indica seeds ontario

Ontario Cannabis Store: Best Place to Buy Cannabis Seeds to Grow

If you are in Ontario and you’re looking for the best place to buy cannabis seeds especially indica seeds Ontario then there’s only one place to purchase seeds. Ontario Cannabis Store OCS is the only legal cannabis retailer and wholesaler of recreational cannabis products in the province. This is where…

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chronic strain

Chronics Strain Basic Cannabis Information

One of the most successful and prominent Cannabis Strains of all time, the Chronic Strain is known to its unique taste and satisfying effects. It is highly regarded due to its genetic structure and benefits. Apart from that, this Cannabis Strain has one of the highest THC Content among all…

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10 Best Indica Strains Good for Sleep

Users around the globe are searching far and wide for the most suitable, sustainable and effective Cannabidiol Strains that may help them in the long run. These people are not simply after the price, the name and the traits of the strain that they will use, but the quality, efficiency,…

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sativa high vs indica high

Sativa High VS Indica High Explained

Sativa and Indica are two distinct varieties that come from one cannabis family. They have different stature, characteristics, features, as well as medicinal benefits. Understanding their variation and how Sativa high and Indica high strains differ will significantly help in choosing the right strain.   Some varieties of cannabis are…

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strongest indica strain

Top 10 Strongest Indica Strains of 2019

Cannabis Indica strains are commonly known for their short and busy physical statures. It is also known to produce sedative and calming effects to both body and mind. It is considered as the best approach to treat pain and promote relaxation and meditation.   Thus, the strongest Indica strain is…

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popular weed strains

Rappers’ 10 All-Time Favorite Weed Strains

Hip-hop and popular weed strains have a connection with each other. Most cannabis strains are for stimulating one’s ability to be more creative than he or she is. Music artists, especially the rappers are common users of weed. These people depend on the weed’s magical ability to help their brains…

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lemon skunk

All You Need to Know About Lemon Skunk

This award-winning strain is a Sativa hybrid that is tall and the good yielding plant started in Amsterdam. If you would dissect the meaning of its name “lemon” and “skunk”, it would connote negatively but in reality, this strain is an excellent hybrid with a well-balanced characteristic of Sativa and…

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high cbd and low thc seeds

Why Use High CBD and Low THC Marijuana?

The cannabinoids content of the cannabis strain is one of the main factors that makes a cannabis strain desirable. Traditionally speaking, THC contains psychoactive properties that have different effects that may lead to being high. While CBD, may not have psychoactive properties but it has a non-intoxicating compound that delivers…

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high cbd cannabis seeds

Tips for Growing High CBD Cannabis

Growing high CBD and low in THC is now the booming trend in the cannabis industry. Nowadays, consumers are continuously finding ways on how to naturally combat different illnesses associated with pain. Growing high CBD strain is like growing a regular cannabis plant. In this article, we’ll know more about…

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high cbd strains canada

CBD Oil for Pets: Myths and Facts

Just like how CBD oils improved medical conditions for humans, our pets can also be benefactors of these health-boosting benefits. There is a long list of benefits that high CBD strains Canada can offer to your pets. However, determining the facts away from the myths and misleading functions of it…

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buy cbd canada

Why You Should Buy Marijuana with High CBD Content in Canada?

Cannabis affects anyone differently and may have different usage results from one user to another. Many contributing factors affect the consequences of using marijuana. With numerous and a variety of selection of cannabis strains and products on the market, being informed is vital. When choosing between high CBD or high…

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canada seeds

Rules and Regulations of Using Marijuana in Canada

Since October 7, 2018, the use, sale, possession, and consumption of recreational marijuana or cannabis in Canada are legal. Even though marijuana is fully legal in the country, the provinces still have the authority to set their own rules and regulations pertaining to using, buying, and particularly, growing Canada seeds….

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