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Top 10 Premium Marijuana Strains You Can Grow Outdoor

Top 10 Premium Marijuana Strains You Can Grow Outdoor

There are cannabis strains designed to withstand different weather and climate conditions which make them a perfect fit for outdoor cultivation. Some premium marijuana strains evolved to acquire traits that enhanced their durability levels to new heights. Marijuana gardeners that plant these premium crops will also get a taste of additional advantages like sturdy stocks, beautiful accessory colorings, and fast growth periods.  

By growing certain premium strains outdoors, you can produce large amounts of nugs per plant. Some strains will even like the additional sunshine as they may grow into tall flowers. So without further ado, continue reading as we present to you our top 10 premium cannabis strains you can grow in outdoor environments.  

  1. Honey Cream

Crossing the three cannabis strains of BlueBlack, Maple Leaf Indica, and White Rhino will yield Honey Cream. Many marijuana users are now reaching for this bud if it’s in stock because of its sweet and creamy mixture of aromas. Aside from its heavenly scents, marijuana gardeners enjoy cultivating this plant thanks to its incredibly short flowering time.  

The Honey Cream strain flowers with 6 to 7 weeks, and it’s not even an auto-flowering strain. Keep in mind that days within July and August are the most sufficient time windows for this plant to receive the best amount of sunlight. Grow it at the right time and this bud will give you good amounts of sweet and potent buds for you to enjoy.  

  1. Critical Kush

If you’re a hobbyist marijuana grower, then chances are you’ve heard of the Critical strain. The Critical Kush is a true champion in the marijuana industry for its heavy-yielding flowers. Many gardeners don’t want to let go of their plant’s thanks to it giving one of the best ratios between flowering time and yields.  

Aside from the premium marijuana strain being famous for its large number of yields, it’s also a fan favorite thanks to its durability. It can heavily withstand many outdoor conditions including cold climates. This cannabis strain also has a suitably fast flowering time of 7 weeks.  

Marijuana growers looking for a durable, heavy-yielding, and potent cannabis strain fit for many outdoor environments should definitely look into cultivating Critical Kush. Keep in mind that the best harvesting time for this plant is on late September and it can yield about 550 grams per plant. 

  1. RoyalDomina

Her Highness that is the Royal Domina strain is a premium Indica masterpiece coming from the cross between the Kalijah and Black Domina strains. Don’t ridicule this plant just because of its small stature; despite growing to an average height of about 140 to 180 centimeters, it can still yield about 600 grams per plant.  

Royal Domina’s best harvesting time is around late September to early October. Aside from its surprisingly abundant yields, it can fill the air with an enticingly sweet aroma. Marijuana growers and consumers will be happy to know each nug will deliver an impressive resin production. The strain also has high THC levels of 20% on average.  

Indica lovers should take note of this premium strain as it’s an excellent choice for any marijuana enthusiast desiring large harvest from outdoor cultivation. Some users would say that this cannabis strain is better and classier than its Black Domina parent.  

  1. Special Queen 1

There’s no shortage of “royal” strains in the premium cannabis department as we present to you the Special Queen 1. This marijuana strain comes from crossing the Skunk and Power Bud strains. It can withstand a number of outdoor environments and it can even hold its own in cold climates like in some areas found in the Northern hemisphere.  

Her Majesty presents a good balance between Indica and Sativa properties making it a good choice for novice growers. Expert marijuana gardeners may also choose to harvest this strain thanks to its reliable and stable growth patterns. Its plants will even exceed heights of 220 to 270 centimeters when grown in good outdoor conditions. Harvesters will enjoy about 550 grams per plant by its harvesting time of late September.  

Interested growers who wish to reduce the risk of losing their plants because of environmental hazards should look into getting Special Queen 1 plants.  

  1. Speedy Chile

Speedy Chile is a fast flowering plant as it blooms in about 6 weeks. The best time to harvest this strain is in early September. Despite the fact that you can harvest this plant in a relatively faster amount of time as compared to other marijuana strains, this cannabis variety doesn’t carry the auto-flowering characteristic.  

It remains a feminized cannabis strain which produces nugs with high THC levels. Outdoor cannabis growers along with novice cultivators won’t be disappointed if they choose this variant as their next strain to grow. Growing Speedy Chile in outdoor environments also presents peace of mind as the plant can withstand changes in climates and mold.  

  1. Blueberry

If you’re looking for a burst of fruity flavors that explodes in your mouth with each puff, then you should definitely look into getting the Blueberry strain. This bud presents a mixture of fruity flavors with a strong Blueberry aftertaste. Its seeds transform into thick and chubby plants under the right weather and climate conditions. Basking it under sunny Mediterranean climates allows the plants to give you yields of about 700 grams per plant. 

Growers aren’t the only people who will greatly benefit from this premium strain. Blueberry is known for its stress-busting properties. It’s a known effective relaxant within cannabis communities which makes it the perfect smoke after a long and stressful day at work.  

A single puff will give an instant uplifting feeling which stirs all the happy emotions inside you welling up. You’ll find yourself giggling and grinning uncontrollably as all your worries will seemingly melt away.  

  1. Strawberry

While Blueberry may be best suited for warm and hot outdoor climates, you won’t find problems growing the Strawberry strain in cold weather. This cannabis plant brushes off cold like it was nothing. Marijuana growers will only get about 110 grams per plant but it’s a good choice for cannabis enthusiasts living in areas with cold climates to gain peace of mind while waiting for their crops for harvest.  

  1. Super Silver Haze

Novice marijuana gardeners looking for a simple plant to grow should look into acquiring the Super Silver Haze. This cannabis strain produces nugs with amazing highs. Combining the notable strains of Haze, Skunk, and Northern Lights brings about Super Silver Haze. Consumers will enjoy enhanced and uplifted moods accompanied by relaxing feelings.  

This Sativa-dominant marijuana strain yields about 420 grams per plant when grown in outdoor environments. Furthermore, the best time to harvest it is around the middle of October. Interested growers may also choose to cultivate this plant indoors but the yields are slightly less as compared to growing it outdoors.  

  1. White Widow

Among the many marijuana strains out there, White Widow presents itself as a very potent variant. This premium bud presents powerful and energetic highs complete with talkative fits. Even introverts will find themselves suddenly becoming very social with other people. 

It may seem like a difficult growing experience because of its powerful effects, but the White Widow strain is a perfect plant for first-time marijuana gardeners. It’s easy to grow in outdoor environments, just make sure you feed it plenty of sunlight. This plant is even highly resistant to cold and common diseases.  

Growers will enjoy up to 600 grams of yield per plant when grown outdoors. The best time for harvesting this plant is by the end of October.  

  1. Super Skunk

The last but definitely not the least item on this list is the Super Skunk strain. Growers and consumers of this cannabis plant know of its potent flavors and aromatic highs. It’s resistant to different climates including warm, dry, and cold conditions making it an ideal choice if you want to try out outdoor marijuana cultivating.  

Marijuana growers can enjoy about 550 grams of yield per plant. Furthermore, Super Skunk’s high resistance to diseases and molds make it a good choice for novice gardeners.  

Making the Most Out of Premium Marijuana Strains 

Always keep in mind that the strains found in this list are resistant against different outdoor conditions. However, you should still set the proper growing environment for your plants to give you excellent yields by the end of their flowering periods. Failure to do so may result in failure for the growing process.  

When you try your hand at outdoor marijuana farming, you can take pleasure in huge rewards by the end of the harvesting period. Growing outdoors can also give you additional benefits like lesser utility costs since the plants won’t need additional lighting structures. 

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