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With the legalization of cannabis in Canada, its evident that our ‘weed Canadian lovers’ out there are rejoicing for this joyous era of cannabis freedom. No more hiding to authorities or any suspicions and gossips from your nosy neighbors. It’s now time to keep them shut up and drool over you while enjoying the taste of marijuana around the community. Nevertheless, with the legalization of cannabis, its expected that cannabis stores and dispensaries will get erected from one place to another. Being a newbie into that place, it’s quite difficult to choose where among these stores you’ll have to visit and buy your first cannabis taste in Canada. In this page, we’ll take a trip and determine which cannabis stores are highly recommended by most of our beloved weed smokers there in Ontario. If you’re ready to take the flight, then scroll down to read more.

Ontario and its Cannabis Laws

Well, Ontario is among the most populous provinces in Canada. Its largest city, Toronto holds about 2 million people back in 2016. It’s the second largest province in Canada falling behind to Quebec. This wonderful province is located just northward of the US states New York, Minnesota, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. Nonetheless, a drive from New York could take about 8 to 9 hours without taking a stop to Ontario. The nearest US state to reach Ontario is Minnesota which has a direct land border (about 1 km) made out of portages. The province is the home of the famous Niagara Falls and holds economic stability based on manufacturing, tourism, energy, and agriculture.

This province resides a multi-diverse people with different cultures, religion, beliefs, and races. Thus, the legalization of cannabis has still been a subject of debates among conservatives and liberals in the government of Ontario. However, with the legalization of marijuana all over Canada, there ain’t any reason to debate out and lawmakers are now focusing on implementing the rules and policies as related to it.

Currently, the government of Ontario are still amending and finalizing their drafts on policies as related to cannabis. However, here are the most obvious things that will be written on this policy. This includes the following;

  1. Age requirement for cannabis use is 19 years old

Yes, not 18 years old as the national cannabis law passes. An adjustment to a year has been mandated by the government of Ontario for cannabis consumption. Thus, one must present a valid government-issued ID before entering any dispensary or designated cannabis facility to prove out your age and identity.

  1. Smoking or vaping cannabis is only done on DESIGNATED locations

You could smoke or vape marijuana everywhere except in public places where children and sick people will be mostly there. Noted places include hospitals, schools, universalities, common public pools, and parks. Also, you could not smoke in any workplace or restaurants unless designated by the government as cannabis friendly. Aside from that, cannabis consumption is prohibited also in condominiums, apartments, hotels, or dormitories where a lot of people will be around. It’s recommended smoking in any private space or to designated facilities mandated by the government to avoid any sanction.

  1. Prescribed Amount of Cannabis to Use

A one time use of cannabis should be limited up to 30 grams to prevent overdose and euphoria as much as possible.


Best Cannabis Stores in Ontario

With processing and amending the laws of cannabis in Ontario, erection of any recreational cannabis facility is illegal unless approved by the government. As of now, there is only a single corporation that offers recreational cannabis services. The Ontario Cannabis Retailing Store is only the sole legal recreational cannabis purchase server in the Ontario region. It is administrated by the government of Ontario, most primarily the Liquor Control Board of Ontario (LCBO). However, the good thing is that there are about 40-LCBO run stores in Ontario currently with a possibility of expansion to 150 in 2020. Locations of these stores are variously scattered to different cities and municipalities in Ontario including Toronto, Hamilton, Brampton, and Vaughan. Aside from that, the company is offering home delivery by ordering online. They sell various cannabis products and goods from dried flowers, edibles, oils, and accessories such as vaporizers, pipes, bongs, grinders, cleaning supplies, and other tools as well. The government based company strictly follows the 30-gram maximum order per transaction and the 19-year-old minimum age requirement for cannabis use.

However, if you’re looking for another recreational cannabis store, then you’ll most likely not find it in Ontario. Unless your applying for medical certification. Nevertheless, there are a lot of medical dispensaries in Ontario that you could visit upon. A cannabis patient will be able to hard time choosing which one he’ll be able to go to.

Thus, we are here to help you to decide. Here are the best cannabis medical dispensaries that are recommended for a visit to Ontario. This includes the following;

  1. Pure Releaf

Address: 338b Pape Ave Toronto, ON Ca & 897 St W Toronto, ON Ca

With two locations (Pape and Dundas) in Toronto, this dispensary is Canada’s version of Natural’s Releaf offering high quality and affordable cannabis to its customers. Their stores are center-based and easily found in Ontario with highly interactive budtenders that make your cannabis experience memorable.

  1. Sylk Medy Dispensary and Wellness Center

Address: 522 Gladstone Ave. Ottawa Ont. K1R 5P1

Their store opens from Monday to Friday promoting wellness and secrecy of their patients. The dispensary assures satisfaction with their services through first class cannabis facilities, equipment, and strains available in them. Aside from that, the dispensary offers cooking classes, seminars, and cannabis training for those who want to learn more.


  1. Just Compassion

Address:6, 1230 Sheppard Ave W, North York ON, Ca

An exclusive dispensary with registration and membership included. The dispensary has a strict guideline on a cannabis’ doctor’s prescription. It offers various cannabis strains, edibles, oils, wax, and other accessories as well. The company is also known for its professional employees, committed to excellent customer service.

  1. Canna Connosieurs

Address: 17 Church St. Toronto, ON M5E 1M2

Easily located in Church Street, this cannabis dispensary offers wide-ranging cannabis strains from the most common to the rarest ones. All you have to do is a register, present your prescription, and you’re ready to choose any strain you wanted. As of now, their website is on maintenance so just check out their store for details on this.

  1. Toronto Cannabis Dispensary

Address: 1334 Queen St. W, Toronto ON M6K14

Also known as Toronto Dispensary, this cannabis store partnered with Mom Dispensary on offering their services to its patients. They have various available strains from Bruce Banner, Dark Moon, and Critical. The dispensary offers home delivery service via visiting their website.

  1. MMJ Canada

Address: 118 George St. Hamilton, Ontario

Bragging with their three locations in Ontario (Hamilton, Toronto, and Burlington), this dispensary started their journey way back 2013 in Vancouver. They feature various cannabis products specifically given to their patients for healing and recovery. Thus, different cannabis prescriptions are used depending on what particular ailment are you suffering.

  1. Mother Earth Medicinals

Address: 1506 Dundas St. W, Toronto, ON M6K1T5 Canada

A dispensary or a pharmacy, this cannabis treatment facility aims to help people suffering from different ailments giving them the best alternative cannabis medicine. Registration is needed to avail their services. They offer various cannabis strains with new stocks available on Tuesdays.

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