Screen of Green as Hydroponic Marijuana Grow System

Screen of Green as Hydroponic Marijuana Grow System

Crop King Marijuana SeedsThanks to technology, growing marijuana in a discreet setting are now possible. Gone are the days when marijuana farmers have to worry about having the need to grow marijuana in an indoor environment. There are different systems that you can employ under the hydroponics system.

Among the growing system under hydroponics is Screen of Gem, also known as SCOG. This technique is oftentimes referred to as one of the most productive systems in growing marijuana. Marijuana plants are trained with the use of a horizontal screen that is placed above them. This will then spread the plant tops along with a plane, thus enhancing bud formation of the generally ignored branch systems.


With SOG, or screen of gem, marijuana is grown in a canopy. This method efficiently uses light. On the other hand, with SCOG, the controlled marijuana plant’s vertical growth forces the energy laterally out on the screen. Therefore, this is the method which is perfect for small and stealth grows. It maximizes the potential of using smaller lights which often works well with both CFL (Compact Fluorescent Lights) as well as LED.

Why Choose SCOG?

Here are some of the reasons why SCOG might be preferable for you:

  • SCOG uses light efficiently, which means that you can expect more yield in every watt, as well as more buds for your money.
  • SCOG is perfect if you lack vertical space in your growing garden. This works well with stealth grows in old fridges, cabinets, grow tents, containers, and other limited spaces.
  • Make sure that you are aware that this method may allow growing more plants compared to just growing one or two. With this in mind, crossing the law might be an issue.

In line with these considerations, it is very important to identify the strains that you can grow under this method. Yes, not all strains are good for the SCOG method. Before purchasing seeds or clones, ask about the growth characteristics of the strain. A sativa dominant strain, such as Durban Poison, as well as Lemon Haze works perfectly for this growing hydroponics method.


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