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Security Measures for Buying Cannabis Seeds Online

Security Measures for Buying Cannabis Seeds Online

When you are buying cannabis like feminized cannabis seeds online, you have a number of options laid out for you. With many cannabis seedbanks online it’s very common for anyone to become confused, especially for someone new to ordering seeds online.

If you’re not careful, you might end up doing business with a scam seed bank site. These sites are dangerous and are only after two things: your money and your information.

Day after day, marijuana growers or aspiring growers are being conned out of their hard-earned cash. Scam companies know one thing: marijuana growers, especially first time growers are very eager to buy seeds. Most novice growers will do all they can to buy any seeds, especially feminized seeds; even buying from dangerous sites.

In countries where cannabis consumption, growing, and buying is prohibited, it could be difficult to find marijuana seeds. If you want to grow cannabis, you need to procure seeds from the black market. Resorting to illegal means will seem to be the only way to buy seeds.

So how do you buy seeds online safely and securely?

Consider local laws on cannabis growing

Before you even consider ordering cannabis seeds online, find out about the state of marijuana use and growing in your country or region. Some countries may allow consumption of cannabis but growing may not be allowed.

Some countries may allow buying cannabis seeds but not germinating or growing seeds. Still, there are countries that allow the consumption and growing of recreational and medicinal cannabis but with some restrictions.

In Canada where marijuana was recently legalized, growing cannabis for your own consumption is allowed but a person should be at least 18 years of age. He is allowed only 5 plants per residence regardless of home many adults live in the home.

There are also some rules regarding indoor and outdoor growing. Growers should secure their growing area and take care of any untoward smell that may develop in an indoor or outdoor area.

Growers should abide by local laws, provincial or municipal laws regarding growing cannabis, Landlords and building owners may also have their own rules regarding the growing of cannabis and this may be included in the contract of lease.

Order only from legit and reputable sites

To grow healthy and high-yielding plants, you need to buy only the best seeds from reputable seedbanks. It is a challenge to find good seedbanks without first spending a moment of your time analyzing your different options.

To ensure that visitors are of legal age when they visit their website, reputable seedbanks will ask for the visitor’s age. Usually, a pop-up window will appear before you enter with some questions regarding your age or date of birth. By confirming your age, you will be allowed to enter the site and purchase seeds and other cannabis products.

You must look for the seed banks name. This should be clearly mentioned on the front page. If the site is in another language a site translator should be available. Translating the site in English or to any local language will let you understand what the site is about especially its terms and conditions before you order.

The first page of the site must provide information on how to contact the seed bank. You must look for phone numbers, email addresses, customer contact forms and chat service and as much as possible, all these are available to help you contact the company easier. You will better secure your purchase when you are able to contact customer service at any time.

Complete information on products being sold

Check the product list or page. The products are usually listed on one side with matching photos or images. On the other side of the screen is a tool that will help you narrow down your search and find what you need.

Complete information about the cannabis seeds should also be included. This will assist customers to find the products that they are looking for. The name of the strain, the seed type, the price, a short description of the product and growing information should be included in the page. With these present, you can guarantee your security when buying marijuana seeds from this site.

Look for safe payment options

When you buy online, you can use different payment options. You must choose a payment option that you know and trust. The most common payment options accepted are a credit card, bank transfers, bank deposits, cash-on-delivery and cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin.

If the payment options are not immediately stated on the front page then this should be verified before you make a purchase. Usually, the payment method is stated at the end of the shopping process. You have checked out your purchase only to find out that the seed bank does not accept your method of payment.

You can prevent this by looking for the payment options of the site from the seed banks terms and conditions or from its Frequently Asked Questions page. This is where you’ll find information about their many payment methods. If this is not stated on these pages then the company to speak with a representative to verify.

Not finding the payment option or having only one payment method such as bank transfer or cryptocurrency are already red flags. You should protect your identity at all cost and never order seeds from these seed bank sites.

Look for safe shipment options

Another important information that you must check for to make sure that you are safe and secure when shopping for cannabis seeds online is the shipping options.

Seedbanks have a variety of shipping options starting with the basic delivery service from where the company is found. This is done for free if you are in the same country or region where the company is located as well. But if you live elsewhere you may be better off with another breed.

On the other hand, standard or basic shipments can take weeks to get to you and sometimes maybe even a month. To augment this situation a legit seed bank may offer special delivery options like by courier. This is an expensive option but it’s a guarantee that your package will be easily sent to your address.

Look for tracking numbers to help you stay safe and secure when you order online. Tracking your package will give you an estimate as to when it could arrive and where the package is at.

Stealth delivery methods will deliver delicate items like cannabis seeds inside an unmarked package. The package has no information as to who you are as well as the seed bank company. There are no logos or marks that will give a hint as to who you are and what the content of the package is.

Stealth delivery can also be done by placing seeds inside smaller items or gifts. The seeds will be removed from their original packaging and then placed inside these gift items. It is impossible to tell if there are cannabis seeds inside these gift items, therefore, there is no reason why your shipment won’t get sent to you right away.


Another good feature of stealth delivery options is that this will not reveal your identity and payments for the seeds won’t be shown in your credit card bill if this is the mode of payment you chose. This protects your identity and helps you stay safe and secure online.

Contact information for safety and security

Look for contact information on the online seed bank page. It should have a phone number, an email address, and a customer contact form. Having only one of these is not a good sign.

There are many reasons why you need to call or contact customer service. Usually, customers contact the seed bank to change anything about their order or if they have questions about their products or services of the seed bank. Some call to confirm discount offers or deals.

To protect your safety and security online, never order from a seed bank where only the physical address is available to contact the company. You should never buy from a seed bank company that doesn’t have any contact information because it would be difficult to confirm orders and to ask for refunds.

Try out different cannabis seedbanks

Try the service of at least three cannabis seedbanks by ordering small items. This will test the efficiency of these seedbanks including ease of use of the seed bank site, how easy it was to place your order and how fast your order will get to you. This will also find out the ideal payment method and shipment method that will work best for your needs.

With this test, you can efficiently check out how secure the seed bank site is if there are issues about the products offered by the site and any concerns about customer service. All these factors will help you find the seed bank that’s safe and perfect for your marijuana growing needs.

By doing this test, you will finally be able to find the safest and the most secure cannabis seed bank you will order from. Feminized cannabis seeds are available for order online along with other in-demand seeds like regular seeds and autoflowering marijuana seeds.

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