While a lot usually was drawn to its concise flavor, there’s also a lot of people who strain for its medical effects. New users usually enjoy this strain because of its low THC content while still being able to have a relaxing vibe and blissful high. Here are the lists of the top 10 CBD seeds.

  • Auto CBD Critical Mass Feminized Marijuana 

Auto CBD Critical Mass is perfect to use at night time due to its very strong muscle-relaxing effects. It will take away the pain and will give you a serene experience. It is a pure CBD strain and the offspring of LowRyder and Critical Mass. With its high CBD content, this strain is perfect as medical marijuana.

This strain is perfect for people who are suffering from multiple sclerosis and is recommended for people who have epilepsy. Earthy and sweet, this marijuana has a pleasant and long-lasting effect, and good for new users. 

  • Auto CBD Haze Feminized Marijuana 

Auto CBD Haze is the offspring of CBD strain and Haze XXL Autoflowering. This hybrid strain upgrades both marijuana by adding its CBC content level and creating it very attractive for the medical cannabis industry. This strain doesn’t have any psychoactive effect because of its low THC content.

This strain has an earthy, pine, and sweet flavor and it produces a relaxing effect for the body while uplifting the mind of the user making them more focused on their task. 

  • Auto CBD Kush Feminized Marijuana 

Auto CBD Kush is an offspring of the unknown high CBD strain and Kandy Kush mixed with an autoflowering strain. It has a fruity and sweet aroma, which can make you attracted to use this week. In just 15 minutes of smoking this strain, you will immediately feel its effects. This strain is recommended to use when you’re along and if you want some alone time. 

This strain has a fast-acting effect, overpowering and relaxing, and CBD strain that is easy to grow and will surely give you a great number of yields. It is also good for the user for reducing pain and relieving stress because of its high CBD content.

  • CBD Black Domina Feminized Marijuana 

The CBD Black Domina is an Indica-dominant strain that has a balanced CBD and THC content. This strain is well known for its good medical benefits, and also recommended to users who after for its recreational value. CBD Black Domina helps you with arthritis and alleviating migraines, as well as stress and depression. It makes the user relax and focus, and a great weed to use at day time. 

Aside from its medical purposes, the CBD Black Domina is also perfect for recreation purposes. The earthy spicy taste bode very well with the woody aftertaste. After the first smoke, the user quill immediately feels the calming cerebral buzz that will turn out fully blooms to a state of relaxing. The tingling feeling will start to affect, and you will end up feeling drowsy for the rest of the effect or day.

  • Auto CBD White Widow Feminized Marijuana 

The White widow is known for its extreme energizing and uplifting effect on the users. The Auto CBD White Widow Feminized is the offspring of feminized seeds and the high CBD strain, which change the effects to more on curing and refreshing the mind and the body.

Its fresh fruity aroma is well complemented with the citrus flavor. It can quickly make its tasty treat for those users that want to taste a flavorful brank of cannabis to use. Because of its CBD content, the effect of its THC content will take back, although the full effects of this marijuana strain can still be felt more subtle. Because of its high CBD content, this strain is good for medical purposes. It is usually used to relax the body and muscles and can boost mental energy, and it is considered to be in the top 10 CBD seeds on Crop King Seeds.

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