Tips for Growing High CBD Cannabis

high cbd cannabis seeds

Growing high CBD and low in THC is now the booming trend in the cannabis industry. Nowadays, consumers are continuously finding ways on how to naturally combat different illnesses associated with pain. Growing high CBD strain is like growing a regular cannabis plant. In this article, we’ll know more about growing CBD strains and if there are tips and tricks to further increase it.

What to Consider in Growing High CBD Strains

  • Auto-flowering Strains

Compared to photoperiod strains, autoflowering strains tend to have a higher level of CBD so if you are planning to cultivate your own cannabis plant consider choosing autoflowering seeds, not only that it will grow fast but it will give you a higher chance to grow strains with high CBD level.

  • Consider purchasing seeds online

Most online dispensaries sell strains for medicinal purposes and these strains are high in CBD content. Nowadays, a lot of breeders are now continuously discovering and selecting for strains with higher levels of CBD and lower THC for therapeutic claims. If you would purchase online, it is an assurance that they will give you guaranteed strains with high CBD level.

  • Consider the climate

If you are planning to grow outdoors, it is important to understand the climate that you are in to know what’s the best strain that can easily adapt to the environment that you’re in. Aside from the environmental conditions, the temperature should also be taken into consideration.

  • Know the signs before harvesting

For you to know if your cannabis plant is CBD ready, look for different signs found in the pistils and trichomes. If you would check the pistils, there is a higher chance of getting high levels of CBD if you would wait that 40% of white hairs have darkened and curl in. for the trichomes, wait until you notice a lot of milky white trichomes that have manifested the colors of amber and gold.

  • Drying and cure of buds
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Harvesting later and curing buds longer is a known process to increase CBD levels.  Proper drying and curing don’t only improve the quality of the cannabinoids content but it also enhances the cannabis’ aroma, flavor and overall quality of the strain and it also preserves the freshness of the cannabis end product if you prefer to store it in a longer period of time.

Growing Tactics To Increase CBD Level

  • Avoid stressing the cannabis plant too much

Take good care of the overall health of the cannabis plant. Make sure to avoid plant diseases throughout the growth period until harvest because cannabis plant that is sick tend to produce lower levels of cannabinoids.

  • Harvest at the right time

Cannabinoids reach its maximum amount if the plant is matured enough. The technique to increase the CBD level is to harvest later than the expected harvest time.  For example, if the strain can be harvested at around 9 weeks, wait for another week for it to be harvested so that THC content may be converted to CBD.

  • Pick your strain

Genetics is the biggest factor for CBD. Whatever characteristics of the genes it would greatly influence the characteristics that your end product will have. Aside from controlling some factors in growing, there’s not much you can do to further increase the CBD level

Tips in Growing High CBD Strain

  • Like any other cannabis plant, you can use some growing methods in growing high cbd cannabis seeds such as the traditional soil, Coco-fiber/rockwool, hydroponics, and aeroponics.
  • If you prefer to grow indoors, it is important to check on the lighting equipment. You may use fluorescent, High-Intensity Discharge  (HID), plasma, and Light Emitting Diode ( LED) to ensure that the cannabis plant will grow maturely with fully matured cannabinoids.
  • During the flowering stage, it is best to give the cannabis plant fewer light hours so that it won’t take too much time to finish. This technique is appropriate if your chosen CBD strain starts flowering during the 8th week.
  • To be sure that your acquired strains have high CBD level, you can take it into a lab testing site within 3-4 weeks after the seedling stage so that you would know if you are still continuing to grow it or not.
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CBD Strains That You Can Grow Indoors

  1. CBD Blue Shark

This strain has at least 7% of CBD level that is an Indica-dominant hybrid. When grown indoors, it will flower quickly at around 65 days with 550 grams of buds. It effectively arthritis and fibromyalgia.

  1. CBD Kush

This strain has an even level of THC and CBD at 7 %. This is a perfect strain to be grown indoors because it only grows at a height of 60cm that has 70-75 days to enter the flowering stage that gives a yield of 400 grams.

  1. CBD Critical Cure

This strain has a CBD level of 7-10% that is a great strain to combat inflammation and chronic by numbing the area. It can produce a high yield of about 600 grams per square meter in only 55 days.

CBD Strains That You Can Grow Outdoors

  1. Painkiller XL

This strain has an equal amount of CBD and THC at 9%. It serves to different kinds of pain while leaving a euphoria that is relaxing. In only eight weeks, this cannabis plant is already at 80cm that produces 500 to 550 grams of yield.

  1. Euphoria

This strain has 7% of CBD and 4% of THC content. This is a strain that is pleasant to smoke because of its sweet scent and fruit taste. It produces a yield between 400-450 grams when grown outdoors.

  1. Royal Medic

This strain is amazing for its offer in the medicinal field. Its CBD level will not make you feel uneasy since there are no psychoactive components. It is quite a large cannabis plant that grows at around 100-150 cm with a high yielding harvest at 475-525 gram.

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Final Thoughts

The secret in producing high CBD strain is to be able to cultivate a strain that naturally provides higher levels of CBD than THC. After identifying the strain that could give you an incredible amount of CBD, that’s the time to give your effort in growing it t an ideal environment

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