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Premium Marijuana Bud: All You Need to Know

Premium Marijuana Bud: All You Need to Know

There is no better experience for cannabis enthusiasts then when using a really premium marijuana bud. The only problem is, how do you know if what you are getting is really specialty weed?

You can easily be sure that you are getting a quality product if you know what you are looking for. Whether you are getting flowers, edibles, or concentrates, there are certain criteria they have to meet in order for you to make sure they are of the highest quality and not just high priced.

What is Premium Marijuana Bud?

No cannabis harvest is alike, even if they come from the same breeder. This results in products that range in quality from schwag or regs to premium grade cannabis.

When you say premium bud, this means that they are either award-winning strains or are extremely popular but also very rare. These specialty strains are the cream of the crop and usually come in higher price tags than most other cannabis strains out there. This is mainly due to their high demand as well as the special care that most breeders give them. They are usually grown in smaller quantities to make sure that they are well cared for and that their quality is the best making them even harder to come by.

How to Identify Premium Weed

There are a lot of signs to look out for to make sure that you are getting the best quality premium cannabis for what you are paying for. Here are a few details that you should consider:


One of the factors why marijuana can be considered premium bud is because of the rarity of their strain. Some dispensaries can label their product as “specialty buds” but sometimes these can be exaggerated. Premium weed are more often than not really hard to get. This is because they are grown in small batches to make sure that the quality isn’t compromised.

You’ll know if the strain you are looking for is rare if you find that even your dispensary has a hard time getting them. Most of the time, they place sales limits on how much you can buy to keep them from going out of stock.

Awards and Popularity

When a cannabis strain is really popular and wins tons of awards, it only goes to figure that the demand for this product gets higher. Because this happens, the price of these strains are likely to increase and the availability can get lower. This is one of the factors that rate a weed strain to be a premium product and not just considered to be top-shelf.

Density and Texture

The texture and density of cannabis can tell a lot about their quality and how they were grown. They should be fluffy and compact not looking scrawny or full of air. Dense, well-manicured, and tightly trimmed buds are marks of the weeds high quality. You should also make sure that they are not light, dry, and crumbly to the touch.


The vibrancy of your cannabis strain has to do with its phenotype and how they were cared for. Different strains come in different colors and should be identifiable when you look at the flowers. The colors of their hairs should be bright as well. If they look somewhat brown or grey, this means they were not dried or cured properly and won’t have the smoothness that premium buds have.

Trichome Count

Premium cannabis strains should be glistening and sticky with trichomes. This is a sign of a really potent product and should not be overlooked. Cannabis experts state that the amount of trichomes in a cannabis flower is directly correlated to their level of potency. So the more sugary and crystalline the buds look, the better high you are sure to experience.


The terpene profile of your cannabis is just as important as what they look and feel like. This tells you that the weed was properly cured and show the uniqueness of the strain’s genetics. Typically, a premium bud is very pungent and showcase the complete terpene profile of its phenotype. If they smell damp or like hay, then this usually suggests that they weren’t cured properly and their quality is very low.


Premium marijuana bud is usually extremely potent. The THC levels of these specialty strains are often off the charts and the quality of the high it gives is better than you would expect. Most of the time, premium strains are heavy-hitters and require only a small dosage to get its full effects. If you are using a lower-quality product, you may find yourself needing to use more than is prescribed to get the high you are looking for.

Cannabinoid content

Other than THC, there are a number of cannabinoids in marijuana strains that react with your body to give your desired effects. CBD, CBN, CBC, and other cannabinoids all work together in giving you the high that is therapeutic and calming. They also have many medicinal properties that can help with a number of medical conditions.


Most of the time, premium marijuana strains have more information about them and how they were grown. The quality of the product can be affected by the way that the strain was handled. You can find this out by checking to see if they are free of pesticides and other contaminants. If you are able to make sure that they are tested for these things, then you are sure that you are getting the type of cannabis that is of the highest quality.

Point of sale

To really be sure that you are getting specialty cannabis, you should be able to determine the reliability of where you are buying it from. There are so many places that promote premium products without really making sure that they are. Be sure that the dispensary that you are buying your premium bud from has a good reputation and has positive reviews about them. This may be important since you are spending your money to get a quality product and its best to be sure that you do so.


With all these tips in mind, there shouldn’t be any way that you will be fooled into buying a low-quality product for a premium price. As long as you check on the rarity and quality of the cannabis strain you want to get, you can rest easy to know that you are going to be using a strain that is really for connoisseurs.

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