Way on indoor marijuana grow room. Officially, the Canadian sectors have fully allowed its people to consume recreational cannabis. Believe it or not, every Canadian now has a right to smoke cannabis freely without hiding from the authorities and be sanctioned by any criminal liability. It’s truly a rare sight that only a few countries in the world had manifested.

Along with this legalization, its government has expected the increase of cannabis seed bank companies in the country. Its demand had been thoroughly rising as a lot of cannabis enthusiasts are leaning towards indoor marijuana grow room.

That is why a newbie cannabis grower should be able to know where to buy feminized seeds as there are a lot of dispensaries falsely offer false or non-viable seeds. A dispensary’s reputation is critical and one must seek a recommendation on buying feminized seeds.

If you still confuse where to buy, then you’re in the right place. Here is our list of best dispensaries in Canada to buy feminized cannabis seeds.

Canada’s Cannabis Cultivation Laws

In accordance with the Cannabis Act fully implemented on October 17, 2018, here are the cultivation policies that every Canadian who owns a piece of land or property should abide. This includes the following;
Similarly to consumption, a Canadian grower must be legally at age. He or she should be 18 years old and above to be able to cultivate a cannabis plant.

It’s important to know that the Canadian government allows only a maximum of four cannabis plants to be grown in a single household. A single household may refer to one person or two families. It does not depend on the number of people rather than a particular property erected.

The location for cultivation is also critical. Its prominently prohibited to grow in public-owned places such as hospitals, schools, and parks. For those who only rent, its essential to seek permission on the landlord before indoor marijuana grow room. Otherwise, its also prohibited.

To grow a cannabis plant, one must obtain a seed. It’s important that you should acquire seeds in a licensed grower, dispensary, or retailer. Despite its legalization, any unregistered seed bank is prohibited to sell seeds.

Best Cannabis Dispensaries to Buy Feminized Seeds

In buying feminized cannabis seeds, it’s important that we’ll be able to buy high quality and viable seeds. As your guide, here are some of the best seed bank options to choose from. This includes the following;

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Crop King Seeds

About this Company:

Conceived in 2005, this company has its origins through anonymous Canadian selling seeds in its apartment. It was a discreet operation as back then cannabis was still not fully accepted by the public. That is why the company had left no choice but to transfer to the states of Colorado and Washington where more secular views for cannabis will be perceived.

Out of a small apartment, the company had grown and erected a small store in the areas mentioned. It had then managed to put up branches around the area and to different states as well.

However, the company had never forgotten the place where they started. By the time that Canada has openly accepted medical cannabis, the company put up officiating stores in Canada. The first store they put up was in 2013 in Alberta, Canada.

From then on, the company has continuously expanded and had been one of the most known seed banks in the country. As of now, the company has more than 100 retail stores available in scattered places in the USA and Canada. These numbers will be expected to rise as the legalization of recreational cannabis in Canada has commenced.

Seed Collection and Quality

Having more than 100 existing retail stores, this company has been selling a wide selection of cannabis seeds. As of now, the company has been selling more than 30 strain varieties, all solely bred and cultivated by them.

The selection is consequently divided according to its strain characteristics. Respectively, its classified based on cannabinoid content (THC or CBD) or variety (autos, regular, or feminized). Among the famous strains available in this company are the Sour Diesel Feminized, Durban Poison Feminized, and Blue Cookies Feminized.

Customer Reviews

A perfect company never exists. It always has some lapses at a few points. Nevertheless, seed germination is not completely assured by its growers. It anticipates at least 80% germination rate of seeds upon purchase for which is still passable for a lot of people.

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As for customer service, there are still ups and downs. But nonetheless, most of its reviews denote the company’s excellence in accommodating customers. Its attending storekeepers are well-trained, knowledgeable, and often friendly to its customers.

Aside from that, the company gives freebies and discounts to its customers. This is how the company expresses its gratitude to people who continuously buy their seed products from time to time.

MJ Seeds Canada

About the Company:

Originally established in 2009, this company boasts of its broad experience on the cannabis business before its conceived. All of its founders and breeders have driven with full expertise and had been traveling across the world to find the best cannabis species for use in their breeding processes.

Its headquarters are basically in Canada with expansive worldwide services. It assures discreet delivery to different countries across the globe with a tracking option for enhanced security during the process. The expected arrival of delivery will take at least 7 to 21 business days depending on a territory’s perception of cannabis use and cultivation.
As of now, the company does not have a physical store. Any transactions that you have will be done through its online store.

Seed Collection and Quality

The company particularly retails seeds and does not breed its own kinds. Available seeds are varyingly grouped according to its cannabinoid content, type, and preferable location of cultivation. Available strains in their company include the White Widow Feminized, OG Kush, and Amnesia Haze.

Customer Reviews

To place any orders, you could directly contact them through the existing web platform that they have. Apart from that, you could reach through their social media page via Twitter. The company had posted regular updates concerning its operations. It has also a deactivated Facebook account, though unreliable to use on contacting them.

You could also send them an email or message through a contact form. Though, a response would definitely take more than a week or month.

The company has regularly give freebies, promos, and discounts to its patron buyers as well.

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Sunwest Genetics

About this Company:

This company lives with a purpose. It aims to eliminate the negative stigma that is associated with cannabis use. Originated in the western portion of Canada, the company is driven with more than ten years of experience. It uses the Seed Tracker Technology to efficiently develop highly reliable and viable seed products for the cultivation of its customers.

Previously established its headquarters in Vancouver, Canada, this company believes in the capability of cannabis to heal people. They offer medical services to those who are interested in using cannabis to treat numerous conditions including epilepsy, cancer, and even AIDS.

Seed Collection and Quality

Despite its reputable experience, the company does not fully promise a successful germination rate. In fact, the company certifies an 80% germination probability. Not as accurate, but the numbers are still acceptable in the long run.

Available seed varieties in this company are categorically segregated depending on its type. It could be either sativa, indica, or hybrid. All of their seeds are usually feminized. Notable varieties in their seed bank are Blue Dream, Kali Mist, Chem Dog, and Jack Herrer.

Customer Reviews

Apart from its own website, the company has its own social media pages for you to communicate with them. On the page, ongoing cannabis type activities have been projected. You could also ask for inquiries on the page to further clarify any questions or give suggestions on their services.

A combination of good and bad reviews are seen in this company. Its Facebook page has a rating of 3/5 which ain’t bad for a cannabis company.

Final Conclusion

As of now, a lot of provinces in Canada are still adjusting with regard to the legalization of recreational cannabis in the country. Policies may change from one province to another. It’s important to be aware as much as possible and be updated on any news regarding it.

But as of now, let’s enjoy what these dispensaries could offer. As we’ve said, this is just a guide. Be cautious and continuously research before buying any unknown company.