If you want a successful cannabis cultivation, you need to invest in high-quality cannabis seeds. While many marijuana indoor growers prefer to grow their weed from clones, you can opt-in and start from seeds for a lot of good reasons. Clones cannot produce taproots unlike seeds, so they are less sturdy and nutrient absorption is not maximized. On the other hand, seeds produce tap roots that dig deep into the ground to search nutrients and water. But, how do you locate the best place to buy cannabis seeds?

Online or Local Supplier

The online world has a great variety of cannabis seeds available which is ideal for medical cannabis users and anyone who is interested in consuming a product with customized cannabinoid content. In fact, online cannabis seed banks sell seeds from many seed banks and mixers. They usually ship worldwide, but the quality varies and there’s always a risk of confiscation. It is safer to purchase cannabis seeds online because your credit card information is more secure online. After processing your order, the vendors immediately destroy payment information.

For growers who are living in states where it’s legal to cultivate cannabis, purchasing seeds from a local or legal marijuana business are better. One of the biggest advantages of buying cannabis from a local supplier is ensuring the quality of seeds. You can also easily approach them for any questions or concerns about the seeds you’re planning to buy. If there are problems, you can get an outright support without hassle.

Tips When Finding a Vendor Online

  1. Check the reputation of the breeder or seed bank. There are several online tools and websites that provide reviews of breeders and seedbanks. Utilize them in your greatest advantage before choosing a vendor online.
  2. Check customer testimonials and reviews online. Aside from checking the website of the vendor, you should also research on social media and Google search about the real feedback and comments of real customers. Don’t just read the positive ones, take into account the negative comments too.
  3. Test the site by ordering the minimum amount. If you have already decided on the seed producer you want to buy seeds from, it is best to try a test purchase. Order a minimum number of seeds, and check if the seeds and the service of the company are good.
  4. Ask questions. Don’t hesitate to ask as many questions as you want via the vendor’s ‘Contact Form’, chat, or phone call. At least, all your doubts and concerns will be cleared. A good company would be happy to answer all of your queries regarding the seeds you’re planning to buy.
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Tips When Finding a Local Supplier

  1. Research about the company. Is it a newly opened local supplier? How long have they been on the business? Where do they source their marijuana seeds?
  2. Get a referral. If you’re a medical cannabis patient, ask your doctor’s recommendation of the best local supplier in your area. A cannabis doctor has good connections and is knowledgeable about the best sources of the finest cannabis in town.
  3. Study what other cannabis consumer say about the supplier. Are previous and current customers happy with their services? How do the company take care of their customers? How do they handle privacy?
  4. Compare the quality and the prices. Of course, the cost should always be your least priority. You want to get the most out your investment, so compare the prices and the quality of seeds, and go for the one who can offer the best.

Top Tips for Buying Marijuana Seeds Safely

When finding the best place to purchase marijuana seeds, you have to be aware that it is not allowed in all countries. Here are some guidelines to help you purchase cannabis seeds safely.

  1. Keep It a Secret

Whether you are planning to buy online or offline, don’t tell anyone about your transactions. It will ensure that there’s no risk of other people, most especially the authorities, that you are buying cannabis seeds.

  1. Use a Business Credit Card

Your item will be delivered with minimum risk. All firms have a discreet CC billing information. If you are scared using your business or personal credit card, you can opt-in to prepaid Visa cards, cash, or postal money order.

  1. Make your item deliverable. Don’t use fake addresses, names or initials only. It will only make it look more suspicious. A mailman would know if someone actually lives in an address or not. Don’t worry, all deliveries are stealth. However, don’t ask for a signature delivery. Be smart.
  2. Don’t order in bulk. It is best to order from different vendors for a smaller postal loss.
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Best Place to Buy Cannabis Seeds

If you’re a adventurer, you can purchase cannabis seeds in states or countries where you can locate the best quality cannabis seeds including:

  1. Amsterdam. You’ll find Amsterdam as the best place to purchase cannabis seeds because ever trusted and reputable seed banks come from this location.
  2. Colorado. This US state has a very good climate for growing cannabis and producing high-grade cannabis seeds.
  3. Canada. This country is now open to medical and recreational cannabis. You’ll find a lot of better seed banks offering high-quality marijuana seeds.

Final Thought

As a cannabis producer, you only want to purchase the best marijuana seeds for greater yield and good quality final outcome. Of course, you want to order from a vendor that can safeguard your privacy and safety. You can either buy online for convenience or from a local supplier to personally inspect the characteristics of cannabis seeds they’re giving. The final decision depends on your time availability and whether buying cannabis seeds and growing marijuana are accepted in your area or not. Overall, you need to consider the quality of the seeds, reputation of the company, prices, and the customer service of a seed bank or vendor when finding the best place to buy cannabis seeds.