How to Troubleshoot Hydroponics Marijuana Problems

At a certain stage, while you are growing marijuana in a hydroponics setting, you may get the chance to face certain hydroponics marijuana problems which may be quite hard to deal with. Well, the method is not really to throw the crop away, considering the amount you have invested in it, but to troubleshoot the problem as soon as possible, before it is too late.

Here are some of the most common issues in growing marijuana in a hydroponics location, as well as the solutions for each one of them:

Leaves Turn Yellow And Dying 

This is a scenario that may happen during the early flowering stage. This condition is oftentimes caused by root disease. Actually, in this situation, the crop suffers from serious deficiencies. In order to identify the problem, check the root of the plants. If you see that they are brown, then it may be a problem of oxygen starvation.

How to treat: See to make sure that your water temperature is 25 degrees Celsius under. Aerate your nutrient solutions. Add ½ strength of the nutrient to what you typically use during this period. Add systemic fungicide and use the solution for a week before dumping the tank again. For the second time, remove the fungicide, and wait for another week. On the third time, add preventives for root disease and use it according to instructions.

Tiny, white spots found on the leaf

There are two possible causes for this scenario. First, it may be a mildew/fungal problem that can be solved with a fungicide spray. The second is the possibility of an aphid problem. Aphids can breed in this environment. When this happens, they may appear as white spots. They can be identified by using a magnifying glass over the spots. If they are, then the medication involves using a sucking insect spray to solve the issue.

Leaves Curling Over

This problem is pretty usual when the plants enter the end of the flowering stage. This is often due to a deficiency in phosphorous. At this point, the plants may encounter issues in absorbing phosphorous and other contents. One way to solve the problem is to adjust the pH of the solution to 6.1 to 6.2.

One possible reason for this scenario is the low temperature during the evening. Make sure to see the temperature during the evenings and see if you can elevate it to make your plants more comfortable even in term periods.


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