indica seeds ontario

Ontario Cannabis Store: Best Place to Buy Cannabis Seeds to Grow

If you are in Ontario and you’re looking for the best place to buy cannabis seeds especially indica seeds Ontario then there’s only one place to purchase seeds. Ontario Cannabis Store OCS is the only legal cannabis retailer and wholesaler of recreational cannabis products in the province. This is where…

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chronic strain

Chronics Strain Basic Cannabis Information

One of the most successful and prominent Cannabis Strains of all time, the Chronic Strain is known to its unique taste and satisfying effects. It is highly regarded due to its genetic structure and benefits. Apart from that, this Cannabis Strain has one of the highest THC Content among all…

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strongest indica strain

Top 10 Strongest Indica Strains of 2019

Cannabis Indica strains are commonly known for their short and busy physical statures. It is also known to produce sedative and calming effects to both body and mind. It is considered as the best approach to treat pain and promote relaxation and meditation.   Thus, the strongest Indica strain is…

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white widow

White Widow Cannabis Strain: What you Need to Know

White Widow Strain is one of the most popular Cannabis strains in the world. Known to help people fight their illnesses such as Fatigue and Depression, this strain has left its indelible mark in the industry after millions of users throughout the globe attested to the efficiency of this plant….

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cbd high strains

Common Health Conditions that CBD Can Help

The increasing popularity of the use of CBD high strains for various diseases and medical ailments is becoming evident. With such high demand, CBD products keep on emerging and popping up in the market. Although it comes with different forms, it is mainly designed to relieve all forms of pain….

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high cbd and low thc seeds

Why Use High CBD and Low THC Marijuana?

The cannabinoids content of the cannabis strain is one of the main factors that makes a cannabis strain desirable. Traditionally speaking, THC contains psychoactive properties that have different effects that may lead to being high. While CBD, may not have psychoactive properties but it has a non-intoxicating compound that delivers…

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low thc high cbd strains

Why Some People Like CBD More than THC?

With how cannabis is increasingly becoming more popular than it has ever been before, there is now an abundant market for low-THC, high-CBD strains. Yes, the cannabis community is not just all about getting the most potent type of strain with high THC levels that get you as high as…

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high cbd strain seeds for sale

CBD Oil and Hemp Oil – Know the Differences

There are different Cannabis oils intended for different methods of usage, but primarily, in mixing for concoctions, liquors and other edibles available. Primarily, there are two kinds of oils that we can use today- CBD Oil and Hemp Oil. Both came from extractions and a series of processes which perfected…

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0 thc high cbd seeds

Can K9 Smell CBD?

The world has stepped up its resistance and suppressive campaign against Marijuana consumption, to the point that they used animals to trace the underground and discreet transactions of the Cannabis Industry. We all know that dogs have a relatively sensitive sense of hearing and smell- to the point that they…

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autoflowering feminized marijuana seeds

Beginners Guide to Growing Autoflowering Marijuana Plants

Beginners to marijuana growing may feel excited after hearing information about auto-flowering strains. The ability to flower without the heavy assistance of photoperiod is an advantage many budding marijuana growers don’t want to miss. Veterans already know of the numerous benefits acquired from growing and harvesting auto-flowering plants. Watch your…

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weed dispensary

Weed Dispensary: What is It and How do they Sell their Weed?

Smoking pot is good, isn’t it? Yet, it’s quite difficult to obtain Mary Jane because of the strict policies and rules regarding it. Nevertheless, you don’t want to take risks as much as possible upon obtaining it illegally or else you’ll be put to prison. However, the good thing is…

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buy cannabis seeds online

Security Measures for Buying Cannabis Seeds Online

When you are buying cannabis like feminized cannabis seeds online, you have a number of options laid out for you. With many cannabis seedbanks online it’s very common for anyone to become confused, especially for someone new to ordering seeds online. If you’re not careful, you might end up doing business…

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