Tips on Growing Autoflower AK 47 Marijuana Strain

In growing your favorite strain, it is important to know essential growing guides to help achieve the best yields. Autoflower AK47 Marijuana Strain is favored by both novice and beginners because of its manageable and easy growing characteristics.

  1. Growing Medium

Growing indoors is the most suitable environment in growing this strain to ensure that the factors are well controlled. You can either grow through the use of the soil or hydroponics medium to maximize its growth.

  • Hydroponic medium

This method of growing this strain is through the use of a nutrient-water solution where the cannabis plant receives sufficient oxygen that promotes rapid growth. Since the plant matures quickly, this requires much attention because plants are more prone to nutrient deficiencies.

  • Soil

This is the most common growing medium used. Whether you’re growing indoors or outdoors, you need to ensure that it has the right PH level, the right ratio of nitrogen and phosphorus level and that it has good water retention properties.

  1. Growing Technique

This strain tends to grow stout but bushy, thus it needs proper maintenance to ensure that it receives proper ventilation and enough exposure to light. However, these training techniques are not that easy to implement because of the limited time in each growing cycle. The growing techniques suitable for this strain are SCROG (Screen of Green), SOG ( Sea of Green), and pruning.

  • SOG ( Sea of Green)

This technique uses screens or wires that are placed between the cannabis plants, as the plant grows throughout the screen, you’ll just have to pull it back and tie it to the screen. This technique makes sure you maximize your growth by allowing more bud sites to pop out.

  • SCROG (Screen of Green)

This technique also makes use of screens or wires but this technique lets you train the direction of the branches to be evenly spread to ensure that the light passes through the buds to make it more mature and less prone to diseases and infections.

  • Pruning

This technique is a way to generally check-up the health of your strain. It aims to cut-down dying leaves and branches or to trim down parts of the strain that are not necessary so that there is a control where the energy is directed.

  1. Humidity

This strain is picky when it comes to humidity considerations because unlike other Sativa-dominant hybrids that do not care too much about humidity, this strain prefers relatively lower than the average humidity levels. It prefers to have 65-70% humidity level during the vegetative stage but when it enters the flowering stage make sure that the humidity level drops down at 40-45% and by the latter stage of the cycle at around 2-3 weeks before harvest lower it down again to 30-35% of humidity level.

  1. Maintain phosphorus levels high

All cannabis plant needs a complete and balanced level of nutrients and micronutrients but this strain needs more focus attention on the phosphorus level that is an aid in the early development of the roots, stem strength, flower formation, and resistance to plant diseases that are all inclined to have a quality and high yields.


  1. Use the best light cycle

The recommended light hours are between 18-20 hours of light per day. It is advisable to pick a light cycle and stick to it to avoid stressing your crop. A 24-hour light cycle is not recommended because it may increase the optimum temperature in the grow room affecting humidity levels.

  1. Flush your crop before harvest

This is a technique that you can do before harvest to increase the size and the quality of your yields. Flushing means that you deprive your strain with nutrients and feeding it only with water. In this way, you are able to remove any chemical taste from the cannabis product and it reduces the harshness of smell and taste and it balances the level of potency especially that this strain already produces heavy terpenoids content.

  1. Harvesting

Since this strain has auto-flowering properties, its way of harvest is slightly different from a regular cannabis strain. These strains don’t develop a canopy that is why it has some buds on the lower part of the plant. To increase yields, it is advisable to harvest sequentially wherein harvest the colas and top bud first then wait for a couple of days to allow the lower buds to further grow.

Do’s and Don’ts in Growing this strain

  • The germination proper is vital to instill a healthy development of the cannabis plant. The best way in germinating this strain is through the traditional paper towel method so that you can easily check which seed is healthy.


  • Avoid conducting cuttings such as trimmings or pruning during the last phase of the flowering stage. This strain is an auto-flowering strain means that it grows quick, when you wound this strain during the flowering stage there is a tendency that it can’t recover before your harvest leading to an unhealthy and low quality yield.


  • The early phases of the vegetative stage of this strain are the best way to conduct low-stress training to encourage upwards growth.


  • This strain is small and grows relatively in a short span of time so feeding it with a lot of nutrients is just a waste. You need to feed this strain less towards the harvest time.


  • Transplanting strain is not recommended because it may cause complications during the grow cycle but if there’s a need for repotting, make sure to be extra careful and if it is possible

Methods In Having Good Yields

Step 1: Protect your cannabis plant from different factors that may hinder it from growing healthily. There are factors that may affect your yields such as climate, pest and diseases infestations, etc. There is first aid treatment to avoid these so that it won’t be a problem.


Step 2: Choose quality materials and designated grow area with proper set-up. When these are followed, you will not have a hard time growing your cannabis plant because the factors can be easily controlled.


Step 3: Monitor and control the temperature, humidity level, and right pH level of the soil. It is also advisable to ensure that proper feeding and watering is followed to keep consistency in achieving higher yields.


Step 4: Maintain proper drying and curing in the harvesting stage is important to preserve the freshness, quality, and potency of the yields.

The Proper Way of Cultivation

– During the germination stage, make sure to make use of seeds that look healthy through its appearance, shape, and color. This is a crucial stage of your seed because it can make your break your yield.


– After germination, make sure to use an aerated substrate to fully protect your roots. Also, make sure that the soil’s pH level is accurate.


-The advisable size of the growing pot is between 7-15 liters if you want this strain to fully spread out. As much as possible, make use of a bigger pot because transplanting is not advisable.


-To encourage a well-oxygenated environment to avoid watering your strain more often. This strain is an auto-flowering strain means that it can withstand a lack of water but make sure that the soil won’t lose its moisture.


Having the right skill and knowledge in growing Autoflower AK47 Marijuana is a great help to ensure that your resources are well maximized. Without the proper use of skills, even if that strain is the greatest strain in history you can’t get the most out of it. Each cannabis strain requires specific care and maintenance to fully benefit from it.

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