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Top 5 Best Cannabis Seeds Online

Top 5 Best Cannabis Seeds Online

Best Cannabis Seeds Online That You Can Experiment With

In today’s world, cannabis or marijuana as most people know it, has gotten a better reputation from all sorts of the establishment. Or at the very least, a better reputation that years before. Audiences of all kinds have a more nuanced and sophisticated view of cannabis as a way to get into experiences found in every day, as therapeutic agents or as a plant that is found in the natural world. Be that as it may, there is probably no question that is more enthusiasts more than ever before and more discovery into all sorts of kinds of cannabis varieties, recalling an almost gourmet or connoisseur attention to its identity. Whether you are a producer or an enthusiast, you may want more information on what are the best cannabis seeds online and those available to you. This article can you give that information for your search and more, so you might want to to be read along.

What Makes The Best Cannabis Seeds, Anyway?

To answer the question in a short manner, the “best cannabis seeds” should be able to grow cannabis plants that produce these medical effects:

  1. Pain-Relief
  2. Stress Palliative or Alleviation
  3. Anxiety Control

And these are just some of the minor things studied and associated with medical cannabis plants.

The best seeds that are known and available will be able to grow enough to have dosages that allow for these effects to occur as part of their maturation process.

In all honesty, this is all a consumer or a producer should be concerned with when it comes to the relationship between this plant and humanity.

Sure, you can make all kinds of smoke, vapes and even cookies with these but you would not need seeds in good quality or high quality for that to happen—those are a novelty recreation.

And although shops of all kinds are available with those products in the market, the best seeds that make the best marijuana has long passed the point of recreation. More and more, we are seeing the potential these medical cannabis seeds can bring and with more supporters from enthusiasts of medical and educational platforms. You may even find a good soul here or there in your next local clinic or hospital, for all you know.

Why There Are So Many Strains Of Cannabis Seeds

Forget the best cannabis seeds online or on the medical front, it might be even too much to take the amount of cannabis seed strains available at one’s current disposal, locally.

Granted, a good number of them are quite effective, some are ill-advised and there will be times that a strain will not live up to its potential—in growing and in medicinal value.

The seeds with a lower quality of growth will tend to be little to no more than weeds at this point—they share a similar structure to proper cannabis.

If you are going to find a good one within the spectrum of strains that you will encounter, especially if you are new, you want to gauge properly:

The Strain Meter

(Relieving) Sativa –­ Hybrid – Indica (Relaxing)

Depending on where you are with this particular spectrum, you want to base your taste and your growth market on either one or a combination like the hybrid.

The sativa strain is a cannabis seed strain that is mostly studied and touted for its effect on a person’s overall relief response—alert and with more focus.

The indica strain is a cannabis seed strain that is mostly studied and touted for its effect on a person’s overall relaxation response— calm and with more tranquility.

The former is useful at the beginning of your day and the latter is useful at the end of your day.

The hybrid is kind of a mixture between these two strains of Sativa and indica, which varies in terms of the overall effect.

Depending on the overall environment, sativa is better grown outdoors and indica is best grown indoors—hybrid will rely heavily on nuanced climates and environment.

And an important note to this is that different combinations of these strains will create different degrees of cannabinoid delivery. These cannabinoids are the plant compounds found in a cannabis’ budding or flowering stage and are responsible for all these medicinal and trance-like effects. The different degrees of cannabinoid deliver changes from each strain—all eighty known cannabinoids.

Finding The Goldilocks Of Cannabis Seed Strains

For the consumer, it is generally prevalent of the times and spaces that they live in. That is to say, it depends on the popular demand and economy when a typical consumer uses a strain. Whatever is in the market at the most available price will always be the first priority, supposedly.

But, if you are a producer of cannabis seeds and not just a consumer, finding the best strain may need more than just testing out where you want your production to grow more in the meter and spectrum of sativa, hybrid or indica—even if you know their effects.

There are just too many strain combinations that will often surprise people including the ones selling the common strains in the popular marketplace and on the mainstream level.

In cases like these, you may wish to employ a journal to write and jot down some personal (and fun) experiments to find your ‘goldilocks’ range and thus, your best cannabis seeds.

A case in point to this is the often taboo (in some countries) of lovemaking.

To not drag out the several scenarios that actually affect the process, there seems to be growing discussion, medically, for strains that enhance the potential for what is termed “brain blowing” states of lovemaking, to say the least of it.

And while there are options you may want to try out and buy, for now, the advice and medical finding seem to be under this consensus (important for you as a producer):

Ecstatic Love Formulation:

Less THC (found often in Sativa strains) and More CBD (found often in indica strains)

The reasoning for this has to do with mood issues during the process of lovemaking and having a strain that induces CBD gets you a state similar to having been “melted”—in a pleasant way.

A formula like this preaches to not the specific seeds that are available but more to the value of owning and experimenting for your own best-cultivated cannabis seeds—think about it.

The Best Cannabis Seeds Among Online and Artisanal Purveyors

With the spirit of innovation and experimentation, cannabis seed production has outgrown possibly the local seller of these plants and has entered into mainstream consideration on the basis of medical benefits that can help ever growing problems.

And with this said, there has been a rise in both online and local artisans (of sorts) in the cannabis seed production.

Experimenting on the best seeds you can find is all good and ideal, but given that there is a considerable amount of people operating on small-scale operations, you may want to take advantage of their products and their special strains.

If you recall the primary strains and a sample formulation process above, you can influence the growth of the cannabis plants by taking into account how well they meld with other strains.

It is with that approach that small-scale and online purveyors stand out from the rest to bring about ‘specialized’ forms of strains that bring different effects within the eighty known cannabinoids available to known research.

Here are five of strains you can consider the best (in humble opinion, of course) you can get your hands on and experiment with:

  1. The Bud Of God
  • An overall wonderful indica strain that has a musky and smoky feature and is ideal for generating a “chill out” effect that is important if you are dealing with insomnia or having trouble getting into a state of deep sleep and one that will not leave you tied to the ground without motive to move—dream away further into the dreamscape
  1. Da True OG
  • A play on different strains, this hybrid indica dominant strain is heavy on limonene and somewhat reminiscent of “kerosene” like the smell, all this with an almost equal amount of THC and CBD that acts as a quick sedative coupled with anti-inflammation properties—of the best to ever be cultivated
  1. Bubba OG
  • An indica strain that is said to have an almost “coffee” like presence mixed with hints of incense and flowers, with a fast acting and powerful effect that works well with pain conditions—a favorite among a large number of people
  1. Girl Scout Cookies
  • An indica strain that has a complementary set of flavors and offers a longer lasting effect on top of promoting happy and energetic levels—cheering and full of giddy expectations
  1. The OG Head Cheese
  • ­A strain quite powerful in that it invokes the summoning of a cheesy aroma that goes straight to your head’s command and control center, taking out the pain—numbing and dense like in terms of strength

The demand for CBD and more relaxing strains seems to have increased the more the years go by—must all that anxiety and agitation.  That said, these are the best cannabis seeds online and, in the artisanal market, listed in this article—you go find yours.

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