How to Grow Marijuana

Pros and Cons of Growing Marijuana using Hydroponics

Pros and Cons of Growing Marijuana using Hydroponics

Know the Disadvantages and Advantages of Hydroponics

Growing marijuana is one of the highly regulated activities these days. After all, we hear reports of abuse leading to dangerous situations. Because of this, several methods of growing marijuana have been discovered. One of these methods is by using hydroponics.

Since this system is just introduced, some may still have doubts. It is best to focus on the pros and cons of growing marijuana using hydroponics. This can help you identify whether this method is good for you.

Let’s start first with the advantages. With a hydroponics system, it is possible to expect a yield of high-quality cannabis in specific locations where they are not normally planted in soil. Hydroponics also enhances the quality of the product. It effectively takes advantage of resources like water, space, and plant nutrients.

Hydroponics also allows a higher crop growth even from a smaller area. The available light limits the density of the plant under controlled conditions.

When using hydroponic growing systems, most likely, you will not have to use pesticides, unlike outdoor growing setups. At the same time, with this type of growing system, experts find water and fertilizers are more efficient to use. You will not have to deal with water stress as well as long as proper monitoring.

Now let’s go to the cons of the hydroponics system. One of the most common concerns with this system is its cost. The initial investment needed to set up the systems is higher compared to soil-based growing.

Hydroponic Systems for and Outdoor Environment

Hydroponic systems require skill and knowledge in using unlike the traditional methods of growing in an outdoor environment. The operator and the grower should know enough about plant nutrition and system operation.

During the production and growth, there might be problems with the plant nutrition. Monitor the system closely to avoid water and plant nutrient stress. These factors can affect growth of crop.

Another concern involving hydroponics is sanitation. This system is often prone to waterborne plant diseases.  They may spread quickly using other methods of hydroponics production


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