So you’re interested in buying cannabis seeds online? The only way to find the best seeds is to look for the best website to buy cannabis seeds from. Nowadays, there are more and more people purchasing marijuana seeds online and relying less on actual seedbanks.

With more countries like Canada embracing recreational and medical cannabis, there are now more online seedbanks that cater to customers. Seedbanks also carry different growing equipment and supplies for cannabis growers and of course may also sell a number of cannabis products.

Why buy cannabis seeds online?

Cannabis seeds are among the most popular crops in the world. Together with growing vegetables, flowering plants and fruits, growers now focus on making better, higher-yielding and healthier cannabis plants.

But to grow healthier plants, growers must invest in healthy seeds which can be purchased either online or from local seedbanks.

Local seedbanks sell different types of seeds for local customers. Usually, a shop where all the products are set up, shops similar to convenience stores. These shops serve customers in a straightforward manner. Customers choose the seeds they want, pay for their purchases and go home.

But what if you are located in a remote area where there are no local seedbanks and dispensaries? Therefore the only way to buy seeds is from an online seed bank.

Online seedbanks are more convenient for people who are unable to buy from local seedbanks. These sites may or may not have an actual seed bank shop but sell all kinds of strains and seeds.

It is possible to buy growing supplies from these sites as well. You can have all these delivered to your home using special delivery services. In countries like Canada, customers who order from online seedbanks are asked for their age or birthday to verify their age.


This is because it is illegal to buy seeds if you are not 18 years of age and above. To accept deliveries from online seed bank sites, you will also be asked to present your identification card to verify your identity as well as your age.

And in Canada, cannabis deliveries are exclusively handled by Canada Post.  The courier will deliver your orders but will not leave any orders at your door if you are not there to receive it. You may also assign someone else to receive your orders as long as he is 18 years of age and can provide proof of his age.

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Top 5 best websites for purchasing cannabis seeds of all time

Start purchasing cannabis seeds from these 5 top websites:

Crop King Seeds

Crop King Seeds is a seed bank from Vancouver, Canada. This seed bank is more than just an online website where you can buy seeds because it has actual physical shops in Canada. In these shops, you will find a lot of wonderful strains including regular, feminized, autoflowering, high-CBD, high- THC and medical strains.

If you want to buy cannabis and you are located in the United States, you will be able to buy seeds from Crop King Seeds. The company has worldwide discrete deliveries which mean your orders may be shipped in unmarked packaging. You can trust Crop King Seeds with their discrete shipping because of its amazing 90% success rate. A reason why their discrete shopping is a success is because the US customs is not strict when it comes to packages coming from Canada compared to packages that originate from other countries and regions.

Whether you are looking for sativa strains, indica varieties or hybrid strains, you will be able to find these when you shop at Crop King Seeds. This seed bank offers more than 30 strains and boasts of 80% germination rates.

You will be able to pay for your purchases using a credit card, debit card or cryptocurrency like Bitcoin. Take note that not all cannabis sites accept Bitcoin therefore if you use this mode of payment then Crop King Seeds is your seed bank.

Worldwide shipment is guaranteed and regular deliveries to the US can take up to two weeks while express shipping can take only 5 to 7 days. Another plus for customers is Crop King Seeds’ awesome customer service. Representatives are available 24/7, ready to help you with any questions about their products or about your order. You can contact customer service through live chat, Facebook Chat, by phone and by email.

MSNL (Netherlands)

If you want to experience cannabis seeds from the Netherlands, then you must buy from MSNL. This seed bank is trusted because they ship to all countries all over the world. Compared to other European countries that only deliver from only a few countries in the continent, MSNL delivers all over the European Union and the rest of the world.

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MSNL has award-winning strains and guarantees that their seeds have the best quality and are very viable. All seeds sold here were developed by breeders in Holland. The company has hand-picked these breeders and have placed these under strict quality control.

MSNL announce that they have germination rates of up to 90%, a number higher compared to other seedbanks from the EU. Therefore, whether you are new to growing cannabis or you are a seasoned grower, you will surely find the strain that’s perfect for you. You will find all kinds of seeds here including regular seeds, feminized seeds, and autoflowering seeds. They even sell high CBD or medicinal seeds which are very much in demand nowadays.

One of the most excellent things about MSNL is that they offer guaranteed stealth delivery. Your orders will be hidden inside a gift or a product that is completely unrelated to cannabis. Aside from hiding your seeds, the company also provides a tracking code. You won’t have to worry anymore if you won’t receive your seeds because you can track your order wherever you are located in the world.

And if you are looking for good deals on cannabis seeds online, you will find these at MNSL. They have free seeds offer together with every order. They also offer wholesale or bulk orders which are what commercial growers are looking for.

MNSL accepts credit card, debit card, bank transfer, international money order and cash mail for payments. Support for customers is available during office hours Monday to Friday and Facebook chat, phone and email support are also available.

Seed Supreme (England)

Seed Supreme was established in 2013. This is a new company that has received amazingly positive reviews regarding their services. This may be a new company but this does not mean that they don’t offer top quality products.

The seed bank has an original slogan saying ‘’ Earn Kush Money on everything you buy! Use Kush Money in place of concrete money to get free seeds and lot more!’’  This statement means that Seed Supreme has a special bonus policy for their customers.

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Enjoy a 20% discount on their orders by cryptocurrency like Bitcoin as well as cash by mail. You can also avail of free shipping for minimum orders of 75 pounds for customers in the UK and $245 USD for customers from anywhere around the world.

True North Seed Bank (Canada)

True North Seed Bank delivers all over the world. This is a seed bank from Ontario that guarantees quality in every order.  This company sells nothing but fresh seeds, therefore, you can count on the best quality especially when you are buying medical marijuana.

You will be able to find top notch strains and all kinds of seeds including regular, feminized, and autoflowering cannabis seed. There are also indica and sativa seeds plus medical seeds. And not only is True North Seed Bank about quality. You will also find affordable seeds as well.

True North Seed Bank also has its own newsletter. Subscribing to this newsletter will give you an instant 20% off on your orders. This seed bank accepts all traditional payment methods including cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum.

The seed bank ships all over the world and US deliveries can take from 5 to 14 days. You can contact True North by phone, Facebook chat, and email. Representatives are ready for your questions Mondays to Fridays during office hours.

Seedsman (United Kingdom)

Seedsman has been in business since 2003, therefore, it is a trusted company online. This seed bank has more than 1,500 strains including very popular strains from more than 65 seedbanks from all over the world. Seedsman has the largest collection of seeds anywhere.

Aside from cannabis seeds, you will also be able to buy cannabis merchandise as well as growing accessories and vaping products.

Seedsman offers discrete shipment to reduce the possibility of your orders being seized by customs or by the border. It also delivers to the US and it would take around 7 to 25 days for orders to arrive.

The seed bank offers support for customers from Mondays to Fridays during office hours. For questions about their orders, you can call their phone number, through Facebook chat and through email.  When buying cannabis seeds online from Seedsman, the company accepts all regular modes of payment including bank transfers and Bitcoin.