indoor marijuana seeds Canada

Indoor Marijuana Growing Systems – What You Need to Know

So you’re wondering how to grow indoor marijuana seeds Canada strains? Or you’re planning to grow your own supply indoors? You’ve made the right choice! Growers recommend indoor cultivation especially for first-time growers because it’s easier to take care of your plants and you can secretly grow cannabis even when…

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lemon skunk

All You Need to Know About Lemon Skunk

This award-winning strain is a Sativa hybrid that is tall and the good yielding plant started in Amsterdam. If you would dissect the meaning of its name “lemon” and “skunk”, it would connote negatively but in reality, this strain is an excellent hybrid with a well-balanced characteristic of Sativa and…

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high cbd cannabis seeds

Tips for Growing High CBD Cannabis

Growing high CBD and low in THC is now the booming trend in the cannabis industry. Nowadays, consumers are continuously finding ways on how to naturally combat different illnesses associated with pain. Growing high CBD strain is like growing a regular cannabis plant. In this article, we’ll know more about…

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canada seeds

Rules and Regulations of Using Marijuana in Canada

Since October 7, 2018, the use, sale, possession, and consumption of recreational marijuana or cannabis in Canada are legal. Even though marijuana is fully legal in the country, the provinces still have the authority to set their own rules and regulations pertaining to using, buying, and particularly, growing Canada seeds….

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ontario cannabis store

Top Ontario Cannabis Stores

With the legalization of cannabis in Canada, its evident that our ‘weed Canadian lovers’ out there are rejoicing for this joyous era of cannabis freedom. No more hiding to authorities or any suspicions and gossips from your nosy neighbors. It’s now time to keep them shut up and drool over…

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recreational cannabis

What Is Recreational Cannabis

Recreational Cannabis Is No Medical Cannabis In the world of psychology and psychosis, the word psychedelics is often what connects the two together. Within this particular world of “psychedelics”, the words medicine and recreational are what separates this word apart: one is medicinal psychology and the other is recreational psychosis….

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medical cannabis

How Medical Marijuana Works

Medical marijuana has higher cannabidiol (CBD) content than tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Strains meant for medicinal purposes help patients for the relief and potential treatment of particular ailments, diseases, and their symptoms. Cannabis for medical use needs to form a medical-grade plant meticulously grown in an environment without chemical fertilizers or pesticides….

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best website to buy cannabis seeds

Top 5 Best Website to Buy Cannabis Seeds

So you’re interested in buying cannabis seeds online? The only way to find the best seeds is to look for the best website to buy cannabis seeds from. Nowadays, there are more and more people buying marijuana seeds online and relying less on actual seedbanks. With more countries like Canada…

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100 indica seeds for sale

How Indica Strains Affect Your Body?

Cannabis has been existing for so many years already. There can be 100 Indica seeds for sale. However today, there still remains uncertainties pertaining to which type or variety does what kind of function. Have you ever thought why there are people who get to experience complete body relief from…

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female marijuana seeds

Marijuana Seeds Comparison: Male VS Female

The world of cannabis is still becoming more competitive even as we speak. This due in large part to the increase in marijuana use in many different parts around the world because of how it is now more widely accepted by countries and the general public. This has led to…

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buy marijuana seeds

Other Uses of Male Marijuana Plants

When cannabis growers buy marijuana seeds, they germinate the regular seeds and grow marijuana plants. As the plants become mature and start to show their gender, it’s time when growers determine the sex of their plants. It is easy to spot females marijuana plants because female plants grow pistils, small…

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ebb and flow grow systems

How to Grow Cannabis in Ebb and Flow Grow Systems

Ebb and Flow Grow Systems in Growing Marijuana Because of the different experiments conducted by many marijuana growers, we now see different systems in growing marijuana. Because activities related to marijuana are highly regulated, different growing systems are being introduced to new growers. Among the many different systems implemented these…

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