Cannabis indica has been around for many years. If you grew up during the 1960s and 70s it’s likely that you have had the chance to smoke it all: flowers, stems, and leaves.  It is said that the strongest indica seed for sale during the time grows very potent plants that will provide the best relaxing effects. 

Thanks to the hippie culture, the use and cultivation of strongest indica seed for sale passed on from the 60s and 70s to the next generations. The cannabis strains we all love and enjoy today won’t have the effect and properties that they possess without the efforts of this counterculture. 

The social movement for cannabis happened in the 1960s. This was the golden days of cannabis with political activism seen in cities where cannabis is widely used. Those who smoked cannabis during this time took part in various events that centered on political activism. This movement rejected social and economic society.

It was also during this time when stoners were everywhere. People depicted stoners as jobless, worthless, and careless in movies, television shows, and in songs. 

But we all know now that these were completely opposite depictions of cannabis users. Marijuana is more than just a recreational drug but it also has properties that make it perfect for the therapeutic relief of a variety of medical conditions.  

There are hundreds of indica marijuana strains that started in the 1970s and most of these are still making their marks in n the recreational and medicinal cannabis industries. We have 5 of these impressive and the strongest indica seed for sale that will surely suit your needs:

  • G13

G13 or Government Indica Strain 1 is known as one of the oldest strains that are still available today. The first G13 was initially offered for public consumption 35 years ago. There are even rumors that the strain was around even much longer.

G13 is an indica dominant hybrid strain created by the US Government in the 60s and 70s while they were experimenting on various Afghani strains to be used for medicinal purposes. G13 is a super strain that comes with a powerful THC content at 24%.

The strain’s high starts from your head where you’ll feel a potent energy boost and creativity. These effects won’t last for a long time because the strain will soon take over every part of your body and will soon make you completely relaxed.  

At this point, you won’t have anything in mind than to take a quiet, deep, and satisfying sleep. But before the effects have settled,  you will be energetic and talkative for a short while. Soon, G13 will make you very dizzy so don’t smoke this at work because you might get knocked out.

  • Acapulco Gold

Another blast from the past is Acapulco Gold. This strain has been the favorite not just in Mexico but in the rest of the world. It is a legendary strain that is still making users relaxed until today. Acapulco Gold has a THC content that can go as high as 24% making it a fantastic recreational strain to try.

Acapulco Gold is difficult to cultivate indoors which is why it is mostly grown outdoors in a warm and peaceful environment. And even if this strain remains to be available till today, it is not so easy to find. But with thorough searching and after careful research, you will be able to find seeds or cuttings of Acapulco Gold. 

This indica strain is a popular addition to breeding new strains because of its potent features and stable genes. Acapulco Gold is a parent to strains like Skunk #2 and Blueberry #11. 

Acapulco Gold offers a very strong head and body high that can last for only two hours. But despite the short high, many prefer to use this strain for its impressive therapeutic effects. 

You can use Acapulco Gold is a natural mood-elevating strain. It is said that this strain was cultivated for its happy and positive effects. Users take advantage of this strain’s mood-elevating effects in a social situation because it can enhance mood and self –confidence.  

You will also feel energetic and invigorated so you can do anything that you want all day long. Even if you have had a bad night before, Acapulco Gold will keep you going for hours. 

  • Sour Diesel

One of the tastiest marijuana strains is Sour Diesel. This is known as a powerful Sativa-dominant hybrid strain (it is about 90% indica) and has won countless awards including a third place in a recent contest by High Times. This contest lists Sour Diesel as one of the best strains of all time.

Sour Diesel scores 26% in THC, 4% CBN and 2% CBD. It is still unclear as to the origin of this strain but experts think that it was the result of combining a 91 Chemdog and a mass super skunk. Still, there are people who claim that it was from a mixture of a Chemdog phenotype and a Mexican Sativa strain.

Sour Diesel is not for people suffering from insomniacs because it will energize you and give you a potent psychoactive high. It is a strain for recreational use and you won’t have to worry about a couch lock as well.  

The pleasant taste of Sour Diesel is very noticeable once you smoke or vape it. But you won’t have time to think about the taste and flavor of this strain because you will soon feel euphoria accompanied by pure energy and an improvement in your overall mood. The high that you’ll experience from this strain can last up to four to five hours.

So if you plan to taste sour diesel, make sure to take a moderate dose first. Let your mind and body get used to the strong dose and flavor before proceeding to a higher dose. If you are taking Sour Diesel as a medical strain,  your doctor will likely prescribe a tolerable dose according to your condition, symptoms, and your level of experience with this strong marijuana strain.

  • Original Haze

Original Haze is also known by the name Neville’s Haze. It was created by the original Haze Brothers of California before the Skunkman took it to Amsterdam during the 1980s. It was Neville who bred, backcrossed, and made the strain stable. Thanks to his efforts, we are still enjoying the fantastic effects of this strain. 

This is a strain that contains 20% THC making it very potent but still has balanced effects.  Take the first whiff and you’ll enjoy its sweet and spicy flavor with a slight tinge of citrus flavor. Original Haze has a slow high which will be felt first behind the eyes. Afterward, the effects will hit you hard with some people reporting mild to moderate psychedelic experiences.

Original Haze is best for the treatment of chronic pain and migraines. It is also good for depression and fatigue. 

  • Northern Lights

Another classic but still a hit among THC lovers is Northern Lights. This strain is a Cannabis Cup winner in the Netherlands 30 years ago and this is because of its potent THC content which measures higher than 20%.

This is a potent indica strain at 95% indica which has charmed users in the 1970s but is still preferred recreational and medicinal strain today. Northern Lights is also a famous breeding strain because of its very stable genetics.

But a word of caution: those who want to use this strain for recreational or therapeutic purposes should take only a moderate amount or dose. Slowly build up your tolerance because consuming too much can lead to serious side effects.

Northern Lights comes with a sweet and tangy flavor that may also overwhelm first-time users. Novice consumers may be knocked out for hours after just one first whiff! But as you gradually build resistance, you will soon be able to experience a sense of pride and happiness. 

It can be used to deal with pain especially headaches, muscle pains, chronic pains, and arthritis. You can also use Northern Lights for the treatment of stress, anxiety as well as lack of appetite. If you have had problems with sleeping then this strain will grant you that good night’s sleep.

Dealing with the side effects of the strongest indica seed for sale

The most common side effects of indica strains are anxiety, headaches, and restlessness. You may also experience dry mouth and dry eyes.  These side effects are easily manageable therefore you don’t have to worry.

The best way to deal with side effects is just to ride the high. Enjoy a good meal, listen to mood music, exercise, or play games. Meet with friends and go to a party to enjoy its cool effects. 

But if you think that indica is too much for you and you are worried about taking too much, consult a doctor if you think your dose is too much for you. 

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