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Top 10 Marijuana Seeds You Can Grow Anywhere in the World

Top 10 Marijuana Seeds You Can Grow Anywhere in the World

Not all marijuana seeds can adapt to the drastic and enormous changes in weather patterns in specific locations or countries. As a matter of fact, there are certain seeds that can only grow in a given climate and when planted in a different region will result in a stagnant or even no growth at all. This is why you must be aware of the existence of worldwide marijuana seeds that will change your views on cannabis in general. 

We’re sure that you’ve already heard of seeds that can only grow in cold or warm climates and those that won’t survive the other way around. It’s also good to know that there are already marijuana seeds that are available in the market that can thrive peacefully and healthy in various climates and topographies. Most of which belong to the underdog class of marijuana seeds which are the auto-flowering ones. 

Getting acquainted with these types of seeds is a good way of creating an ideal outdoor farm for your very own consumption. Having a good background on such marijuana seeds will help you identify which one will flourish on the present climate or even abrupt weather changes that are present in your area. Go on and check our list and maybe your favorite marijuana strain is one of these awesome non-picky variants. 

Worldwide Marijuana Seeds 

As mentioned before, there is a certain variety of seeds that can grow only on a certain temperature and weather condition while there are a few that will definitely enjoy anything you serve up to it. There a lot of online stores that offer quality seeds that are 100% reliable when it comes to growing outdoors in any given conditions. Listed below are some of the best and popular worldwide marijuana seeds that you can sink your hands on.

1. Sweet Skunk Automatic 

This sweet baby over here is a cross between two popular marijuana strains that you’ve probably heard of already. They are the Critical Domina and Big Devil #2 which passed their good genes of unparalleled stability to this offspring of theirs. It’s the perfect mix of the great characteristics of sativa, indica, and the auto-flowering ruderalis. 

Sweet Skunk Automatic can be planted anywhere you like whether it is under a chilly temperature or a rather warm one. It is also a perfect addition to your discrete outdoor farm and can provide you a good bounty of around 40 to 50 grams per plant. 

2. Royal AK Automatic 

If you’re searching for a fast-growing outdoor plant that promises a mellow high combined with uplifting motives then you just won the jackpot. This strain is known for its ability to survive in cold regions like those of in the European countries but it is not limited to the corners of that continent.  

It offers a high THC level of about 15% that will surely give you that kick that you deserve. As an auto-flowering strain, you can expect the flowers to bloom at about 9 to 10 weeks after planting it. 

3. White Widow Automatic 

You’ve definitely heard of the legendary White Widow strain and might think how in the earth can you cherish the fruitful benefits that it can provide without the environmental restrictions or even the long grueling waiting days. 

Viola! By crossing the White Widow strain with the ruderalis, a formidable and quick flowering White Widow variant was brought to life. It only takes about 10 to 12 weeks for this one to flourish from seed to harvest. As a matter of fact, it can give you a high yield of 240 grams per plant in any given weather condition. 

4. Royal Haze Automatic 

Here’s another strain that you can look after for in the world of cannabis. With its very short height, it can definitely make its way through even the tiniest areas that no plant can bother growing in. You can harvest a good amount of yield of about 80 to 100 grams per plant depending on the conditions set by the environment. 

5. Lemon Shining Silver Haze 

In some parts of the globe, humid weather is dominant and some strains won’t do well in those parameters. Lemon Shining Silver Haze is that very one marijuana strain that can definitely survive in humid areas without the hassle. It can provide you with a great deal of yield of a whopping amount of 1kg! 

It has a very high THC level of about 21% and sends out a sweet and luscious lemon candy flavor that really provides that wonderful uplifting kick you deserve. 

6. Royal Critical Automatic 

The Royal Critical Automatic strain is considered a highly resilient marijuana plant that can withstand any temperature and diseases which is perfect for beginner weed farmers. This marijuana strain emits an appetizing aroma and flavor that entices anyone that will come across it.  

This one is another good strain for a beginner weed grower to handle without worries and hesitations that weather conditions will hinder its growth. You can expect a harvest around 8 to 9 weeks and an amount of yield of 70 to 80 grams per plant. 

7. Vanilla Ice 

This majestic looking marijuana strain looks like it was smothered with ice crystals all over its body once it reached maturity. It is a great strain to plant in countries that are experiencing harsh cold temperatures since it can live through it without encountering any problems. 

It is usually ready for harvest after 8 to 9 weeks from burying its seeds on the ground. Its small body is great for stealth growth outdoors and will blend in even in a snowy environment. 

8. Blue Cheese Automatic 

Blue Cheese Automatic is another auto-flowering marijuana strain that can battle out the cold weather in several countries. Aside from that, it can provide a good amount of yield with possibilities of multiple harvests in a year. It is also a good bet for easy growing breeders that don’t have that luxury of time on their hands but still wants to cherish the benefits of a good marijuana plant. 

In about 10 weeks, you can already enjoy a marijuana plant with a moderate THC level of about 16% that is accompanied by creativity boosters. 

9. Quick One 

Quick One is known to be one of the first breeds of auto-flowering marijuana plants ever grazed upon this earth. This strain is a combination of ruderalis, William’s Wonder, and Northern Light. It can serve you its buds after  8 to 9 weeks of nurturing it from seeds to flowering period.  

It doesn’t need much attention since it can carry its own by itself and will surely survive during cold seasons. 

10. Royal Creamatic 

This one is for those marijuana users who fancy sweet tasting buds. It contains a really mouthwatering sweet caramel-ish aroma and flavor that will definitely tickle your taste buds.  

Royal Creamatic is a suitable marijuana seed that can be grown in indoor weed farms that can provide a yield of about 80 to 110 grams per plant. It is usually ready for harvesting after 8 weeks. 

Get Your Guts Going 

Aside from the list, we provided above, there are a lot more of worldwide marijuana seeds that can grow in any given location without the hassle that you can choose from. Everything is based on your preference and taste that will lead you to the perfect set of marijuana seeds that you are craving for. You can now enjoy your heart out with a bountiful harvest of marijuana that you can grow anywhere on the globe. 

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