chronic strain

Chronics Strain Basic Cannabis Information

One of the most successful and prominent Cannabis Strains of all time, the Chronic Strain is known to its unique taste and satisfying effects. It is highly regarded due to its genetic structure and benefits. Apart from that, this Cannabis Strain has one of the highest THC Content among all…

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high cbd and low thc seeds

Why Use High CBD and Low THC Marijuana?

The cannabinoids content of the cannabis strain is one of the main factors that makes a cannabis strain desirable. Traditionally speaking, THC contains psychoactive properties that have different effects that may lead to being high. While CBD, may not have psychoactive properties but it has a non-intoxicating compound that delivers…

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low thc high cbd strains

Why Some People Like CBD More than THC?

With how cannabis is increasingly becoming more popular than it has ever been before, there is now an abundant market for low-THC, high-CBD strains. Yes, the cannabis community is not just all about getting the most potent type of strain with high THC levels that get you as high as…

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buy cbd canada

Why You Should Buy Marijuana with High CBD Content in Canada?

Cannabis affects anyone differently and may have different usage results from one user to another. Many contributing factors affect the consequences of using marijuana. With numerous and a variety of selection of cannabis strains and products on the market, being informed is vital. When choosing between high CBD or high…

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high cbd strain seeds for sale

CBD Oil and Hemp Oil – Know the Differences

There are different Cannabis oils intended for different methods of usage, but primarily, in mixing for concoctions, liquors and other edibles available. Primarily, there are two kinds of oils that we can use today- CBD Oil and Hemp Oil. Both came from extractions and a series of processes which perfected…

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0 thc high cbd seeds

Can K9 Smell CBD?

The world has stepped up its resistance and suppressive campaign against Marijuana consumption, to the point that they used animals to trace the underground and discreet transactions of the Cannabis Industry. We all know that dogs have a relatively sensitive sense of hearing and smell- to the point that they…

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black indica

Black Indica – The Purest Indica Existing

This strain got its name from its appearance. It has been known in the cannabis industry during the 1980s and it got recognition as one of the top strains last 2008. It’s 90% Indica and 10% Sativa making it a strain for balanced effects of both mental and physical functioning….

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buy cannabis seeds online

Security Measures for Buying Cannabis Seeds Online

When you are buying cannabis like feminized cannabis seeds online, you have a number of options laid out for you. With many cannabis seedbanks online it’s very common for anyone to become confused, especially for someone new to ordering seeds online. If you’re not careful, you might end up doing business…

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cannabis seed bank

Cannabis Seed Bank: The Evolution of the Cannabis Seed Industry

If it has not been very obvious in the past few years, the cannabis plant and seed industry have been one of the fastest rising markets in the entire world. This has led to an increase in not only cannabis plant growers but also of competition in the cannabis seed…

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sativa seeds for sale

Characteristics of Sativa Marijuana Strains

Do you want to be more creative, energetic, and focused every day? The sativa seeds for sale in the market are the ultimate solution to your needs. You can use these strains to boost energy, stimulate creativity, and improve your focus. Sativa strains can also boost your appetite and mitigate…

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premium marijuana bud

Premium Marijuana Bud: All You Need to Know

There is no better experience for cannabis enthusiasts then when using a really premium marijuana bud. The only problem is, how do you know if what you are getting is really specialty weed? You can easily be sure that you are getting a quality product if you know what you…

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10 Benefits of Buying Marijuana Seeds Online 

10 Benefits of Buying Marijuana Seeds Online 

Buying marijuana from an online store is much better than purchasing them from a physical dispensary. Online dispensaries offer several benefits apart from the convenience of doing your shopping at home or any place with a net connection.   What can you get from buying marijuana seeds online instead of a local dispensary? Let us…

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