How to Grow Marijuana

Products that you Should Get in Growing Marijuana in Hydroponics

Products that you Should Get in Growing Marijuana in Hydroponics

How to Grow Weed Indoors by Hydroponic

Hydroponics is a growing system in marijuana growing that has been considered as one of the most widely used. This is because this system allows how to grow weed indoors with full discretion in an indoor environment. After all, since all activities relating to marijuana has been regulated, there has been consistent efforts to track down marijuana growers.

However, through hydroponics, you now get the chance to grow your own weed at home without having to worry about getting caught. To start, there are products and materials that you need to secure before starting the process. The following are some of them.


Without seeds, you will never be able to start with your hydroponics setup.  Generally speaking, you have two options whether you would be using seeds or clones. There are advantages as well as disadvantages in growing either of them. They are typically available in seed banks where you can also get information on how to grow them.

Growing tray 

This is where you can place the marijuana plants as well as the medium for growing. In order to assure of the tray’s quality, secure one made of durable plastic. Remove water pools because it may cause rotting of the plant roots.

Growing medium 

There are different types of growing medium of marijuana, such as perlite, rockwool, and clay.

Overflow drain 

This drain will take care of removing and avoiding the nutrient solution to rising and flood all over the plants.


If you cannot find a growing tray, buckets are good alternatives in placing your marijuana plants as well as the growing medium. The only difference with using buckets is that you can only place them individually. With buckets, however, you can easily grow the number of your plants depending on the number of buckets you have.

Pipe and Fittings

This pipe serves as the passageway of the nutrient solution coming from the reservoir all the way to the growing tray.

Table Frame

This will serve as the support structure of your growing tray. Therefore, it should be sturdy enough to bear the weight of the tray, as well as the plants, and everything else.

The list above is just some of the basic products that you need In order for you to finally start your marijuana growing via hydroponics project. You may also add some more depending on the knowledge that you have acquired in this field.

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