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10 Best Indica Strains Good for Sleep

10 Best Indica Strains Good for Sleep

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Sativa High VS Indica High Explained

Sativa High VS Indica High Explained

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Rappers’ 10 All-Time Favorite Weed Strains

Rappers’ 10 All-Time Favorite Weed Strains

Hip-hop and popular weed strains have a connection with each other. Most cannabis strains are for stimulating one’s ability to be more creative than he or she is.

Music artists, especially the rappers are common users of weed. These people depend on the weed’s magical ability to help their brains go beyond the limits so that they can come up with the right words to use when composing a new song.

Many of the rappers today depend on a Kush variety. The National Institute on Drug Abuse said Kush is one of the common cannabis variety. Kush is a cannabis indica strain that originated from the landrace plants in Northern Pakistan, Afghanistan, and North-Western India.

Aside from Kush, there are more popular strains that captivated the heart of most rappers. Excited to know these smokes? Here they are.

Top 10 Popular Weed Strains for Rappers

#1. Granddaddy Purple

GDP is the favorite of Snoop Dogg. This strain is an excellent indica cultivar that produces beautiful purple buds during the flowering period. Likewise, it develops a good amount of resin that makes the buds look more delicious.

Granddaddy Purple now comes in different hybridized varieties like Granddaddy Confidential and Granddaddy Black. GDP is a soothing cannabis strain that comes with mellow and relaxing effects that best describe the cool presence of Snoop Dogg in the stage.

#2. GSC or Girl Scout Cookies

The infamous GSC or Girl Scout Cookies is a potent cannabis strain from the United States. it is the cross between Durban Poison and OG Kush that comes with roughly 25% THC. Girl Scout Cookies induces psychedelic and outlandish effects.

GSC is the favorite of Alchemist, a music producer, and a rapper. He collaborated with different artists like Eminem and 50 Cent. Alchemist uses GSC to increase his creativity which is too crucial to his job.

#3. Khalifa Kush

The name of this strain obviously came from the legendary Wiz Khalifa. He is among the popular rappers in the modern world of music. Most of his music videos feature him puffing on a blunt or joint. He is using weed for some sort of relaxation and to help him attain his creative expression. Khalifa Kush tastes and feels like the delicious OG Kush.

#4. Blue Dream

Blue Dream is the favorite strain of Redman. He is a popular rapper who rose to stardom in the ’90s. He believes a lot in good-quality weed that he smokes in those times he needs to be more creative.

Redman is a fan of sativa-dominant strains that departs from the indica-dominant strains picked by most rappers. Blue Dream is one of his top picks. Blue Dream is the cross between Haze and Blueberry.

#5. OG Kush

ScHoolboy Q is a new-school rapper whose fame begins to rise in 2008. His style is somewhat mellow and nearly demented or dreamlike. He also loves to show himself with his favorite weeds in his music videos. His favorite strain is the OG Kush.

OG Kush comes in different varieties that offer great effects and decent yields. The legendary OG Kush is known for its capacity to deliver high THC content and induce a mellow high.

#6. Gorilla Glue #4

Demrick is a soulful and poetic rapper who is having fun on toking Gorilla Glue to improve his creativity. Gorilla Glue is a strong American cannabis strain that delivers a high amount of THC. It is somewhat sedative and sticky, keeping the smoker glued to the couch.

Gorilla Glue #4 is the best example of Gorilla Glue. Bred by BSB Genetics, Gorilla Glue #4 is a nice indica-dominant strain that can flower in just 7 to 9 weeks and yield approximately 500 grams per square meter.

#7. Alaskan Thunderfuck

This one is the favorite of a rapper from “Pro Era”, A La $ole. This cannabis strain originated from Alaska that made is pretty special since most American varieties are from Colorado, California, New York, and Oregon.

Alaskan Thunderfuck came from a pungent and stable Afghan genetics. It delivers earthy, piney, and potent aromas. This strain now comes with a fast-flowering variant created by GeneSeeds.

#8. Grape Kush

Lil’ Wayne is among the greatest rappers of today who established his music by using Kush. One of his favorites is the Grape Kush, an amazing strain that comes with great things to offer. This variety offers the delightful taste and scent of pungent sweet grapes.

#9. King Louis XIII

This strain is the favorite of Ty Dolla $ign. King Louis XIII is a royal cannabis strain which is an offspring of OG Kush. King Louis XIII is chill and delicious. It takes 7 to 8 weeks to flower, which is another reason why this rapper loves it even more.

#10. Dr. Greenthumb’s Em-Dog Og

B-Real is a fan of OG Kush. He decided to create a strain using it which he called Greenthumb’s Em-Dog. It is a sativa-dominant hybrid strain which came from the genes of Chem4 and OGK3. It is a tall cannabis plant that can produce a great amount of THC that gives B-Real the best bong-toking experience.


Weed is truly a good remedy for poor concentration and creativity. The works of these famous rappers will prove it to you. These people achieved their success by entrusting their minds and skills to the magical effects of cannabis. Weed is, therefore, the secret behind their success.

One of the effects of weed is the power to change your mind. From being moody, it can make you bubbly. From being restless, it can make you more focused both physically and mentally. This power of cannabis is perhaps one of the reasons why musicians are tied to it.

These popular weed strains for rappers are truly delicious and tempting. Don’t hesitate to try them. While many of their fans are rappers, that doesn’t mean you can’t give them a try. If you need a boost on your creativity, these strains will be very helpful. Choose which strain suits your taste, smoke, and have fun. Whether it’s an indica or a sativa, you will surely enjoy the experience.

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