makes use of traditional soil that is being supplemented with different fertilizers, together with water that is placed in a container typically used for irrigation. This hydroponic system is also quite compact and perfect for homes with small gardens and spaces.

As a matter of fact, even if you have a small area at home where you can grow your cannabis plants, the wick system may still be used. The only limitation to this system happens when you attempt to grow large plants which may ultimately need larger amounts of water that the wicks may not be able to supply adequately. However, if space is not a problem, then you can simply increase the number of wicks in order to provide water supply to the growing demand from the plants. At the same time, another useful complement tool is pumps, which can be added during the process.

Because the wick system is undoubtedly the simplest method that you can use among all hydroponics type, it is also perfect for beginners in growing cannabis. You can’t simply overwater your plant in a wick system, which provides an assurance to new growers that they will not make this very common mistake. At the same time, even if the grower forgets to water the plan, the system will automatically do the task, so long as the reservoir is always full. If you are a new grower, using the wick system is highly recommended for you.


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