How to Grow Marijuana

Tools to Use in Growing Marijuana in Hydroponics

Tools to Use in Growing Marijuana in Hydroponics

Best Growing Marijuana Tools You Can Buy Online

Hydroponics is no doubt one of the easiest methods to use in growing marijuana in an indoor environment. However, when talking about the entire process, there are several tools and equipment needed in order to start a hydroponics system. What are these tools? Well, they generally depend on the type of hydroponic system that you want to implement. There are different types being used these days, but this article will only focus on one that is commonly used: DWC, or deep water culture. It is the known as the standard setup in a hydroponics system.

A DWC kit typically includes a dark colored container that has a secure lid. There are different sizes of these containers, depending on the size and the content that it can handle. There are 10 gallon sizes, as well as 30 gallons. Before selecting the size of the container, make sure to consider the area that you have, as well as the plants that you are trying to grow. Next, the kit will also include a huge volume air pump. If you want to see the water like it is boiling, then choosing a bigger air pump might work better.

The kit will also include an air disk, as well as the aquarium flex air diffusers. These tools work great when used together with the air stone disks. There are different sizes of disks as well, and you need to choose the perfect size for your reservoir. The disks often produce smaller bubbles compared to the cheap air stones. You may also opt for an air tube diffuser; however the downside to this option is that it may need replacement several times in a specific cycle. Among the most recommended diffusers are the ones available at Petco and Petsmart – little white diffusers.

Then, you can also see net pots that come in different sizes, hydroton, or other substrait where you can secure your net pots, a GFCI power strip where you can simply connect everything into, inch tubing 2.5 ft / ½ inch), 2 color black .5 inch irrigation elbows, as well as silicone caulk. You may actually use any silicone sealant in this regard; even an aquarium sealant will work. Again, these tools are part of a kit. However, if you want to purchase them individually, you may also do so. There are a lot of online shops selling these items.


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